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Bill Godshall Update 2015-04-02

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 2nd, 2015


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Vaping Research

New prospective study of 71 Italian smokers who made their first e-cig purchase at a vape shop finds, after 12 months, that 40.8% (n=29) had quit smoking, and an additional 25.4% (n=18) had reduced cigarette consumption by at least 50%

Mike Siegel: New pilot study finds high cessation rate among smokers making first purchase at vape shops in Italy

New study finds nicotine levels in all 11 e-liquid products tested were within 21% of amount stated on label, finds levels of tobacco derived toxins (nitrosamines, nitrate, phenols) in tobacco cigarettes are >100 times greater than those in e-liquids.

THR Truth

Special Report: When it comes to e-cigs, Big Tobacco is concerned for your health

E-cigarettes poised to save Medicaid billions

UK's Public Health Minister Jane Ellison tells the truth about vapor product and vaping

California State Univ. chemist Dr. Chris Nichols tells truth about negligible risks of vaping and even lower (or nonexistent) risk of 2nd hand e-cig vapor (audio)

Mike Siegel - March e-cigarette madness: Regional results for worst e-cigarette lie

Nicotine Risks and Benefits

20 children in UK become ill after using government approved NRT spray, but THR opponents don't demonize NRT, or lobby to ban/tax NRT manufacturing/sales/ads/use

Nicotine, the wonder drug? This notorious stimulant may enhance learning and help treat Parkinson's, schizophrenia and other neurological diseases.


Wells Fargo's Bonnie Herzog reports 'cigalike' e-cig sales volume in US increased by 40.5% (during 4 weeks ending 3/21/15 compared to year ago), e-cig prices have declined by 22%, overall e-cig sales (in dollars) have increased by 9.6%, and that sales of Premium Vaporizers and e-liquids (aka VTMs) are growing three times faster. Herzog advocates FDA deeming reg/ban that protects Big Tobacco, bans >99% of vape products.


ACSH's Gil Ross: The shame of America's 'Public Health' (Godshall comments)

FDA extends public comment period for scientific evidence on e-cigarettes from April 15 to July 2 (but fails to announce the change, except to its e-mail subscribers).

Tobacco firm asks FDA to designate snus as safer than cigarettes, but FDA/NCI funded Michael Steinberg deceitfully misrepresents risks and opposes truthfully tobacco users that smokeless tobacco products are 99% less hazardous than smoking cigarettes

CDC activists lobby for FDA deeming regulation, vaping bans, e-cig taxes, marketing restrictions, fear mongering warnings in so-called scientific paper that misrepresented the scientific evidence on e-cigs and never addressed the policies advocated by its authors.

Carl Phillips: New CDC study on how to write conclusions that do not follow from the analysis

FDA funded Stan Glantz touts CDC junk science propaganda that demonizes nicotine and e-cigs, lobbies for FDA deeming reg/ban

FDA sponsored IOM Cmte issues report on 'Agent-Based Models' (ABM) to purportedly assess different tobacco policies using complex computational models. But first sentence of Report Brief falsely claims 'Tobacco consumption continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States.' In fact, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the US.


Reynolds meets with FTC as agency considers Reynolds' acquisition of Lorillard, sale of Lorillard cigarette brands and Blu e-cigs to Imperial

NY Post article claims FTC staff urging lawsuit to block Reynolds' purchase of Lorillard

FTC reports advertising and promotional spending by major cigarette companies increased from $8.37 billion in 2011 to $9.17 billion in 2012, while advertising and promotional spending by major smokeless tobacco companies declined from $451.7 million in 2011 to $435.7 million in 2012.

CDC Lies

Kristy's Story reveals that Kristy's lung collapsed after she quit vaping and switched back to exclusive cigarette smoking, which was likely caused by CDC's and FDA's false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs since 2009.

CDC ad misrepresents Kristy's story, falsely blames e-cigs for cigarette caused disease

May 2014 CDC ad offering $2,500 to sick vapers to star in TV ads demonizing e-cigs

CDC 3/26/15 press release announcing anti e-cig ad

ACSH: The CDC in cahoots with the CA 'health' dept ramps up its anti-e-cig propaganda

Carl Phillips: CDC prepares to launch massive anti-ecig lie campaign

Vapers takeover CDC Tips twitter hashtag that lies about e-cigs

Unlike CDC, CASAA posts truthful testimonials by vapers

Sheep-like news media hype CDC's ad demonizing e-cigs without fact checking, and without reporting any of CDC's unethical actions, or false and misleading claims.

Bloomberg news hypes CDC's lies about e-cigs without any fact checking, falsely portrays vapor industry as Big Tobacco, touts junk science on e-cig ads, quotes Big Pharma shills at CTFK and ALA without disclosing their financial conflicts of interest.

ABC News article reveals CDC ad falsely insinuates that e-cigs caused lung disease, but only because it included quotes by AVA's Greg Conley

Damian Thompson: America declares war on e-cigarettes. But it's an ideological battle, not a medical one

US Congress

SFATA sends letter to US Senate Commerce Cmte endorsing bill (S 142) to require child-resistant packaging for vapor products

THR Prohibition

Delhi (India) Health Minister protects cigarettes, threatens lives of smokeless tobacco users by banning all smokeless tobacco products, but not far more hazardous cigarettes

Vape at your own risk: company ordered recalls and the lack of regulation in the Canadian e-cigarette industry (exposes how manufacturers further reduce already negligible risks of vapor products as Health Canada has protected cigarettes since 2009 by claiming e-cigs are banned and by discouraging smokers from vaping).

Clive Bates: Latvia consults on protecting the cigarette trade by crushing e-cigarettes with hyper-regulation

Australia Medical Assoc and Quit Victoria lobby for ban on no-nicotine vapor products (but not lethal cigarettes) after lobbying to ban nicotine vapor products

Mike Siegel: Australian medical groups want to give cigarettes a monopoly by keeping real ones and banning the fake ones

Snus and e-cig prohibitionist Simon Chapman correctly, but hypocritically, urges health advocates to 'always respect evidence, and if the evidence changes, so should you'


CA Dept of Public Health still blowing smoke; newly appointed director Karen Smith repeats false fear mongering claims about vaping, new taxpayer funded 'Wake Up' ads deceitfully equate vaping with cigarette smoking and vapor companies with cigarette companies, unethically encourage youth to vape by showing youth vaping in ads

Vapers counter, overwhelm CA Dept of Public Health 'stillblowingsmoke' lies about e-cigs with 'notblowingsmoke', set record straight about vaping and CA DPH lies.

United Vapers Network: They Are StillBlowingSmoke (parody on CA DPH and other anti vaping extremists)

ATR: Documents: California Dept of Public Health launches $75 million campaign to discourage vaping

Mike Siegel: California Dept of Public Health running campaign to keep smokers from switching to electronic cigarettes

Gutfeld: California ads trashing e-cigs '˜demonize with flimsy lies'

Mike Siegel: California Department of Public Health e-cigarette website is full of lies; why can't they just tell the truth?

California launches campaign against e-cigarettes, vaping advocates tell the truth

E-liquid sales bans/restrictions

Utah Governor (and Legacy Board member) Gary Herbert signs bill HB 415) that protects Big Tobacco cigarettes and cigalikes, bans sale of virtually all e-liquid products by mandating state specific standards for e-liquid product manufacturing, labeling, packaging, advertising and retail licensure

Reynolds sponsored Arkansas bill (SB 978) to decimate vape shops and e-liquid suppliers in AR, ban Internet sales; bill railroaded through AK Senate and House in one week to prevent vapers and vendors from organizing opposition, sent to Governor. (original 1 page SB 978) (current 44 page SB 978)

AVA's Greg Conley testifies against Arkansas bill (SB 978)

CASAA Call to Action urges opposition to Arkansas bill (SB 978)

AVA's Greg Conley: Ill advised vaping proposal smacks of '˜crony capitalism' (Indiana)

ATR opposes onerous restrictions on vapor market in Indiana, urges IN legislators to reject SB 539 and HB 1432

CASAA Call to Action urges vapers to oppose Indiana e-liquid monopoly bill (HB 1432) sponsored by one manufacturer (Indiana Vapor Company) that would ban sale of all bottled e-liquid on July 1, 2015 sold by hundreds of competitors; would impose unwarranted and costly state-specific e-liquid manufacturing standards (that only one company, the bill's author, can comply with) via IN Alcohol and Tobacco Commission; would ban vape shops from mixing, bottling or packaging e-liquid, prompt many/most IN vapers to buy e-liquid online from out-of-state companies.

CASAA Call to Action opposes Oregon bill (SB 415) to ban flavored vapor products (except tobacco and menthol flavors) and bill (HB 2546) to ban vaping in all workplaces


WA House Cmte on Commerce and Gaming removes vapor product tax, flavor ban and internet sales ban from bill (HB 1645); but other legislative threats to vaping remain

WA vapers educate Gov. Jay Inslee (on Reddit AMA) about vapor products and how Inslee's proposed 95% vapor product tax and bans would protect cigarette markets, eliminate most vape shops in WA, and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers in WA.

Mike Siegel - Washington Governor and Legislature seeking to protect cigarette profits: Legislation would decimate public health by increasing cigarette consumption

Washington state mulls steep tax, other restrictions on e-cigarettes

Vermont grapples with e-cigarette legislation - from taxes to manufacturing and marketing

NC bill (SB 407) would reduce vapor product tax from $.05 to $.03/ml

Lousiana bills (HB 77 & HB 119) would increase cigarette tax from $.36 to $1.54/pack

Proposed Retailer Restriction

CASAA Call to Action opposes proposed ordinance in Madison (WI) that would ban at least 16 vapor product stores

Proposed Vaping bans

Maryland House Committee on Economic Development votes 16-6 for Unfavorable Motion on (i.e. rejecting) bill (HB 26) to ban vaping in workplaces

CA NORML opposes CA bill (SB 140) that would ban use Rx marijuana vaporizers

CASAA Call to Action opposes Delaware bill (HB 5) to ban vaping in all workplaces

CASAA Call to Action opposes NV bill (SB 201) to ban vaping where smoking is banned, hearing scheduled April 1

CASAA Call to Action opposes OR bill (SB 415) to ban flavored vapor products (except tobacco and menthol flavors) and bill (HB 2546) to ban vaping in all workplaces

CASAA Call to Action opposes bill in Westchester County (NY) to ban vaping

R.I. bill would ban indoor vaping

CASAA Call to Action opposes two Alaska bills (HB 40 & SB 1) that would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned, hearings scheduled for April 2.

E-cig popularity lights up Capitol (WI)

Fresno Bee editorial repeats CA DPH's lies about vaping and 2nd hand vapor, endorses bill (SB 140) to ban vaping, which is a key goal of CA DPH's lies about vaping.

Illinois House Consumer Protection Cmte amends, approves bill (HB 2404) that would ban vaping in schools and state owned buildings

Proposed smoking ban

Florida Senate Health Policy Cmte approves bill (SB 548) to ban smoking in cars if a child under 13 is present

E-cig sales bans to minors

North Dakota Senate approves bill (HB 1186) to ban sales of 'electronic smoking devices' and 'alternative nicotine products' to minors, require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid (but not cigalike e-cigs); bill falsely defines smokefree e-cigs as 'smoking' devices to confuse the public stigmatize vapers

Rob Port: North Dakota shouldn't treat vaping like smoking (HB 1078 & HB 1186)

Minimum Age

Supporters of Washington bill (HB 1458) to raise minimum age for tobacco and vapor products to 21 years conflate all tobacco and vapor products with deadly cigarettes, fail to acknowledge that overwhelming majority of vapers are current or former smokers.

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Survey finds teen smokers and exsmokers in UK were 14 and 10 times (respectively) more likely to report 'ever use/access' of an e-cig than never smokers, and were more likely to engage in risk taking behaviors (as has always been the case with teen smokers). But deceitful authors never asked key questions about e-cig usage patterns (while doing so for cigarette smoking and drinking) or content of e-cig since doing so would have revealed that nonsmokers are NOT regular vapers and they rarely vape nicotine.
Then survey authors and Biomed Central misrepresented their findings in study's conclusion and press release, falsely claim 'ever use' of an e-cig is harmful and a gateway to smoking/drinking/drug use, falsely claim smokers don't use e-cig to quit.

UK news media repeat and further hype false fear mongering claims by vaping opponents who misrepresented their survey finding more UK teen smokers have switched to vaping

Clive Bates: Alarmist survey on teenage vaping misses the point - reaction

Carl Phillips: A real peer review of Hughes et al paper on teenage use of e-cigs

Another scare story about e-cigarettes. What we should be worrying about is sugar (UK)

Survey of 10-11 year olds in Wales unsurprisingly finds children of smokers and vapers were more likely to have 'ever used' an e-cig than children of nonsmokers and nonvapers, asks about their 'intention to smoke' in next two years (despite no evidence that any intentions of 10-11 year olds are linked to future behaviors). Then authors deceitfully conclude that 'ever use' of an e-cig encourages youth to smoke.

FDA funded Glantz hypes and misrepresents junk survey of 10-11 year olds to falsely claim e-cigs are gateways to cigarette smoking.

Mike Siegel: E-cigarette opponent uses cross-sectional study to conclude that e-cigs are a gateway to smoking

Brad Rodu: Do e-cigarette ads promote vaping?

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer presents April Fool's Day e-cigarette webinar to confuse and scare doctors about e-cigs, urge doctors to discourage smokers from switching to far less hazardous vaping

North Dakota Health Officer Terry Dwelle falsely claims there's no scientific evidence that e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes, falsely claims that studies have found e-cigs are gateways to using other tobacco products, urges taxing e-cigs.

BMA's Dr. George Rae falsely claims e-cigs are more harmful than smoking cigarettes (begins at 2:07:30) (transcript)

Brad Rodu: British Medical Association misleads on e-cigarettes

Univ. of Ill. Dean Schraufnagel, author of paper calling for e-cigarette prohibition, falsely claims smoking caused heart attacks and diseases are caused by nicotine (not smoking)

Brad Rodu: BBC drops the ball on baseball & smokeless tobacco

Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council falsely claims there is 'currently insufficient evidence' that e-cigs have the potential to reduce smoking-related disease and death.

NYC Doctor Scott Sherman makes many inaccurate claims to news media in UAE, including that a 60-90 minute hookah session is equivalent to smoking 10-100 cigarettes

- Bill Godshall

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