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Bill Godshall Update 2014-12-11

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 11th, 2014

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CDC complains that some states haven’t banned e-cig sales to minors (but fails to acknowledge that some CDC funded State health agencies and CDC’s Big Pharma funded allies CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA have lobbied against those laws), complains that just 3 states have banned vaping in workplaces (but fails to reveal that vaping bans protect cigarettes and there is no public health justification for banning vaping)

AVA: CDC’s push for vaping bans highlights need for oversight of ACA grant money;
CDC, now with $2 billion in grants to dole out, recommends states restrict vaping

FDA Ecig Workshop

FDA e-cig workshop on December 10 & 11
FDA invites many deeming reg proponents (federal employees, other e-cig opponents, tobacco companies and other profiteers) but no deeming reg opponents to present at so-called public workshop on e-cigs; FDA claims workshop not meant for deeming reg, but many presenters urged FDA to impose it and many other unwarranted regs for e-cigs; Mitch Zeller claims FDA relies upon scientific evidence, but agency has grossly distorted the scientific evidence on e-cigs since it unlawfully banned them in 2009; FDA bans public from attending workshop prior to sign-up deadline, refuses to get larger venue. (audio of entire December 10/11 workshop is available at this weblink) (agenda) (ECF discussion on FDA workshop) (FDA webpage)

AVA President Greg Conley’s statement at the FDA workshop’s public comment period

FDA invites convicted liar (and regulatory profiteer) Shayne Gad to present at e-cig workshop

Carl Phillips: Don’t annoy us with the facts, we got some regulatin’ to do

Article in The Hill cites FDA’s new docket for comments on FDA’s December 10/11 e-cigarette workshop!documentDetail;D=FDA_FRDOC_0001-5293

FDA Deeming Reg / Ban

House leaders rush to defend e-cigarettes from possible FDA bans

ACSH: House Republican leadership urges FDA to loosen its grip on the e-cig market

CASAA issues Call to Action: Ask your legislators to support a change to the Tobacco Control Act (and to thank US Reps. Boehner, McCarthy and Upton for urging DHHS Secretary Burwell to change the date of the grandfather clause for e-cigs and other newly deemed tobacco products from 2007 to 2014 or when the FDA issues the Final Rule

Michael Marlow – Regulating a less unhealthy cigarette: The FDA’s treatment of e-cigarettes jeopardizes public health

Mike Siegel endorses Michael Marlow’s commentary opposing the FDA’s proposed deeming regulation, but urges FDA to unlawfully promulgate other e-cig regulations

Only Big Tobacco and Big Pharma want e-cig regulation, Godshall comments

AP reporter Michael Felberbaum writes yet another article promoting FDA deeming reg/ban, fails to reveal it would protect cigarettes by banning >99% of vapor products

Swedish Match MRTP application to FDA

NY Times repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about snus

Carl Phillips: New York Times Editorial Board lies about smokeless tobacco labeling

Carl Phillips: What is peer review really? (part 4a – case study followup)

Other Federal

NIH/NCI fund RTI to monitor e-cigs on social media, lobby for bans/regulations

FTC invites public comments on renewing data collection for cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and extending it to e-cigarettes and cigars; public comment deadline 1/5/15

Obama still using nicotine gum, as his appointees at DHHS and their Big Pharma funded allies keep lying about (and trying to stop smokers from using) more satisfying and effective smokefree alternatives, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco

Science and Public Health

Electronic cigarettes: getting the science right and the communicating it accurately
Addiction editorial by Robert West, collection of Addiction studies and articles on e-cigs

American Heart Association’s Circulation publishes meta analysis of 6 studies finding 18% smoking cessation rate (after 6 months) for smokers who used e-cigs with nicotine

AVA: American Heart Association study finds vaping products more effective for quitting smoking than FDA-approved products

Peter Hajek: Electronic cigarettes have the potential for huge public health benefit

Clive Bates: A blunt challenge to some common arguments against e-cigarettes

ACSH’s Gil Ross: Want to help smokers quit? Stop lying about e-cigs

In measuring teen nicotine use, public health agencies often rely on data that are too crude (to grossly exaggerate teen use, lobby for more $$$ and unwarranted bans/regs)

Penn State study finds vapor products less addictive than cigarettes

Study finds e-cig use causes significantly lower nicotine plasma levels than cigarette smoking, lower increases in BP and heart rate than cigarette smoking, and e-cig use creates no increase in exhaled CO while smoking sharply increases exhaled CO

2013 survey of Italians at least 15 years old finds, among regular e-cig users, 10.4% quit smoking, 67.7% reduced cigarette consumption, and 22% didn’t change smoking habit.

Study finds press releases for 40% of scientific studies exaggerated advice, 33% exaggerated causal claims, and 36% exaggerated causal inference to humans from animal research. When press releases contained such exaggeration, 58%, 81% and 86% of news stories, respectively, contained similar exaggeration.

Academic hype ‘distorting’ health news

Press releases blamed for exaggerated health news

Survey finds e-cigarette use rare in non-smokers (UK)

THR in the News

Citizens Voice reporter Charlotte Jacobson writes objective and balanced article on vapor products, but the editors chose a negative headline (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Review of Hajek et al study in Family Practice Recertification acknowledges many health benefits for smokers who switch to vaping, endorses e-cigs for smoking cessation

John McLay: E-cigs help rid the world of smokers (MN)

THR Business

Vype e-cigarette advertisement aims to demonstrate simplicity of vaping

Nerudia’s Speke e-cigarette factory will create 150 jobs (UK)


Bryan Haynes – Hey Legislators: Vaping Products Don’t Belong in the MSA


Clive Bates: Anti-complaint about e-cigarette advertising

Smoking and tobacco use ban

Federal Bureau of Prisons bans smoking, tobacco use and tobacco possession; In Final Rule, BOP falsely claims “Snuff and chewing tobacco are also harmful to health in the same way that "lighted" tobacco products are.”

Vaping bans

Minneapolis (MN) City Council protects cigarettes by banning vaping in workplaces due to fear mongering claims by e-cig prohibitionists and other THR opponents

Black River Falls (WI) drops pursuit of e-cigarette ban

Portland (OR) Parks Board urges City Council to ban vaping, smokeless tobacco use and smoking in city parks even though vaping and smokeless tobacco pose no risks to the public, outdoor smoking poses neglibible risks, and the proposed law is unenforceable

University of Alaska Board of Regents consider tobacco use and vaping ban on campus

Employment Discrimination

Pima County (AZ) Board of Supervisors to vote December 16 on hiring ban of all tobacco/nicotine consumers and 30% surcharge for currently employed consumers (but not for consumers of Big Pharma’s nicotine products) even though just half of all tobacco/nicotine consumers (daily cigarette smokers) face increased disease risks

Univ. of Missouri Health System to ban hiring of anyone who tests positive for nicotine (unless the nicotine is marketed by Big Pharma)

Retailer bans

San Francisco (CA) Bord of Supervisors passes law to reduce number of tobacco and e-cig retailers by half, which only benefits retailers who keep selling tobacco and/or e-cigs

Plain Packaging

The Plain Truth about Plain Packaging: An Econometric Analysis of the Australian 2011 Tobacco Plain Packaging Act

New evidence plain packaging drives up tobacco sales in Australia

Government funded e-cig propaganda

NIDA funding recipients from Yale absurdly conclude that flavored e-cigs should be banned for adults, that people should be deceived about the health benefits of e-cigs for smokers, and that “social norms surrounding the use of e-cigarettes” should be prevented based upon student focus groups (that never discussed these policies for adults).

FDA funded Stan Glantz criticizes excellent study on e-cigs because it was conducted and written by tobacco company researchers

Australian government offers funding to exaggerate health risks and deny benefits of e-cigs, propose more policies to protect cigarettes from market competition by already banned e-cigs under false guise of objective research and sound public health policy

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

CDC junk science and press release claims 6.1% of estimated 1.64 million smokers who saw a CDC anti smoking ad quit smoking because they saw CDC ad, that ads cost $480 per smoker who purportedly quit smoking, and that CDC ads are very effective for smoking cessation (while still insisting that e-cigs don’t help smokers quit smoking)

E-cig opponents aggressively lobby Wikipedia to misrepresent scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs

Large 2102 survey of 27 EU countries found “ever use” of an e-cig reported by 20.3% of current smokers, 4.7% of ex-smokers, and just 1.2% of never cigarette smokers (disproving claims that e-cigs are gateways to and renormalize smoking), but authors absurdly conclude their findings “underscore the need to ... formulate a European framework for e-cigarette regulation within the revised EU Tobacco Product Directive” that protects cigarettes by banning many e-cigs and restricting the marketing of all others

ASH accuses tobacco companies of target marketing to youth, provides no evidence, fails to admit youth smoking and tobacco sales to minors have sharply declined since 1998

Health frauds Drs. Oz, Natalie Azar and FDA funded Andrea King protect cigarettes, scare viewers, lobby for FDA deeming reg/ban by repeating lies about e-cigs and nicotine

Charlotta Pisinger protects cigarettes, repeats many false and misleading claims about e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for unwarranted bans/regs

- Bill Godshall

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