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Bill Godshall Update 2014-10-16

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - October 16th, 2014

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Public Health Research

2014 follow-up survey of 695 smokers (in 2011/12) in Dallas & Indianapolis metro areas (the latter of which banned smoking and vaping in workplaces in 2012) finds:
- smokers who used e-cigs daily (for at least a month) were 6 times more likely to quit smoking than smokers who never vaped or who vaped just once or twice,
- smokers aged 18-30 were 15 times more likely than those aged 50-65 to quit smoking,
- smokers with college degree were 8 times more likely quit smoking than those without,
- 23% of 2011/12 smokers have used e-cigs daily for at least a month,
- 29% of 2011/12 smokers have used e-cigs intermittently (i.e. occasionally),
- 18% of 2011/12 smokers have used an e-cig just once or twice, and
- 30% of 2011/12 smokers have never tried using an e-cig.

Konstantinos Farsalinos seeking funding for vaping study on temperature of evaporization, liquid consumption and analysis in realistic conditions

Mike Siegel: Why a randomized behavioral study is essential to understanding the potential benefits of electronic cigarettes

Wayne Hall analyzes 20 years of marijuana research, reveals far lower risks than those claimed by prohibitionists (whose fear mongering claims resemble those made by THR opponents and prohibitionists about nicotine, e-cigs and smokeless tobacco)


As Ebola epidemic rages in Western Africa, WHO FCTC COP-6 votes to ban public and news media from sessions, then secretly votes to impose a 70% tax on all tobacco products (including smokefree tobacco products to discourage smokers from switching to far less hazardous alternatives) in all countries that ratified the WHO FCTC.

Drew Johnson: UN's health agency boots public to work on a global tobacco tax in secret

Framework Convention Alliance issues ENDS policy report to WHO FCTC COP; recommends FCTC COP can/should not approve an ENDS policy recommendation until vapor products are better understood.

Clive Bates: Review of the FCA COP-6 position on e-cigarettes

Nicotine Science and Policy issues Guide to the WHO FCTC COP-6

ACSH's Gil Ross: WHO tobacco treaty would make it harder for smokers to quit

WHO FCTC Convention Secretariat to be paid $402,000 annually, and 24 FCTC staff to be paid $10.3 Million


Clive Bates: Totally Wicked legal challenge to the Tobacco Products Directive e-cigarette measures (provides detailed analysis)

E-cig manufacturer wins right to challenge Brussels in EU courts

ACSH's Gil Ross: Totally Wicked vs. the EU's tobacco directive


ECF's Oliver Kershaw: Don't let Big Tobacco crush e-cigarettes

In September, FDA issued 1 Not Substantially Equivalent (NSE) order, while tobacco companies withdrew 1 SE application and 24 Exemption from SE requests.

Six US Senate Democrats (Boxer-CA, Blumenthal-CT, Brown-OH, Durbin-IL, Markey-MA, Reed-RI) urge FDA Commissioner Hamburg to "adopt aggressive warning labels that correctly communicate the health consequences of e-cigarette use," but then suggest unconstitutional false and misleading fear mongering warnings.

Cobb and Abrams finally admit that FDA deeming regulation can protect cigarettes and cigarette industry, and threaten health of vapers and smokers, but urge FDA to impose regulation immediately (which would protect cigarettes and threaten public health)

Nathan Cobb absurdly and falsely claims that lack of FDA regulation has prevented smokers from switching to e-cigs

FDA approved drugs

UK study finds use of Over The Counter NRT ineffective for smoking cessation, finds use of prescription NRT with specialist behavioral support 2.5 times more effective for smoking cessation compared to no use of NRT and no specialist behavioral support

Mike Siegel: New study finds no benefits to use of OTC NRT for smoking cessation

Consumer groups petition FDA for tougher warnings on Pfizer's Chantix.

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration says 24 heart attacks and 5 strokes have been associated with use of buproprian (Zyban/Prexaton), says it is working with drug companies to update warnings on hypertension risks

US Defense Department

US House Armed Services Committee approves (53-9) amendment by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in House approved defense authorization bill (HR 4435) that would prohibit Defense Department from banning tobacco sales at US military bases.

Politico article highlights prohibitionist campaign to ban ALL tobacco sales (probably including lifesaving e-cigs) at US military bases; Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel falsely conflates all tobacco use with cigarette smoking; Big Pharma shills lobby for ban to promote sales/use of ineffective tobacco derived nicotine gums, patches and lozenges.


US DOT spokesman tells CNBC agency plans to issue Final Rule in 2015 on its 2011 proposed regulation to ban vaping on airlines.

US Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) urges DOT to ban e-cigs from airlines, but not lighters, matches or other battery containing devices that have started exponentially more fires


Jim Estes: How the Big Tobacco Deal Went Bad (on securitization of MSA payments)

Vapor Product Business

VMR highlight Bonnie Herzog's new estimates that sales of PVs (aka Mods, Tanks, Open Systems) and e-liquid have surpassed sales of cigalike e-cigs in US

Electronic Cigarettes International Group offers IPO as stock price reaches 52 week low

Should pharmacies sell e-cigarettes?

Carl Phillips: Random observations about e-cigarette policy, terminology, and relationships


FDLI to host conference on FDA tobacco regulations in DC on October 21, 2014

2014 E-cigarette Summit to be held in London on November 13, 2014


Two Philadelphia (PA) City Council members propose $2 tax on e-cigs and $5 tax on 10ml e-liquid bottles to preserve cigarette tax revenue for failing Philly Schools via recently enacted $2/pack cigarette tax; would encourage vapers to switch back to lethal cigarettes, and discourage smokers from switching to life saving e-cigs.

Flavoring ban

Eight NYC Council members sponsor bill to ban sales of "flavored electronic cigarettes"

Bill would ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes; Councilman Constantinides falsely claims, "These flavors are direct marketing to children", "These guys are not in the quitting business. They're in the addiction business", "They appeal to children, and we're taking them out of that market".

American Vaping Association fuming over proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes; article's author demonizes e-cigs under guise of journalism

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing newly proposed NYC bill to ban the sale of flavored vaping products.

Jacob Sullum: NYC Councilman wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes, since everyone knows they're strictly for kids

Konstantinos Farsalinos sends letter to NY City Council opposing proposed flavored e-cig ban

Mike Siegel: New York City considering ban on flavored electronic cigarettes

ACSH: NYC council to consider a ban on e-cig flavors. Why? Because they can.

Tony Norman: NY legislation to ban flavored e-cigs will lead to more smoking

Vaping Bans

Smokefree Pennsylvania's Bill Godshall testifies against proposed Baltimore vaping ban

Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisors considers proposed ordinance by Health Dept to ban vaping by falsely redefining smokefree vapor as "smoke", smokefree vaping as "smoking" and smokefree vaporizers as "smoking devices", claims dozens of false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs and vaping are facts.

Santa Monica (CA) City Council bans vaping due to false claims and fear mongering

Panama City Beach (FL) City Council rejects proposed vaping ban in city buildings when nobody seconded the motion

Kona (HI) City Councilman Dru Kanuha proposes bill to ban vaping at parks and beaches due to complaints by intolerant e-cig prohibitionists

Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem says city won't enforce new vaping ban against pot/THC vaping.

Vapor Product Ad Restrictions

UK Committee of Advertising Practice approves TV ads for vapor products, but bans truthful claims that e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes; Godshall posts comment

Mike Siegel: New UK advertising rules for e-cigarettes prohibit companies from telling the truth about their products

Public Service Ads for Vapor Products

Smokeless Smoking: E-cigarettes - Freedom of Choice

Smokeless Smoking: Now I'm Free

Junk Science

CASAA's Carl Phillips sends comments to BMC Public Health criticizing unethical junk science study conducted by NCI and FDA funded UCSF e-cig opponents, peer reviewed by conflicted CDC staff, and published by BMC Public Health

Brad Rodu - More Third-Hand Nicotine Nonsense: From Vapor?

While negligible levels of nicotine in secondhand smoke (e.g. <1ug/m3) and salivary cotinine (e.g. <1ng/ml) pose no risks to nonsmokers, and while trace levels of nicotine remains in homes/workplaces of smokers many months or years after going smokefree-
-junk study authors (including some who campaigned to ban e-cigs in Spain) fail to acknowledge that crucially important information to scare public about far lower nicotine levels in exhaled e-cig vapor (based on measurements in homes of five e-cig users)

Konstantinos Farsalinos: Nicotine absorbed from "passive vaping" is minimal and has no health implications

JAMA publishes Big Pharma funded study/letter confirming that having multiple sex partners increases risk for oral HPV infection, but Johns Hopkins authors deceitfully claim "tobacco use" is associated with HPV infections (because tobacco users reported more sex partners than non tobacco users) and combine all tobacco users into same group (including 23.3% who reported cigarette smoking, 2.1% who reported chewing tobacco use, .8% who reported snuff use, .2% who reported pipe smoking). Godshall tries to post critique of study on press release/article, but HemOncToday refuses to post comments.

Anti Vaping Propaganda

Despite the fact that nobody has ever been poisoned by e-cigs or e-liquid, AP article repeats false accusations without any fact checking

Article in The Atlantic demonizes, repeats false fear mongering claims about e-cigs

South African tabloid reporter repeats many false fear mongering claims about vaping

Plain Packaging

Despite no evidence Australia's plain packaging law has reduced cigarette consumption or smoking rates, Canadian Cancer Society claims otherwise, lobbies for similar law

-Bill Godshall

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