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Bill Godshall Update 2015-04-13

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 13th, 2015


FDA Protects Cigarettes From Snus, FDA Protects Cigarettes From Ecigs, DHHS, US Congress, E-cigarette Standards, Vapor Product Taxation, Cigarette Taxation / Smuggling, State Ecig Sales Bans / Restrictions, Retailer Ban / Regulation, E-liquid Packaging, E-cig Sales Bans To Minors, Minimum Age, Vaping Bans, Tobacco Use Bans, Employment Discrimination, Cigarette Litigation, Tobacco Display Bans, Nicotine and NRT Research, THR Truth, MSA's Legacy, CA DPH lies, More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies.

FDA Protects Cigarettes From Snus

Obama's conflicted FDA (whose CTP director Mitch Zeller lobbied for GlaxoSmithKline to ban truthful health claims about smokeless tobacco) instructs its advisory committee (which CTP stacked with THR opponents and CTP funding recipients) to criticize and oppose Swedish Match's MRTP application to truthfully say snus is less hazardous than cigarettes; FDA touts negligible and hypothetical risks of snus, fails to admit any health benefits of switching from cigarettes to snus, fails to quantify or compare risks of snus to cigarette smoking.

NY Times editorial criticizes FDA's conflict of interest for hiring dietary supplement lobbyist, but fails to acknowledge or criticize FDA for hiring conflicted GlaxoSmithKline lobbyist Mitch Zeller to head its Center for Tobacco Products.

Meet the cancer doctor who wants the FDA to tell the truth about smokeless tobacco

Brad Rodu: FDA must correct snus warnings

Brian Lehrer reports on Swedish Match's MRTP application for snus

In two articles about Swedish Match's MRTP application, NY Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise falsely claims smokeless tobacco health statements have been banned for 50 years (they were banned by FSPTCA in 2009), confuses and conflates smokeless tobacco warnings (mandated in 1986) with cigarette warnings (mandated in 1965), cites false claims of Big Pharma financed Matt Myers without disclosing conflicts of interest.

FDA's TPSAC follows CTP's instructions, opposes Swedish Match's MRTP application to truthfully inform tobacco users that snus is less hazardous than cigarettes.

ACSH: FDA's tobacco advisory panel is 'dazed and confused' at best, clearly conflicted on snus

Is there anything like a lower risk tobacco product?

FDA funded UCSF prohibitionists lie about risks of smokeless tobacco to scare public, lobby for adult usage bans (to purportedly protect the children).

FDA Protects Cigarettes From Ecigs

Vapers and THR advocates tell truth about vaping, while FDA's Mitch Zeller claims ignorance of scientific evidence

FDA congratulates itself for tobacco regulatory research and scientific integrity by falsely claiming its unethical THR prohibition and propaganda policies (e.g. 2009 unlawful e-cig ban, Deeming Reg to ban >99% of e-cigs, false and misleading warnings on smokeless tobacco) have been and are based upon scientific evidence.

Altria subsidiary Nu Mark launches website for vaper rights that deceitfully advocates FDA's deeming regulation (which would ban >99.9% of vapor products, but would likely approve Altria's Mark Ten cigalike e-cigs), but wisely supports state laws that ban vapor products sales to minors, and wisely opposes state/local legislation to ban vaping, flavorings, Internet sales, and taxation of vapor products.

Should FDA regulate e-cigarettes
Amy Ridenour: No, FDA should butt out; e-cigs help smokers quit


Obama's CDC/NIOSH urges all employers to ban all tobacco use (and vaping) despite no evidence that smokeless tobacco or e-cigs pose safety or health risks to nonusers, despite the many health benefits smokeless tobacco and e-cigs provide to smokers who switch, despite the economic and social benefits of allowing employees and/or customers to use smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives (compared to telling people to go outside every time they want to use smokeless or vape), and despite the impossibility of enforcing smokeless tobacco use and vaping bans; urges all employers to promote less-than-effective and less-than-safe Big Pharma drugs to employees who use tobacco or vape.

After FDA created most of America's opioid addiction (by approving/overseeing Big Pharma's aggressive marketing of highly addictive pain medicines), DHHS Secretary Burwell announces three priorities (but none involve harm reduction)

Big Pharma financed American Lung Association says many health insurers don't comply with ACA (aka ObamaCare) that ALA lobbied for to force insurers to pay for less-than-effective and less-than-safe smoking cessation drugs

US Congress

US Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) introduces unconstitutional bill (whose title falsely accuses e-cig companies of marketing to youth) to ban e-cig advertising, require FDA to limit nicotine levels in vapor products, and establish adult-proof packaging standard (even though a federal child-resistant packaging standard already exists); Speier conflates vastly different 'no-nicotine', 'cigalike' and 'PV/e-liquid' products with each other.

American Vaping Association: Unconstitutional SMOKE Act Targets Vaping Business

E-cigarette Standards

AFNOR (in France) publishes voluntary standards for e-cigarettes and e-liquid

Vapor Product Taxation

WA House Finance Cmte 4/3/15 hearing on cigarette protection bill (HB 2211) that would impose 60% tax on vapor products; ban flavorings and Internet sales; vaping/health/business advocates tell truth about vaping and bill's devastating impacts, opponents falsely accuse e-cig companies of marketing to youth, falsely claim bill protects public health (starts 1:25.56)

CASAA Call to Action opposes Washington bill (HB 2211) that would impose 60% tax on vapor products

CASAA Call to Action opposes Oregon bills (HB 2074 & HB 2134) that would impose 65% tax on vapor products

CASAA Call to Action opposes Minnesota bill (SF 2025) to impose additional $.30/ml tax on vapor products

FDA funded Stan Glantz absurdly claims high taxes on e-cigs and OTP will reduce healthcare costs caused by cigarette smoking; deceitfully claims e-cigs discourage smokers from quitting, touts junk science propaganda

Cigarette Taxation/Smuggling

ATR's Patrick Gleason: A Laffer Curve for Smokes; Another tax dream falls to ashes; Higher cigarette levies reduce revenue and increase smuggling

Smuggled, Untaxed Cigarettes Are Everywhere in New York City (14 page report)

VA officials set up ineffective sting operations instead of advocating cigarette tax hike to reduce cigarette smuggling

Brownback not too excited about tobacco tax, but wants it to pass (KS)

State e-cig sales bans/restrictions

Indiana Senate approves e-liquid monopoly bill (HB 1432) sponsored and aggressively lobbied for by just one company (to eliminate all e-liquid competitors).

WA House Appropriations Committee approves second substitute bill (HB 1645-S2) on 16-14 party line vote with D's supporting and R's opposing) that would ban Internet sale/purchase/transportation of vapor products, ban sale of vapor products that don't contain yet-to-be-determined labeling requirements by WA Liquor Control Board, ban vaping in vape shops, require license to sell vapor products.

What's that smell? Big Tobacco's move on vaping (on Reynolds backed bill imposing costly vape shop regs that was railroaded through Arkansas legislature in one week).

CASAA Call to Action opposes Texas bill (SB 706) to classify e-liquid (but not cigarettes) as a 'hazardous substance'

Retailer Ban/Regulation

CASAA Call to Action opposes Berkeley (CA) bill to license e-cig retailers and ban sales within 1,000 feet of schools and parks

Berkeley (CA): Tobacco retailers cry foul over proposed 1,000 foot buffer zone around schools and parks (that would also license, apply sales restriction to e-cigs)

Sonoma County (CA) Board of Supervisors consider ordinance that would require tobacco and e-cig retailers to buy annual licenses for $1,000, establish a $7/pack minimum price for cigarettes.

E-liquid Packaging

Virginia Governor proposes amendment to child-resistant e-liquid packaging bill (HB 2036) to change compliance date to 10/1/15 and eliminate state specific warning label

E-cig sales bans to minors

NM Governor Susana Martinez signs bill (sponsored by Sen. Ryan) to ban sales of e-cigs to minors

FDA funded Stan Glantz criticizes state laws that ban e-cig sales to minors, lobbies for state laws to redefine e-cigs (including no-nicotine e-cigs) as tobacco, tax e-cigs, ban vaping, and allow local governments to ban e-cig sales to adults.

Minimum Age

DC Council bill would raise minimum age for tobacco (but not e-cig) sales to 21, sponsor inaccurately conflates lethal cigarettes with far less hazardous smokeless tobacco & OTP

Vaping Bans

CA Senate Health Cmte approves vaping ban bill (SB 140) on party line vote (All 6 Ds on Cmte voted yes) on 4/8/15 immediately after hearing on bill where Sen Leno, Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, NCI funded e-cig prohibitionists repeated dozens of fear mongering demonizing lies about e-cigs; Real public health advocates and vapers tell truth. (Sen. Health Cmte vote)

CA Sen. Leno and Assemblyman Thurmond protect cigarette markets by deceitfully claiming they oppose Big Tobacco, falsely conflating far less hazardous e-cigs and smokeless tobacco with lethal cigarettes, and by lobbying to ban e-cig and smokeless tobacco use (to discourage smokers from switching).

CASAA Call to Action opposes CA bill to ban vaping (SB 140), CA bill to ban vaping and smokeless tobacco use at baseball stadiums (AB 768) and CA bill (SB 24) to require vapor product vendors to obtain tobacco distributor's license

AVA: California's senseless war on vaping continues with SB 140

Alameda County (CA) Supervisor Nate Miley sends letter to CA Senate Health Cmte opposing the vaping ban bill (SB 140)

DE House Health Committee approves bill (HB 5) to ban vaping in workplaces.

CASAA Call to Action opposes Hawaii bill (HB 940) to ban vaping in workplaces

CASAA Call to Action opposes Maine bill (LD 1108) to ban vaping in workplaces

Ontario Standing Cmte on General Government to consider vaping ban bill (Bill 45); public hearings April 20 and 22, signup to testify by April 15 at 4PM.

Waco (TX) City Council protects cigarettes by banning vaping in workplaces due to lies by Waco McLennan County Public Health.

WI bill (AB or HB by rep. Kleefisch) would prevent local governments from banning e-cigarettes in indoor public places

CASAA Call to Action opposes Nevada vaping ban bill (SB 201)

Many Massachusetts municipalities protect cigarettes, discourage smokers from quitting smoking by banning vaping everywhere smoking is banned; MA legislature still allows e-cig sales to minors (despite e-cig industry support for banning e-cig sales to minors).

Tobacco use bans

AVA: '˜Tobacco Free Baseball' Act should be rejected by CA Assembly Committee

CA Assembly Cmte approves bill (AB 768) on partly line vote (with Ds supporting and Rs opposing) to impose unenforceable ban on use of smokeless tobacco and e-cigs at professional, college and other baseball stadiums (despite no evidence that smokeless tobacco or e-cigs pose any harm to nonusers), referred to Government Operations Cmte.

Two CA Reps absurdly claim that vaping ban bill (SB 140) and baseball park smokeless tobacco use and vaping ban bill (AB 768) would reduce cigarette smoking, falsely conflate vaping and smokeless tobacco use with far more hazardous cigarette smoking

Students at Univ. of Minnesota (and at hundreds of other colleges) continue to smoke (and use other tobacco products and e-cigs) on campus after university imposed unwarranted and unenforceable 'tobacco use ban' under deceitful guise of protecting people from 2nd hand smoke.

Daily Iowan Editorial: 'Tobacco' ban is an overstep of UI's authority

Grand Forks Herald (ND) editorial '“ Science on outdoor smokers: Leave em alone

Employment Discrimination

Arkansas Children's Hospital deceitfully conflates negligible risks of nicotine use with deadly risks of cigarette smoking, won't hire anyone who tests positive for nicotine, bans nicotine use (including e-cigs, smokeless tobacco and FDA approved NRT)

Cigarette Litigation

FL Supreme Court deals cigarette companies major setback in Engle progeny cases

11th US Circuit of Appeals deals Florida plaintiffs setback in Engle progeny cases

Philip Morris sues Uruguay over anti-smoking campaign

Tobacco Display Bans

Welsh retailers must now hide cigarettes and tobacco from adult customers (despite no evidence display bans reduce consumption, and lots of evidence they are huge inconvenience for customers and retailers)

Albany County (NY) Executive Dan McCoy proposes banning tobacco displays in pharmacies, which could invite a lawsuit if enacted

Nicotine & NRT Research

Study finds nicotine patch use associated with greater risks of major congenital anomalies than cigarette smoking during pregnancy (perhaps because patches deliver nicotine continuously to users while cigarettes do so for just 15 minutes after smoking)

Study finds NRT more effective for dual use with cigarettes than for smoking cessation

ACSH: Another study shows nicotine patches do no work. Will the CDC and FDA pay attention?

THR Truth

Montreal heart surgeon and vape shop owner Ghopal Bhatnagar tells truth about vaping, e-cig prohibitionists repeat false fear mongering claims (starts at 6:15)

A vaping advocate makes the case for e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes: if they're good enough for Nigel Farage (UK)

MSA's Legacy

Legacy adds e-cig prohibitionist NY Sen. Kemp Hannon, vaping prohibitionist NJ Assemblyman Herb Conway, THR opponent Georges Benjamin, and Iowa AG Tom Miller to Board of Directors, appoints e-cig prohibitionist Cass Wheeler as Vice Chair.

Legacy gives $200,000 to community colleges to lobby for unwarranted smokeless tobacco use (and vaping) bans under guise of reducing cigarette smoking

CA DPH lies

Orange County Register editorial: State health agency does Big Tobacco's dirty work on e-cigarettes

Carl Phillips: More on 'public health' and the mirror image delusion (California War on E-cigs edition)

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Mike Siegel: CDC's False Statements About E-Cigs are Still Doing Damage; Agency Needs to Retract Statements Immediately

Mike Siegel: Two prominent tobacco researchers are not sure smoking is any more harmful than vaping

Mike Siegel '“ March E-Cigarette Madness: Semifinal Results for Worst E-Cigarette Lie

Spanish activists claim 2nd hand smoke causes ADHD and other mental disorders after their cross-sectional survey finds children who reported unconfirmed mental disorders were more likely to also report unconfirmed 2nd hand smoke exposure.

FL survey finds teen smokers far more likely to use e-cigs than nonsmokers, no evidence e-cigs a gateway to smoking. But anti THR activist author Tracey Barnett misrepresents findings to news media 'The findings are troubling because they indicate that e-cigarettes may be serving as an introduction to smoking for a group who may have never started.'

Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare protects cigarettes, discourages smokers from quitting, scares public by greatly exaggerating negligible risks of e-cigs, lying about scientific findings that e-cigs have helped many smokers quit smoking

FDA funded Stan Glantz protects cigarette by telling even more lies about e-cigs

FDA funded Stan Glantz claims 2nd hand pot smoke may cause heart disease to lobby for pot smoking bans (in addition to lobbying to ban vaping)

ABC NEWS deceitfully conflates e-cigs with firecrackers to demonize and scare

- Bill Godshall

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