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Bill Godshall Update 2014-12-18

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 18th, 2014

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Public Health Research

In measuring teen nicotine use, public health agencies often rely on data that are too crude

Cochran review meta analyses finds e-cigs effective for smoking cessation and more effective than NRT patch for reducing cigarette consumption

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit or cut down heavily, say researchers; Study suggests critics of vaping are wrong to claim it encourages non-smokers to take up habit

Review of evidence finds e-cigarettes may help smokers quit

Mike Siegel: First meta-analysis of existing studies concludes that electronic cigarettes are effective for smoking cessation

Monitoring the Future Survey

NIDA funded Monitoring the Future survey finds record low rates and record annual declines for “daily” and “past 30 day” cigarette smoking by teens from 2013 to 2014.
Daily smoking declined 22% by 8th graders (from 1.8% to 1.4%), declined 27% by 10th graders (from 4.4% to 3.2%), declined 21% by 12th graders (from 8.5% to 6.7%). Past 30 day cigarette smoking declined 11% by 8th graders (from 4.5% to 4.0%), declined 21% by 10th graders (9.1% to 7.2%), declined 17% by 12th graders (from 16.3% to 13.6%).

MTF finds e-cigs a gateway away from cigarettes for teens. Among 33.8% of 12th grade “ever smokers” of cigarettes, MTF found that (during the past 30 days) 16% reported no use of cigarettes or e-cigs, 4.6% reported exclusive e-cig use, 7.3% reported dual use of cigarettes and e-cigs, and just 5.9% reported exclusive cigarette smoking.

Among 21.9% of 10th grade “ever smokers” of cigarettes, MTF found that (during the past 30 days) 10.0% reported no use of cigarettes or e-cigs, 4.9% reported exclusive e-cig use, 4.3% reported dual use of cigarettes and e-cigs, and just 2.7% reported exclusive cigarette smoking.

Among 13.3% of 8th grade “ever smokers” of cigarettes, MTF found that (during the past 30 days) 6.6% reported no use of cigarettes or e-cigs, 2.2% reported exclusive e-cig use, 2.2% reported dual use of cigarettes and e-cigs, and just 2.3% reported exclusive cigarette smoking.

While MTF found (and authors publicized) that “past 30 day” e-cig use was reported by 8.7% of 8th graders, 16.2% of 10th graders, 17.1% of 12th graders, MTF authors unethically failed to report that teen smokers and ex-smokers were far more likely than never smokers to report e-cig use (and instead buried that data in six different tables).

MTF found “past 30 day” e-cig use by teen smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers
(note that “ex-smokers” are “ever smokers” who didn’t smoke in “past 30 days”)

12th Graders
55% of smokers (.073 / .132 = .55)
22.5% of ex-smokers (.046 / .204 = .225)
6.5% of never smokers (.043 / .664 = .065)
17.1% Total

10th Graders
61% of smokers (.043 / .07 = .61)
33% of ex-smokers (.049 / .148 = .33)
9% of never smokers (.07 / .782 = .09)
16.2% Total

8th Graders
49% of smokers (.022 / .045 = .49)
25% of ex-smokers (.022 / .088 = .25)
4.7% of never smokers (.041 / .867 = .047)
8.7% Total

MTF found overall “past 30 day” e-cig use by smokers, ex-smokers and never smokers

12th Graders
7.3% were smokers (dual users)
4.6% were ex-smokers
4.3% were never smokers
17.2% Total (differs from MTF reported 17.1% due to rounding)

10th Graders
4.3% were smokers (dual users)
4.9% were ex-smokers
7.0% were never smokers
16.2% Total

8th Graders
2.2% were smokers (dual users)
2.2% were ex-smokers
4.1% were never Smokers
8.5% Total (differs from MTF reported 8.7% due to rounding)

Despite finding record annual declines in teen cigarette smoking, record low teen smoking rates, and e-cig use mostly by current and former smokers, Obama’s NIDA funded MTF press release promoted FDA’s proposed deeming reg/ban by conflating e-cigs with lethal cigarettes, by conflating “past 30 day” experimentation with daily use, and by failing to acknowledge that e-cigs have NEVER been found to create daily dependence in any nonsmoker, serve as a gateway to smoking, or cause any disease.

American Vaping Association: Youth smoking reaches record lows as vaping increases

Irresponsible news media repeat false fear mongering claims from MTF press release without any fact checking, fail to report record annual declines in teen smoking, record low teen smoking rates or that most teen vapers were/are cigarette smokers.

Mike Siegel: Glantz tells public there is no question that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking, but today’s Monitoring the Future data show the opposite

Jacob Sullum: Vaping rises to record highs, smoking falls to record lows, and activists insist ‘e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking’

Tim Wostall: Excellent news as e-cigarette, or vaping, use rises

Please note that NIDA Director Nora Volklow absurdly claimed: “Chronic e-cigarette use would be expected to produce even higher levels of third hand nicotine exposure, and it’s unclear how such exposure could impact the health of close family members, friends, and coworkers who are regularly exposed to these environments.”


Re: CDC’s false and misleading claims about e-cigs and lobbying of states at

AVA responds to CDC article on e-cigarettes

Carl Phillips: CDC lies about e-cigs and children again (wait, have I used that title before?)

ACSH: The CDC, again, substitutes their agenda for science re: ecigs and teens

News media repeat CDC’s fear mongering spin about state e-cig sales bans to minors and secondhand vapor, fail to acknowledge that CDC funded State health agencies and/or CDC allies funded by Big Pharma (CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA) have lobbied against state bills to ban e-cig sales to minors (e.g. in MI, MO, OH, PA, OK, RI, AZ) to lobby for FDA deeming reg/ban to ban >99% of e-cigs currently marketed to adults.

USA Today editorial grossly misrepresents facts on e-cigs to advocate FDA deeming regulation (that would ban >99.9% of e-cigs now consumed by adults) and to urge State AGs to falsely redefine e-cigs as “cigarettes” to impose MSA restrictions on e-cigs.

Jeff Stier’s Opposing View on USA Today – Rally behind e-cigarettes: Don’t undermine the promise of powerful harm reduction tools

Mike Siegel – CDC makes startling proclamation: Electronic cigarette aerosol is not as safe as clean air

Survey of HI high school students finds record low cigarette smoking rates (i.e. 2% monthly, <1% weekly and <1% daily smoking), very low e-cig use (i.e. 3% monthly, 2% weekly and 2% daily), finds 76% of e-cig “ever users” just experimented (i.e. <5 times or yearly), and finds 67% correctly believe e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes. But NCI funded authors (who oppose THR) misrepresent findings to news media, conflate e-cigs with cigarettes, exaggerate e-cig use, falsely claim e-cigs renormalize smoking.

2013 US adult survey finds past month use of e-cigs reported by 30.3% of daily smokers, 34.1% of nondaily smokers, 5.4% of former smokers and just 1.4% of never smokers (which is consistent with other surveys). But Big Pharma funded AAP survey coauthors (including Jonathan Winickoff , who falsely claimed e-cigs were target marketed to youth at 2009 FDA press conference defending agency’s unlawful e-cig ban) falsely conclude that e-cigs addict nonsmokers and renormalize tobacco use, and advocate cigarette protecting federal, state and local e-cig bans and regulations.

FDA funded junk scientist and liar Stan Glantz falsely claims “There's no question that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking"

FDA’s so-called public workshop on e-cigs

The most objective and informative comments at FDA’s Dec. 10/11 workshop were presented by nearly a dozen speakers during the public comment period, which can be heard on FDA6 recording at

AVA gives public comment at FDA e-cigarette workshop

Carl Phillips: Burstyn comment at FDA workshop on ecig science


FDA TPSAC Chair Jonathan Samet (who Judge Richard Leon ruled had Big Pharma funding conflicts of interest when striking down TPSAC’s report on menthol cigarettes)
coauthors JAMA op/ed that repeats many false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA’s proposed deeming reg that would ban >99% of e-cigs now consumed by adult smokers and exsmokers who switched to vaping.
Flavorings in Electronic Cigarettes: An unrecognized respiratory health threat?

ublic health threats versus scares

Obama’s CDC demotes deadly cigarettes to 9th among its “10 most important public-health challenges of 2014”, but wisely didn’t include e-cigs on list (despite CDC’s many false and misleading fear mongering press releases and reports on e-cigs to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA’s proposed e-cig deeming reg/ban, state/local vaping bans, etc.)

American Council on Science and Health’s Top 10 Health Scares of 2014 includes “Liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes poisoning children”

E-cig manufacturing

Front page NY Times article exaggerates and demonizes e-cig quality control in China to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming reg that would protect cigarettes by banning >99% of vapor products now sold and by giving e-cig industry to Big Tobacco.


NYC proceeds with cigarette lawsuit after Garner decision; Mayor earlier called selling untaxed cigarettes “minor offense”

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (who is on e-cig opposing Legacy’s board of directors) to propose budget that includes tax on e-cigs (buried in a pg 22 footnote, pg 26 on PDF)

AVA & UTSFA: Utah governor’s e-cigarette tax would snuff out local business

Vaping ban

Lewes (DE) City Council enacts unwarranted and unenforceable smoking and vaping ban on beach, police chief says police won’t enforce new law.

Retail restriction

Fayetteville (NC) police chief lobbying for ordinance that would ban e-cig retailers by December 2017, and reduce number of tobacco retailers (see Section 7.02 of Dec. 8 meeting agenda packet)

Fayetteville (NC) delays vote on tobacco store restrictions, again

ackaging regulation

Missouri bill would require child resistant packaging for e-cigs

E-cig Business

Company claims to make certified organic e-liquid


THR advocate David Sweanor debates e-cig prohibitionist and propagandist Mark Holland (from The Heart and Stroke Foundation) about e-cigs, cigarettes and Ontario’s proposal to protect cigarettes by banning vaping, banning flavored e-cigs, banning e-cig advertising, and restricting e-cig sales to tobacco retailers.

More junk science and propaganda

AVA & TSFA: Tennessee Dept of Health’s hardline stance on vaping harms smokers heatlh

In response to vaper Loriene Jolly’s letter to editor of BMJ
e-cig junk scientists and propagandists repeat false and misleading claims about vaping and falsely portray themselves as victims of bullying by vapers

The low spark of highly placed boot boys

Martin McKee - Lying troll

- Bill Godshall

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