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Bill Godshall Update 2015-06-26

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - June 26th, 2015

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THR Research

Important new Minnesota study confirms that surveys inquiring about "past 30 day" use of e-cigs are extremely misleading, finds:
- 'daily' e-cig use by 3.4% of current smokers, 2.0% of exsmokers, .05% of nonsmokers;
- 'daily' vapers are far more likely than 'infrequent' vapers to desire quitting or reducing tobacco use (i.e. cigarette smoking);
- e-cigs were used on '>5 of past 30 days' by 11.2% of current smokers, 2.7% of exsmokers, and just .1% of nonsmokers;
- current smokers were 112 times more likely than nonsmokers (0.112 / 0.001) to use e-cigs on >5 of past 30 days, and exsmokers were 27 times more likely to do so (0.027 / 0.001);
- most nonsmokers who reported e-cig use in 'past 30 days' did so on just one day;
- e-cig usage surveys should inquire about 'frequent use' of e-cigs; and
- e-cig usage surveys that don't inquire about daily or frequent vaping are misleading (including all e-cig usage surveys touted by Obama's DHHS to demonize vaping and to lobby for FDA's 'deeming regulation' that would ban >99.9% of vapor products).

Jacob Sullum: Two surveys find that almost all regular vapers are smokers
Fears that e-cigarettes lure nonsmokers into nicotine habits seem to be unfounded.

Mike Siegel: New study finds that problem of e-cigarette use among nonsmoking adults is non-existent

Mike Siegel: New UK research refutes e-cigarette gateway claims

Brad Rodu - Research: Camel Snus reduces smoking, promotes intention to quit

Jean-Francois Etter - E-cigarettes: methodological and ideological issues and research priorities

Working paper: Phillips-Burstyn-Carter, The limited value of journal peer review in public health: a case series of tobacco harm reduction articles

THR Education

Sally Satel: Nicotine isn't the real villain

Northern California SFATA and Vaping Education Council release 'Clearing the Air: What you need to know about the vaping industry'

THR Business

Euromonitor says $6 billion of e-cigs sold worldwide in 2014 (including $2 billion of e-liquid) with 13 million vapers (compared to $2.4 billion of Big Pharma NRT); $2.8 billion of e-cigs sold in US; cigalike share of vapor product market declined from 66% in 2009 to 33% in 2014 (as sales of e-liquid and open tank vaporizers skyrocketed); forecasts e-cig and e-liquid sales could triple or quadruple by 2019 (if governments don't ban, excessively tax or regulate the products)

Vaping takes off as e-cigarettes sales break through $6 billion

Cigarettes' troubled future as alternatives steam ahead

Is smoking finally on its way to being stamped out?

Roebling Research: The Evolution of Vape Shops

In twist, scientists join tobacco companies to fight cancer


AVA: Congress moves to protect the vapor industry from the FDA's deeming ban

House Agriculture bill takes aim at FDA e-cig rules (Godshall comments)

House bill aims for less e-cigarette regulation (e-cig prohibitionists totally misrepresent impact of House Approps Cmte bill, but finally admit that FDA's proposed deeming regulation would ban virtually all nicotine vapor products now on the market)

House subcommittee decision could limit money to regulate electronic cigarettes

ACSH: Congressional tactics attempt to derail the FDA's assault in e-cigs

Mike Siegel: House appropriations bill would protect public health by allowing e-cigarettes to stay on the market

After lying about e-cigarettes since 2009 (when urging FDA to unlawfully ban them), Big Pharma financed ALA finally admits that FDA's proposed deeming regulation would ban most nicotine vapor products now on the market (when criticizing a bill to prevent FDA from spending funds to enforce the February 15, 2007 grandfather date).

Big Pharma financed CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA deceitfully claim that keeping vapor products and OTP introduced since February 15, 2007 legal to manufacture and market to adults is harmful to public health, absurdly claim that 'FDA's approach sufficiently accommodates the industry' even though the agency's proposed deeming regulation would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products now on the market.

Nine US Senate Democrats send letter to DHHS Secretary Burwell and OMB Director Donovan that lies about vapor products, urges them to ban the manufacturing and marketing of >99.9% of vapor products to adults (by imposing FDA's deeming regulation without changing the grandfather date from February 15, 2007).

CTFK claims US House Appropriations Cmte bill slashes CDC's tobacco control budget by more than half (to $105.5 million) for FY 2016

CDC report lobbies for more state tobacco control funding, deceitfully conflates all tobacco use (including experimentation and use of very low risk e-cigs, smokeless tobacco & OTP) with daily cigarette smoking to confuse and scare, falsely attributes huge decline in cigarette smoking to government run tobacco control programs (that have discouraged smokers from quitting by lying about low risks smokefree alternatives)

Gil Ross: The public health cabal's war on e-cigarettes (exposes and criticizes the well financed campaign by Obama's DHHS and Big Pharma to demonize and ban e-cigs)

Mike Siegel: A must read treatment of the CDC's campaign of deception regarding e-cigarettes

New FDA webpage repeats CDC's deceitful spin on 2014 NYTS findings on tobacco and youth, fails to mention the record annual decline and record low teen cigarette smoking rates among 'key findings' of 2014 NYTS, conflates lifesaving vapor products with highly addictive and lethal cigarettes, deceitfully insinuates that experimental use of a vapor product, cigar and/or hookah is more harmful than daily cigarette smoking, lies about nicotine (which DHHS claims is 'safe and effective' when sold by Big Pharma).

In press release, FDA staff misrepresent 2014 CDC NYTS findings to lobby for deeming regulation, deceitfully claim 'the increase in the use of e-cigarettes and hookahs [water pipes] undermines progress in reducing tobacco use among kids,' and 'Nicotine in any form is dangerous and highly addictive for all children . . . That includes e-cigarettes, hookahs, cigarettes or cigars' (as vapor products, hookahs and cigars are far less addictive and far less harmful than cigarette smoking).

US Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) urges healthcare insurers to force nonsmoking policy holders to subsidize the free distribution of nicotine gums/lozenges/patches and verenicline (but not vapor products) and counseling services that promote those less-than-effective and less-than-safe FDA approved drug products to any policy holder that uses a tobacco product (as per the crony capitalism Big Pharma shills lobbied USPSTF to recommend and then lobbied Congressional Democrats to mandate in ObamaCare).

Study finds NIH allocated $321 million for tobacco research in 2014 (but no studies on the health benefits vapor products have provided for millions of smokers), NIH funded author says NIH should spend even more money but doesn't criticize wasteful spending

NCI awards $3.1 million grant to see if a phone app might help smokers quit

CATO's K William Watson: Does it matter that e-cigarettes are imported from China?
(in response to request by US Senator Ron Wynden (D-OR) urging the US International Trade Commission to more closely track e-cig imports)

THR Prohibition

Singapore's strangely lopsided ban on nicotine products
Singapore law protects the most dangerous nicotine products, bans the safest - why?

Singapore smoking e-cigarettes out with impending ban; Gerry Stimson and Clive Bates interviewed

THR Terrorism

British Columbia vape shop bombed (video camera shows suspect leaving package outside vape shop minutes before it exploded)


Washington House Finance Cmte passes bill (HB 2211) that would impose a 60% tax on vapor products, ban flavored vapor products, ban Internet sales


New York Attorney General Schneiderman congratulates himself for sending witch hunt subpoenas to more than a dozen e-liquid marketers, imposing $95,000 fine on four companies because some of their products didn't comply with NY's new child-resistant packaging law just weeks after the law went into effect, falsely insinuates new law would have prevented the death of a toddler whose adult supervisor irresponsibly removed a child-resistant cap from e-liquid bottle and then left the open bottle near the child.

Reynolds to pay $15 million to Mississippi in additional settlement funds

Vaping Bans

New York Assembly approves bill (A 5955B) to ban vaping in virtually all workplaces, sent to Senate

AVA: NY Assembly senselessly votes to equate 'vaping' and 'smoking', urges Senate to snuff out bill

NY Senate commits bill (S 2202) that would ban vaping in workplaces to Rules Cmte

New York lawmakers consider snuffing out e-cigarettes in public, private buildings (interviews Mike Siegel and Aeon Skoble, opponents of vaping bans)

Sacramento Bee editorial repeats lies about vaping to lobby CA Assembly to ban vaping and to regulate lifesaving vapor products as tobacco

Chico (CA) News and Review editorial repeats lies about vaping, urges City Council to ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned.

San Diego's Metropolitan Transit System bans vaping on vehicles and at transit centers

Hawaii Gov. Inge signs bill (HB 525) banning vaping and all tobacco use at state parks

Waterford (Ireland) Council bans vaping, smoking and profanity in parks, conflates vaping with smoking

Asbury Park Press editorial advocates bills (SB 828 and SB 2883) to ban smoking in cars with kids, but fails to acknowledge that bill would also ban vaping in cars with kids


Ohio House passes bill (HB 158) to require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid

North Carolina House passes bill (SB 286) to require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid, goes to governor

Flavoring Ban

Canadian government bans flavored cigars, falsely claims they are marketed to youth.

Minimum Age

Hawaii Gov. Inge signs bill (SB 1030) increasing minimum age for sale, use, possession of tobacco and vapor products from 18 to 21 years

Washington Post article claims HI lawmakers (when raising minimum age to 21) were more worried about lifesaving vapor products than highly addictive and deadly cigarettes.

Sales/usage ban for minors

PA bill (SB 904) would ban the sale of 'alternative nicotine products and vapor products' to minors, ban use/possession by pupils at K-12 schools, referred to Sen. Judiciary Cmte.

PA bill (SB 751) to redefine 'tobacco product' to include e-cigs and ban e-cig sales to minors amended to grandfather Philly's law banning e-cig sales to minors, then removed from table.

PA bill (HB 954) to ban the sale of 'nicotine products and nicotine delivery devices' to minors, and ban their use and possession by pupils at K-12 schools, referred to Senate Judiciary Cmte.

PA bill (HB 1189) to ban student use and possession of 'nicotine products and nicotine delivery devides' at K-12 schools re-committed to House Rules Cmte.

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Kaiser Permanente (CA) sends e-mail to many (perhaps all 9 million) policy holders that repeats false fear mongering claims about vapor products, hawks less-than-effective Big Pharma products and counseling as only effective way to quit smoking

Brad Rodu - Kaiser Permanente to Smokers: "Say No to E-Cigarettes... Light Incense or a Candle Instead"

Clive Bates: Regulator gives irresponsible doctors green light to say false and harmful things to the public

Jonathan Gornall: Why e-cigarettes are dividing the public health community (BMJ commissions tobacco prohibitionist to misrepresent debate on vaping and THR in UK, touts junk science and fear mongering propaganda by THR opponents as factual, but includes some truthful statements by THR advocates).

Jamie Brown and Robert West (and a vaping prohibitionist) respond to Jonathan Gornall's misrepresentation of scientific evidence and facts about vaping and THR

Lancet publishes illogical fear-mongering rant against vaping by author who knows nothing about THR, vapers or vapor products

New Zealand Ministry of Health updates its e-cigarette propaganda webpage with more false fear mongering claims about vaping to prevent people from quitting smoking.

Medical Daily article deceitfully hawks Big Pharma drugs as only effective way to quit smoking, falsely claims cold turkey isn't effective, doesn't even mention vapor products

FDA and NCI funded Stan Glantz totally misrepresents the findings of yet another one of his studies (on cigarette smoking) to again lie about THR, e-cigs and smokeless tobacco

FDA and NIH funded Stan Glantz finally admits he's an ideologue (not an objective public health advocate): "The fundamental thing is that harm reduction is wrong", in NPR interview where he again lied about lifesaving vapor products and his research findings (that had nothing to do with vaping or THR).

FDA / NCI funded UCSF and Big Pharma funded ALA press release touts Stan Glantz' false claims about his cigarette study and vapor products; ALA e-cig prohibitionist Norm Edelman says "We don't need them'"

NIH financed e-cig prohibitionist Frank Leone and ATS yet again misrepresent the scientific evidence on e-cigs to confuse and scare, claim vapor products are 'quackery', hawk less-than-effective smoking cessation drugs as only effective way to quit smoking

Headline in Forbes falsely claims 'Chinese Children Learning To Smoke With Candy Flavored E-Cigarettes', propaganda article by Johan Nylander falsely claims 'youngsters are being targeted by electronic cigarettes'
But Nylander provides no evidence to verify his sensationalized claims (as none exists), and instead references a two month story he also wrote repeating similar false claims and a sensationalized headline and photo in the Economist (that provided no evidence).

AP and Fox News repeat false headline from bogus story in Forbes to claim e-cigs are 'being used to get children hooked on smoking in China', do no fact checking (which would have quickly found the referenced article was bogus).

Article claiming to evaluate the scientific evidence on e-cigs grossly misrepresents it, demonizes vaping, and touts FDA's proposed deeming regulation (while failing to acknowledge that it would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products)

Story at Wall Street hedge Article absurdly claims e-cigarettes (that have never been known to create nicotine dependence) hook more people to nicotine than cigarettes

Study by Sanford researchers finds high school students are far more knowledgeable about e-cigarettes and marijuana than are the Sanford researchers, who recommend more anti-vaping and anti-pot propaganda programs for high school students.

- Bill Godshall

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