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Bill Godshall Update 2014-11-13

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 13th, 2014

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THR Business

Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog reports e-cig sales volume in US convenience stores increased by >50% in September, and by 75% in October (compared to 2013) due to recent nationwide launches of Reynolds Vuse and Altria's MarkTen cigalike e-cigs

US Election

Bill Godshall: US election has improved FDA regulatory and state legislative landscape for vapers, the vaping industry and THR

George Will: The first steps Republicans should take (urges passage of regulatory reform bill HR 367 that would delay, dilute and/or halt FDA's proposed deeming regulation)

HR 367: Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act

E-cig opponent New Mexico Representative Liz Thompson losses election after vapers rally to elect Conrad James

American Vaping Association comments on the defeat of NM State Rep. Liz Thompson

White House

Jeff Stier: We are sending e-cigs to President Obama

Obama gum gaffe in China sparks humorous e-cigarette campaign, Godshall comments

Obama chews gum during APEC summit, irks Chinese with uncouth behavior


Town's proposed tobacco/e-cig sales ban riles crowd, shutting down meeting (MA)

Prohibitionist health board halts hearing after 23 minutes, blames the public (MA)

Boston Globe wisely opposes tobacco and vapor sales ban proposal in Westminster

Tom Keane: The Vice Squad; Town of Westiminster tries to squelch the right to make bad decisions

Jeff Stier on Thom Hartmann radio show discussing Westminster's proposed tobacco and e-cig sales ban to adults, and Obama's chewing nicotine gum

American Lung Association urges MA town to ban sale of all tobacco and vapor products to adults, delusional town health agent claims banning sales of e-cigs, smokeless tobacco and flavored cigars to adults best way to protect children from cigarettes.

Big Pharma and Big Government funded Mike Fiore (who misled the US Public Health Service to recommend ineffective and unsafe FDA approved drugs as the only effective way to quit smoking) endorses banning tobacco and vapor product sales to adults.


Action Alert: Nov 25 signup deadline to speak during public comment period at FDA e-cig workshop December 10/11 in Silver Spring, MD

Jeff Stier: Over-regulation of e-cigarettes will lead to dire public health consequences

Action Alert: FDA public comment deadline Nov 25 on Swedish Match snus MRTP application for TPSAC review!documentDetail%3bD=FDA-2014-N-1051-0001

Despite no evidence nitrosamines cause cancer in humans, and despite finding nontoxic levels of several constituents in cigar smoker's blood and urine, FDA study confuses and scares readers by concluding: "Cigar smokers have higher concentrations of several toxic and carcinogenic substances than nontobacco users," and deceptively implies the study found that cigar smoking is a "cause of disease and premature death" to lobby for FDA's proposed deeming regulation (that would ban many cigars and cigar companies).

FDA issues NSE Order in October (totaling 19 NSE orders to date), reports 7 more SE Report Withdrawals (totaling 279 to date), issues 24 SE Orders for RYO cigarette tubes (totaling 78 SE orders to date)

FDA issues Import Alert (authorizing a ban/seizure) on tobacco products marketed by two Florida tobacco companies for failing to pay FDA "user fees".

FDA sends warning letter to tobacco company for failing to pay FDA 'user fees'

Note the FDA's final rule on 'user fees' applies only to cigarettes, RYO and smokeless tobacco. But the agency stated: "If additional classes of tobacco products are deemed subject to FDA's tobacco regulation, FDA will conduct a new rulemaking to subject those classes to this user fee rule."

FDA seeks nominations for small manufacturer nonvoting member of TPSAC!documentDetail;D=FDA-2009-N-0383-0004


2013 NYTS finds (but CDC refuses to mention) record low rates for cigarette smoking among middle and high school students. Instead, CDC deceitfully conflates OTP and e-cig use with cigarette smoking, grossly exaggerates risks of e-cigs and cigars, deceptively labels "past month" experimentation as "current use" to confuse, scare, lobby for more tobacco control programs, higher taxes and FDA's proposed deeming regulation

CDC appointed panel recommends more counterproductive government tobacco control programs that lie about e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, cigars, flavorings, nicotine and FDA approved drugs, and that unlawfully lobby to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette use

CDC promotes GSO sponsored by e-cig prohibitionists at American Cancer Society

Other Federal

Medicare to cover lung cancer screening for those at high risk

ACSH: Medicare will cover CT-lung cancer screening in high risk individuals


Grover Norquist and Paul Blair: Vaping for Tax Freedom; E-cigarettes have exposed the fraud of public-health advocates

New Mexico interim committee recommends taxing e-cigs at 4 cents per mg of nicotine
($28.80 on a 30 ml bottle of 2.4% nicotine)

New Mexico Vapers Alliance and American Vaping Association Oppose Dramatic E-Cigarette Tax Hike

NM lawmakers push for bills regulating e-cigarettes

Up in Smoke? E-cigarette firms resist bill to regulate tobacco-free products the same as traditional smokes. MI e-cig tax/regulation bill (SB 1018) sponsored by lame duck legislator threatens e-liquid manufacturer and vape shops, protects cigarettes.

California State Board of Equalization to meet November 13 to discuss new funding options for the Cigarette and Tobacco Product Licensing Program

Vaping Bans

The Heartland Institute - Research & Commentary: E-Cigarette "Smoking" Bans

Baltimore City Council recommends bill to ban vaping in workplaces and public places with amendment to exempt vape shops, bars and restaurants

Hawaii County (HI) Council committee advances bill to ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned (including on beaches) due to deceitful fear mongering by prohibitionists

Black River Falls (WI) alders back off proposal to ban vaping in workplaces

Bloomington (MN) City Council considers bill to ban vaping in all workplaces (including vape shops), public hearing at November 17 meeting

Newark (NJ) mayor to sign unenforceable law to ban smoking at parks, deceitfully redefine smoking to include use of smokefree e-cigs.

As more smokers switch to far less hazardous e-cigarettes, taxpayer funded extremists in Kentucky protect cigarette markets and threaten public health by repeating false and misleading fear mongering claims about vaping.

Child Poisonings

As Obama's CDC, NY Times, Big Pharma shills and other e-cig opponents falsely claimed e-cigs are poisoning children to scare public and lobby for FDA deeming regulation, child poisonings by colorful candy-like laundry detergent pods skyrocket.

ACSH: Detergent pods pose serious poison risk for young children

Another news outlet falsely claims e-cigs are poisoning kids, fails to reveal that ingesting e-liquid prompts immediate vomiting that prevents poisoning, grossly misrepresents nicotine toxicity level, conflates phone calls with cases to scare public, tout legislation

Youth Smoking

MN Youth Tobacco Survey finds cigarette smoking sharply drops from 18.1% in 2011 to record low 10.6% this year, but MN Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger attacks e-cigs (even though most MN high school students who used or experimented with e-cigs in past month were smokers or exsmokers, but those details weren't reported in survey)

News media repeat MN Health Dept's false and irrational criticism of e-cigarettes

Updated MN Dept of Health webpage on e-cigarettes repeats many false and misleading fear mongering claims, denies existence of health benefits for smokers who switch.

ACSH: MN stats show astounding decline in teen smoking. E-cigs may be one reason.

Mike Siegel: New study shows dramatic reduction in youth smoking despite sharp rise in e-cigarette use

Smoking Cessation

Half of Liverpool stop smoking services users tried e-cigarettes (UK)


Brad Rodu: Dependence level higher with cigarettes than smokeless tobacco

Health Risks

Jane Brody: Emotion is not the best medicine, Ebola case further shows
Brody's cogent advice also applies to e-cigarettes, which have never been found to cause any disease, create dependence in any nonsmoker, or serve as a gateway to cigarettes

ACSH: Jane Brody NY Times column warns against fear-induced health decisions

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Review of six clinical trials finds e-cigs significantly decreased cigarette consumption and desire to smoke, and were associated with fewer adverse events and higher adherence than nicotine skin patches. But authors misrepresent findings to absurdly conclude "there is limited evidence for the effectiveness of e-cigarettes in smoking cessation" and "concerns regarding increased poisoning exposures among adults in comparison with cigarettes are alarming."

Mike Siegel: Groups and politicians are way off the mark in accusing Altria and Reynolds American of targeting children with their e-cigarettes

FDA funded junk scientist and prohibitionist Stan Glantz once again deceitfully misrepresents the scientific data on e-cigs and youth to confuse, scare and lobby for counterproductive bans and regulations that protect cigarette markets

New study finds no decline in heart attack rates following enactment/implementation of Colorado's 2006 comprehensive workplace smoking ban, contradicts questionable findings of much smaller studies on smoking bans in select municipalities

Brad Rodu - Colorado State Smoking Ban: No Impact on Heart Attacks

Washington County (OR) e-cig opponents to hold so-called Town Hall Meeting Nov, 20 to lie about and demonize e-cigs, no e-cig supporters invited to speak

Rowan County (NC) Health Department's Amy Smith repeats false claims about e-cigs

Buffalo News columnist falsely claims e-cigs can cause lung cancer, respiratory diseases and periodontal disease, and many other false and misleading things, Godshall responds


E-cigarette market crashes in Spain, fearmongering claims by Big Pharma shills blamed

Netherlands proposes e-cigarette regulation to comply with EU TPD that threatens lives of vapers, smokers and secondhand smokers

UK e-cig opponents who lobbied AVA to ban truthful health ads for e-cigs now criticize new e-cig ad for sex appeal (even though vapers are sexier than sick and dying smokers).


Former smokers, retailers blast N.S. law that would restrict e-cigarettes (Nova Scotia)

- Bill Godshall
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