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Bill Godshall Update 2015-06-11

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - June 11th, 2015


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Vapor Product Sales Bans Protect Cigarettes

Lawrence Gostin - Indonesia has it backward: It's not e-cigarettes that's the problem but smoking; Indonesia announces vapor product sales ban

Australian substance abuse expert Wayne Hall criticizes Australia's ban on e-cig sales (while sales of far more harmful cigarettes remain legal)

Mike Siegel: Tobacco control advocate argues that to reduce smoking, we should ban fake cigarettes but keep real ones

THR Advocacy

Anti-tobacco advocate Derek Yach says electronic cigarettes are potential life-savers, urges doctors to recommend them to patients for smoking cessation

THR Business

Reynolds American to acquire Lorillard June 12, sell cigarette brands Kool, Salem, Winston, Maverick and blu eCigs brand to Imperial Tobacco

VCCPA15: A Vaping & eCig convention @ The David Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA June 13/14 (this weekend)

THR Surveillance

Reuters/Ipsos poll finds almost 10% of Americans now vape and that 75% of vapers are smokers, but Reuters falsely claims vaping doesn't help people quit smoking and demonizes vaping by calling it smoking; poll didn't inquire if nicotine was vaped

Brad Rodu: New Eurobarometer report supports the Swedish miracle

Smoking Down: Snuff and Snus Use Up (Iceland); cigarette smoking rate drops to 11.3%

NY Gov. Coumo reports record low teen and adult cigarette smoking statewide; but Cuomo and Health Cmsnr Zucker deceitfully credit NY Health Dept for successes caused by vaping; announce two new $10 million tobacco control grants from CDC.

ACSH: Cuomo announces NYS smoking rate ongoing decline. But how did it happen?


US DHHS staff and funding recipients (and other FDA invitees) hype negligible & hypothetical risks of vaping and nicotine, deny & downplay many benefits vaping has provided to millions of vapers and smokers at so-called scientific workshop on June 1/2.
Like past FDA events, public comment period at 6/2 AM session was most educational. (to access webcast) (6/1 AM session) (6/1 PM session begins at 45) (6/2 AM session begins at 105) (6/2 PM session begins at 49)

Bill Godshall's statement at FDA's June 2 workshop demonizing e-cigarettes

Carl Phillips: Notes from the FDA e-cigarette workshop

Jeff Stier: FDA vs. E-cigarettes

Gil Ross - To save lives: 'World No Tobacco Control' Day

Headline in The Hill cites e-cig debate in DC, but article only interviews supporters of FDA deeming regulation (that would ban >99.9% of e-cigs), fails to do fact checking.

FDA touts CTP Ombudsman as facilitator of dispute resolutions, but fails to say the Ombudsman's purpose is to defend FDA's policies and claims

FDA congratulates itself for sharp decline in youth smoking (which is primarily due to sharp increase in vaping), boasts of winning award

DHHS funding recipients congratulate themselves and CDC, take credit for smoking decline (most of which is due to smokers switching to vaping, which CDC opposes)

FDA announces model to assess potential mutagenicity of five constituents in tobacco smoke on mice

American Medical Association now calls for banning sales of vapor products (but not cigarettes) to anyone under age 21; several years ago AMA House of Delegates urged the FDA to ban the sale of all vapor products (but not cigarettes) to adults

Other DHHS

Mike Siegel: CDC lying about financial conflicts of interest and failing to disclose Big Pharma funding when it releases statements about e-cigarettes

PLOS Medicine editors invite DHHS and CA funded Tom Novotny to write editorial advocating tobacco prohibition policies, which would create enormous black markets for totally unregulated and untaxed tobacco products.

Other Federal US

GAO report to US Senators Orrin Hatch and Ron Wyden (Chair and Ranking member of US Senate Finance Cmte) finds e-cigarette import volume and tariff revenue is unknown because US Harmonized Tariff Schedule doesn't contain statistical reporting numbers specific to e-cigarettes.

US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) cites false fear mongering claims about vapor products by Obama's FDA and CDC in urging US International Trade Commission to implement changes to identify and track all e-cigarette imports


CASAA Call to Action urges Washington vapers to oppose bill (HB 2211) to impose tax on all vapor products; House Finance Cmte to consider bill

Vapor product tax, raising smoking age still alive in Legislature (WA); says bill to impose 45% tax on vapor products, raise minimum age for tobacco and vapor product to 19 years will be voted on June 8.

Mt. Baker Vapor (WA's largest vapor product company) relocates from Bellingham (WA) to Mesa (AZ) due to lies and anti vaping policies of WA Governor Jay Inslee, his Health Dept and the WA Legislature (which is considering a huge tax on vapor products); Gov. Inslee's vapor tax proposal has, as was predicted, killed jobs in WA

Louisiana Senate Finance Cmte amends cigarette tax bill (HB 119) to further increase the cigarette tax (from $.36 to $1/pack, increase OTP tax rates, and (at Reynolds' request) to impose a $.05/ml tax on e-liquid (i.e. $1.50 tax on a 30ml bottle), Cmte and Senate approve bill; House concurrence vote set for June 9.

Louisiana House rejects Senate approved tobacco tax bill (HB 119) by 81-15 vote, goes to House/Senate Conference Committee

CASAA Call to Action urges Louisiana vapers to contact Conference Committee members asking them to reject an e-liquid tax in HB 119

Kansas Senate amends/approves budget bill to impose $.20/ml on e-liquid (i.e. $6 tax on a 30ml bottle) and raise the cigarette tax (from $.79 to $1.29/pack), sent to House, Governor Brownback says he'll sign the bill.

Kansas House adjourns without voting on Senate approved budget bill

CASAA Call to Action urges Kansas vapers to oppose any tax on vapor products

Ohio Senate's budget plan would increase cigarette tax from $1.25 to $1.65/pack, increase OTP tax from 17% to 32% of wholesale price, but won't tax vapor products.

CASAA updates Call to Action urging Ohio vapers to contact legislators requesting them to oppose any tax on vapor products

CASAA Call to Action urges Oregon vapers to oppose Big Tobacco sponsored e-liquid tax proposal, and to oppose amendments to a bill (SB 663) that would keep vaping banned at vape shops. More details about SB 663 below under Licensure.

Nevada Assembly and Senate approve budget bill (SB 483) that would increase cigarette tax from $.80 to $1.80/pack, sent to governor. (page 36)

Nevada Senate and Assembly approve bill (SB 79) that exempts vapor products and alternative nicotine products from 30% OTP tax, governor signs into law.

Vaping Policy

UK Royal Navy allows vaping on submarines

Vaping Bans

CT Senate concurs on House approved bill (Substitute for HB 6283) to ban vaping in many public places (but doesn't ban vaping in vape shops and in many other workplaces)
To find workplaces where vaping isn't banned, go to
click on 'Search the General Statutes', and enter '31-40q' in the 'Section Number' box.

CA Senate Appropriations Cmte approves, then CA Senate approves bill (SB 140) to ban vaping in workplaces; sent to Assembly

CASAA Call to Action urges Delaware vapers to urge DE Senators to reject bill (HB 5) to ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned, Senate to consider bill on June 11.

Vaping bans in the Pacific Northwest harm vapers and smokers, medical basis lacking
(headline demonizes vapers, but article reveals that vaping bans are based on false claims and that vaping have helped many people quit smoking; Godshall comments)

Westchester County (NY) Legislature bans vaping everywhere smoking is banned

Albany County (NY) Legislature bans vaping everywhere smoking is banned, bill sponsored by former American Lung Association staffer Tim Nichols

NY Senate amends bill (S 2202B) to ban vaping in workplaces

NY Assembly Codes Cmte amends bill (A 5955B) to ban vaping in workplaces

Big Pharma financed American Cancer Society wants to reverse NY State's record decline in cigarette smoking, urges NY Legislature to ban vaping in all workplaces, fails to ethically disclose financial conflicts of interest with Big Pharma companies

Government of Wales proposes to ban vaping in workplaces; former vaping opponents (Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation) join with ASH UK, Royal College of Physicians, ECITA and UK Centre for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies to oppose vaping ban

Clive Bates -Wales vaping ban: silver lining may be larger than cloud

Opposition grows to the Welsh Government's plan to ban vaping in public places, as Labour MP voices opposition

Robbie Dinwoodie: It makes no sense to treat e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco

Calgary (CA) vape store owner urges City Council to reject proposed vaping ban, extremists on City staff and ASH advocate vaping ban with false fear mongering claims

Smokeless Tobacco Usage Ban

California Assembly amends/approves bill (AB 768) to ban use and possession of smokeless tobacco on the playing field of professional baseball stadia during practices and games, referred to Senate Rules Cmte


Oregon Senate Finance and Revenue Cmte to hold June 11 work session on bill (SB 663) to allow vaping in vape shops, license retailers of tobacco and inhalant delivery systems, shops, increase minimum age for tobacco and inhalant delivery system sales to 21 years.

One proposed amendment (A8) to SB 663 would allow vaping in vape shops, and keep OR's minimum age for tobacco and inhalant delivery system sales at 18 years.

But 15 amendments filed to SB 663 would keep vaping banned at vape shops, and keep the minimum age at 18 (both of which benefit Big Tobacco and OR cigarette retailers)

The Oregonian editorial: Lawmakers should allow indoor sampling of 'vaping' products

CASAA Call to Action for Oregon vapers regarding SB 663

CA Senate Appropriations Cmte rejects bill (SB 24) to require licensure of all e-cig retailers (and to ban vaping in all workplaces, and increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales from 18 to 21); Ordered to inactive file at request of Sen Hill.

Flavoring Restrictions

Extremists and manipulated teens mislead, push Minneapolis bill that would ban sales of flavored OTP and vapor products everywhere except 'tobacco only stores', but bill hypocritically exempts far more addictive and harmful menthol cigarettes.

THR Advertising Restrictions

UK Advertising Standards Authority bans five vapor product ads that appeared on a company's Twitter and YouTube pages

US Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) urges Big Tobacco companies to protect their cigarette markets by not advertising far less hazardous vapor products on television,

JAMA article touts Boxer's cigarette protecting e-cig ad ban, and encourages FDA to quickly impose deeming regulation (that would ban >99.9% of all vapor products)


Rhode Island Senate approves bill (S 714 Substitute A) to require child resistant packaging for e-liquid, referred to House Health Education & Welfare Cmte

NC bill (SB 286) to require child resistant packaging for all e-liquid, and notice that nicotine containing products contain nicotine re-referred to House Judiciary Cmte

Ohio Senate TCL Cmte reports bill to require child resistant packaging for e-liquid

E-cig Sales Bans To Minors

Nevada governor signs bill (SB 225) banning the sale of vapor products and alternative nicotine products to minors

PA House Judiciary Cmte amends/reports bill (HB 954) to ban sales of 'nicotine products' and 'nicotine delivery products' to minors, referred to Appropriations Cmte.

PA House Judiciary Cmte amends/reports bill (HB 1189) banning student use and possession of nicotine products and nicotine delivery products in K-12 schools

PA Senate Judiciary Cmte approves bill (SB 751) to redefine a 'tobacco product' to include e-cigs, ban sales to minors

Minimum Age

CA Senate Appropriations Cmte approves, then CA Senate approves bill (SB 151) to increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales to 21 years

THR Research

French survey finds vapers are far more knowledgeable about products benefits than general public and smokers

International Journal of Drug Policy's June 2015 Issue
Nicotine: Science, Regulation and Policy, edited by Kristen Bell and Gerry Stimson

Editorial by Kristen Bell and Gerry Stimson - Nicotine: Science, Regulation and Policy

Mark Elam: Nicorette Reborn? E-cigarettes in light of the history of nicotine replacement technology

Lynn Kozlowski -Prospects for nicotine-reduction strategy in the cigarette endgame: Alternative tobacco harm reduction scenarios

Coral Gartner & Wayne Hall -A license to vape: Is it time to trial of a nicotine licensing scheme to allow Australian adults controlled access to electronic cigarettes and refill solutions containing nicotine?

Pasquale Capponetto et al - What to consider when regulating electronic cigarettes: Pros, cons and unintended consequences

Neil McKeganey and Christopher Russell -Tobacco plain packaging: Evidence based policy or public health advocacy?

Jennifer Maki -The incentives created by a harm reduction approach to smoking cessation: Snus and smoking in Sweden and Finland

Michael Eversman - Harm reduction in US tobacco control: Constructions in textual news media

Maciej Goniewicz et al - Nicotine levels in electronic cigarette refill solutions: A comparative analysis of products from the US, Korea and Poland:

Doug Fraser et al - Vapers' perspectives on electronic cigarette regulation in Australia

Konstantinos Farsalinos - Factors associated with dual use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes: A case control study

Karin Hummel et al - Prevalence and reasons for use of electronic cigarettes among smokers: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Netherlands Survey

Derek Bush and Maciej Goniewicz - A pilot study on nicotine residues in houses of electronic cigarette users, tobacco smokers, and non-users of nicotine-containing products

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Carl Phillips - 'Secondhand-vapor': what tobacco controllers would say if they really believed it was a problem

Mike Siegel: University of Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy lying to public about effects of smoking

FDA funded Stan Glantz misrepresents findings of yet another study to demonize vaping

ALA policy statement conflates lifesaving vapor products with lethal cigarettes; every sentence contains a false or misleading claim demonizing vaping or nicotine (the latter of which ALA insists is 'safe and effective' but only when marketed by Big Pharma)

Mike Siegel: American Lung Association would rather have smokers die than switch to electronic cigarettes

MO and KS government funding recipients protect cigarettes by repeating lies about vaping; falsely claim it addicts youth, renormalizes smoking, and is harmful.

- Bill Godshall

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