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Bill Godshall Update 2014-11-03

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 3rd, 2014


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THR Research

Randomized control trial finds second generation e-cigs very effective for smoking cessation and for reducing cigarette consumption

E-Research Foundation launched to fund and promote research on vapor products

Study finds no cytotoxicity or genotoxicity in e-liquids, e-cig aerosols, smokeless tobacco extracts or NRT extracts (in sharp contrast to cigarette smoke)

ACSH: Yet another study shows absence of e-cigarette toxins

Study finds urine of vapers contains significantly lower levels of toxicant and carcinogen metabolites than urine of cigarette smokers

Brad Rodu: Snus Users' Hearts Keep on Ticking, Not Fluttering

Mike Siegel: Study suggests that telling smokers the truth about electronic cigarettes could enhance smoking cessation

Kelly Neff: Is everything we know about nicotine wrong?

Brad Rodu - Gateway Claims Aimed at E-Cigarettes: Counterfeit, Deja Vu

2010/11 survey found a 37.1% smoking rate among Polish students, but same author (Goniewicz) failed to report or discuss that key finding in a new study and press release claiming smoking sharply increased among Polish high school students from 23.9% in 2010/11 to 38% in 2013/14 (and implicating e-cigs for the doubtful increase in smoking)
Among surveyed Polish youths, e-cigarettes were the fourth most common source of nicotine after tobacco cigarettes (37.1%; 95% CI: 36.2-37.9), waterpipes (22.2%; 95% CI: 21.5-23.0), and snuff (16.9%; 95% CI: 16.2-17.5) (Fig 1).”

2013/14 Goniewicz et al survey of Polish high school students (age 15-19) finds:
- Current smokers were 9.3 times more likely than never smokers (57.3% vs 6.15%) to report past month e-cig use, and former smokers were 3.4 times more likely (21.0% vs 6.15%) (note correction from 10/23/14 THRU).
- Past month e-cig use was reported by 57.3% of current smokers, 21% of former smokers, and 6.15% of never smokers.
- >88% of past month and ever e-cig users were either current smokers or former smokers in both 2010/11 and 2013/14 surveys.
But Goniewicz et al conclusion amazingly stated their study "does not support the idea that e-cigarettes are displacing tobacco cigarettes in this population."

Cigarette consumption sharply declines in Poland in past two years (as e-cigs skyrocket),Smoking-decline-prompts-lower-excise-revenues

Polish survey data shows steady decline in smoking rates among all age groups under 60 (page 249)

Mike Siegel repeats dubious findings and claims (by Goniewicz et al) as factual.


Altria reports 2.8% US cigarette volume decline in 3Q14, 4.6% smokeless tobacco volume decline, MarkTen e-cigarettes now sold at 80,000 retail stores.

British American Tobacco reports 1% worldwide cigarette volume decline in first nine months of 2014$FILE/medMD9Q4LRQ.pdf?openelement

Clive Bates: Doctors, smoking and money

E-cig prohibition

Westminster (MA) Board of Health proposes regulation to ban sales of all tobacco and vapor products

India's Health Minister Harsh Vardhan protects cigarettes and threatens public health, falsely claims e-cigs are as hazardous as, and are gateways to cigarettes, may ban them

Philippines legislator proposes bill to protect cigarettes by banning/regulating e-cigs

Nova Scotia Health Ministry protects cigarettes and threatens public health by proposing unwarranted bans on e-cig flavorings, advertising and use, and by misrepresenting scientific and empirical evidence on lifesaving e-cigs (Canada)

Nova Scotia shop owners, e-cig users wants changes to new regulations,-e-cigarette-users-want-changes-to-new-regulations/1

Barbados Ministry of Health proposes (but doesn't reveal details of) e-cigarette regulatory legislation, cites unwarranted regulations proposed by WHO

E-cig Opponents

Clive Bates: Bullying traits and public health values compared

Mike Barton: Public health leaders need to work with vaping advocates, not against them


CASAA: Make Your Voice Heard: You Vape - You Vote


CASAA issues Call to Action opposing proposed $5 tax on e-liquid bottles, $2 tax on e-cigs, in Philadelphia

Arizona lawmakers consider taxing e-cigs to deal with projected budget deficit

Taxing e-cigarettes: For sin or consistency? (AZ)

Study falsely claims tobacco tax hikes reduced mortality (it was cigarette tax hikes) to deceive readers to believe that all tobacco products are as hazardous as cigarettes and to advocate unwarranted tax hikes on OTP


Jacob Sullum: Marijuana Edibles, Flavored E-Cigarettes, And The Folly Of Child-Proofing The World

FDA funded UCSF junk scientists claim flavored cigars target marketed to youth (even though teen cigar smoking has sharply declined), advocates banning flavored cigars


NJ bill (AB 3842) introduced to allow vaping in vape shops, referred to Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee

Smoking Bans

Reynolds American bans smoking at offices

Wilmington (DE) Mayor Robert Williams bans smoking at parks and playgrounds

Vaping Bans

Baltimore City Council to hold second public hearing on proposed vaping ban on Nov 5,0,4203386.story

CASAA updates Baltimore Call to Action opposing proposed vaping ban

Jeff Stier: Over regulation defeats the purpose of e-cigarettes (Baltimore)

San Marcos (CA) bans vaping based upon fear mongering lies and lobbying

Watsonville (CA) bans vaping based upon false claims

Branson (MO) bans vaping and smoking in workplaces due to false claims by e-cig opponents

Hingham (MA) Board of Health considers vaping ban

St. Charles (IL) considers vaping ban (with $500 fines for violating the unwarranted and unenforceable ban), and license fee increases for tobacco and e-cig vendors.

Clinton (SC) City Council members challenge proposed vaping ban, City Manager Frank Stovall falsely claims e-cigs are as hazardous as cigarettes, Councilman Norman Scarborough falsely claims e-cigs emit smoke.

Minimum Age

More cities raise tobacco age to 21

Evanston (IL) City Council increases minimum age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales to 21

Healdsburg (CA) raises minimum age for all tobacco and vapor product sales to 21 years, mayor Jim Wood absurdly claims “I see more young people than ever before smoking.”


Welsh MP Geriant Davis introduces bill to wisely ban e-cig sales to minors, but absurdly ban e-cig advertising to adults; repeats fear mongering claims about products.

Sales Restrictions

Illinois retailers file federal lawsuit challenging Chicago's ban on selling flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools,0,7527547.story


Ohio bill (SB 379) would State Health Department to establish child resistant packaging rules for vapor products, ban sales of noncompliant products


EU's cigarette protecting snus lawsuit against Denmark is a reality


FDA to host webinar about User Fees for Tobacco Manufacturers on November 5

Study authors conclude that FDA should impose deeming regulation, but fail to provide any evidence or rationale to justify proposal, fail to admit the deeming regulation would protect cigarettes, ban >99% of e-cigs and give e-cig industry to Big Tobacco companies.

Cuyahoga County (OH) Health Commissioner Terry Allan protects cigarettes by repeating false and misleading claims about e-cigs, advocating FDA regulations

More Prohibitionist Junk Science and Propaganda

American Industrial Hygiene Association white paper written by Chicken Little prohibitionists grossly misrepresents the scientific and empirical evidence on vapor products to confuse, scare and lobby for cigarette protecting vaping bans, e-cig sales bans, and FDA deeming regulation.

German Cancer Research Center promotes cancer, misrepresents scientific evidence on e-cigs, calls for regulating lifesaving e-cigs the same as lethal cigarettes (which protects cigarettes and threatens the lives of vapers, smokers and secondhand smokers).

E-cig research review misrepresents many findings, focuses on and exaggerates risks, ignores health benefits, cites conflict of interest for e-cig industry funded studies (but not studies funded and conducted by e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists)

Pharmaceutical Journal article falsely claims e-cigs poisoning youth (despite no evidence that anyone has ever been poisoned), conflate calls by concerned parents with poisonings

Junk scientists falsely claim third hand smoke constituents are toxic hazards

Watertown (MA) youth group given funding to repeat false claims about e-cigs and flavored cigars

- Bill Godshall

Godshall THRU 2014-11-03