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Bill Godshall Update 2015-07-09

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 9th, 2015

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US House Appropriations Cmte wisely rejects cigarette protection amendment by Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) to spending bill that would have allowed Obama's FDA to ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products now on the market.

Funding for FDA's proposed e-cig ban may be held up

NY Times article says the White House has vowed to veto, and Senate Democrats have pledged to filibuster US House Approps Cmte bill that prohibits FDA from spending funds to enforce e-cig ban in deeming regulation (and other US House spending bills).

Wall St. Journal article reveals that FDA's proposed deeming regulation would ban 99% of nicotine vapor products now on the market, cites an estimate of $2-$10 Million to submit a PreMarket Tobacco Application for each e-cig product (far greater than FDA's deceitfully low estimate of $333,554)

Mike Siegel: Wall Street Journal article predicts that FDA deeming regulations could decimate the e-cigarette industry

Smokefree Pennsylvania's 7/2/15 comment (158 pages) to the FDA evaluating the scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigarettes, and exposing hundreds of false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs by Obama's DHHS and its funding recipients, has been posted at
and at

Carl Phillips - The @CDCTobaccoFree follies: propaganda, promotion of scientific illiteracy, and censorship

In the race to regulate e-cigarettes, smokers may be forgotten

Big Pharma financed ALA's Deborah Brown deceitfully claims e-cig manufacturing and sales ban in FDA's deeming regulation would ensure "products meet quality standards and don't increase the number of youth who use them," in letter urging US Rep. Ruppersberger to oppose appropriations bill that would keep e-cigs legal.

US Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who falsely accused tobacco companies of target marketing dissolvables to children in 2009, falsely accuses tobacco companies of target marketing e-cigarettes to children, repeats many other lies about vapor products industry to lobby for FDA's deeming regulation (that would protect lethal cigarettes and threaten public health by banning >99.9% of nicotine vapor products)

Mike Siegel: US Senator lies about tobacco companies' role in "peddling" e-cigarettes to children

FDA and CDC analysis of survey data confirm that Big Pharma's aggressively marketed pain medications caused much of nation's ongoing heroin epidemic, fails to criticize Big Pharma or the FDA (for approving the drugs and the aggressive marketing tactics), scapegoats alcohol, marijuana and cocaine instead.

Conflicted Interests

Government says drug companies paid $6.5 Billion to US doctors and hospitals in 2014
(Chantix manufacturer Pfizer paid >$295.6 Million, Nicorette/Nicoderm manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline paid >$213.1 Million)

Pfizer's Chantix / Champix

BC smoking cessation program, Pfizer's Champix drug facing questions

Champix probe: Queensland coroner reopens investigation into anti-smoking drug's possible link to 22 year old man's suicide

Intellectual Property, TPP and International Trade Agreements

NY Times editorial repeats NY Times articles' false claims that Australia's plain packaging law (and other foreign laws that seize IP rights of corporations) are anti smoking laws when condemning US Chamber of Commerce for protecting IP rights.

Washington Post editorial repeats NY Times vilification of US Chamber of Commerce for protecting IP rights of tobacco companies, promotes WHO FCTC that deceitfully conflates the risks of all tobacco products with those of lethal cigarettes, touts CVS' tobacco (and vapor product) sales ban that did nothing to reduce cigarette consumption,

US Senate Democrats attack US Chamber of Commerce for defending IP rights of corporations, falsely claim Australia's plain packaging law (which hasn't reduced smoking or cigarette sales as proponents insisted would occur) protects public health.

US Senate Democrats (Blumenthal, Durbin, Brown, Reed, Whitehouse, Franken, Warren, Merkley) send letter to US Chamber of Commerce repeating false and misleading accusations made by NY Times reporters falsely claiming Australia's plain packaging law (and other foreign laws that seize IP from tobacco companies) reduced smoking.

Washington Post article promotes and defends Australia's plain packaging law (that seized IP rights from companies), falsely claims law reduced smoking, criticizes US Chamber of Commerce for defending IP rights of corporations.

Left wing news media and commentators repeat NY Times' false claim that seizing IP rights of corporations reduces cigarette smoking, repeat NY Times' attack on US Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce sets record straight, responds to false and misleading claims by NY Times and others that Chamber is lobbying against anti smoking laws.

THR research

Electronic cigarettes: the nicotyrine hypothesis (authors hypothesize that nicotyrine may be reason vaping e-liquid is more satisfying for vapers than are closed tank cigalike e-cigs, hypothesize that new lozenge can be made with nicotyrine)

CASAA launches fundraising for study on e-cigarette gateway claims

THR Advocacy

NZ smoking cessation expert Marewa Glover advocates consumer driven markets for vapor products (note that NZ was one of the first countries to ban nicotine vapor products due to fear mongering lies by e-cig prohibitionists)

ACSH announces new president Hank Campbell, founder of Science 2.0 and coauthor of Science Left Behind (which exposes junk science and counterproductive policies touted by left-wing activists and news media)

THR Business

2014 Tax Burden on Tobacco (delineates national and state declines in cigarette consumption as more US smokers switch to vapor and smokeless tobacco products)

Cigarette sales in Alaska hit new low as e-cigarettes surge

Former Lorillard DC lobbying firm Greenberg Traurig now represents Imperial Tobacco
(which recently bought blu e-Cigs and some cigarette brands from now defunct Lorillard)


Oregon legislature adjourns without passing bills that would have taxed e-cigs

PA Governor Wolf (who proposed a $1/pack cigarette tax hike and a 40% tax on OPT including e-cigs) vetoes PA House and Senate approved budget

Gil Ross: Taxing e-cigarettes a lose-lose-lose for the District of Columbia

Massachusetts Senate proposes 220% tax on flavored smokeless tobacco, cigars and OTP

Vaping Bans

CA Assembly Government Organization Cmte amends bill (SB 140) with an 11-3 vote to eliminate the workplace vaping ban and eliminate the reclassification of e-cigs as tobacco products after vapers and vape shops protest; bill sponsor Sen. Mark Leno and Big Pharma financed e-cig prohibtionsits ACS, AHA, ALA dissociate themselves from the bill, blame Big Tobacco for bill's demise.

CA Sen. Mark Leno lies about e-cigs to lobby for vaping ban bill (SB 140) day before Assembly GO Cmte amended it.

Sacramento Bee editorial falsely conflates vaping with smoking, falsely claims Big Tobacco has lead opposition to SB 140, urges CA legislture to ban vaping in workplaces

CASAA Call to Action asks CA vapers to urge Assembly GO Cmte to reject SB 140

CA SFATA urges Assembly GO Cmte to reject SB 140

SFATA press release responding to demise of SB 140 in California

NY legislature adjourns for 2015 without passing Cuomo endorsed vaping ban legislation

CT Governor signs bill (SB 6283) to ban vaping in some workplaces and public places
To find CT workplaces where vaping isn't banned, go to
- click on "Search the General Statutes", and enter "31-40q" in the "Section Number" box.

DE Governor Markell signs bill to ban vaping in all workplaces except vape shops.

Calgary City Council protects cigarettes by banning vaping; ASH's Les Hagan repeats fear mongering lies about lifesaving vapor products

Petal (MS) Mayor Hal Marx vetoes bill that would ban vaping in workplaces

Toronto Sun editorial urges Health Canada to further protect cigarettes and threaten public health by imposing more bans and regulations on e-cigs, repeats fear mongering lies about the lifesaving products

Smoking Ban

Waco (TX) City Council bans smoking in workplaces


Richard Carmona: Proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes in Minneapolis is counterproductive (note how Star Tribune editors renamed e-cigs as tobacco in headline)

Oliver Kershaw: Confused about diacetyl? You should be

Packaging Restrictions

MO Gov. Jay Nixon signs bill (HB 531) to require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid

NC Gov. McCrory signs bill (SB 286) to require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid

MA Joint Cmte on Public Health schedules hearing on July 14 for bill (S 732) to require child-resistant packaging for e-liquid

Minimum Age

CA bill (SB 151) to increase minimum age for tobacco (and e-cig) sales to 21 years withdrawn from consideration in Assembly GO Cmte due to lack of supportive votes, bill will die unless approved by Assembly GO Cmte by July 17.

CDC's Brian King (who has repeatedly made false fear mongering claims about e-cigs and nicotine), advocates raising legal minimum age for all tobacco sales (including e-cigs) to 21 years, claims 2014 CDC survey (that didn't inquire about e-cigs) found that 75% of US adults support raising legal minimum age for all tobacco sales

CDC press release touts minimum age survey, urges States to raise minimum age for sale of all tobacco products to 21 years.


Michael Bloomberg funded WHO report deceitfully conflates all tobacco use with lethal cigarette smoking, promotes myth of "global tobacco epidemic", tells nations to tax all Other Tobacco Products at same rate (i.e. >75% of retail price) as far more harmful cigarettes, advocates other extremist policy changes that haven't been effective for reducing cigarette consumption or smoking.

WHO press release falsely claims that raising taxes on Other Tobacco Products will save lives, WHO director Margaret Chan (who has advocated banning lifesaving e-cigs and has repeatedly lied about e-cigs) falsely conflates OTP with far more harmful cigarettes.


UK DOH Consultation issued for complying with EU's nonsensical but legally binding Tobacco Products Directive, Consultation to last until September 3, 2015

Clive Bates: The letter England's Minister for Public Health should now write (re: vapor products, EU's TPD, MHRA, NICE, PHE, CMO, FPH)

Clive Bates - Minister for Public Health or Chief Medical Officer: who is right about e-cigarettes?

UK NICE issues standards on reducing the harm from smoking (but only recommends MHRA licensed medicines, not more effective and lower cost nicotine vapor products)

ASH UK details why proposed vaping ban in Wales would harm public health


Crazy prohibitionists in Hong Kong call for total ban on smokefree vapor products (threatening the lives of all vapers and smokers, protecting lethal cigarettes, and creating black markets), repeat fear mongering lies (by WHO, DHHS, etc) about lifesaving e-cigs.

Clive Bates: Hong Kong health department moves decisively to protect the cigarette trade

Down Under

Australian vaper (who quit smoking by switching to vaping) tells truth about vaping, ridicules Australia's nonsensical cigarette protecting e-cig sales bans

Article in New Zealand nursing publication attempts to describe, but misrepresents, debate on e-cigs (note that NZ was one of the first countries to ban e-cigs, and many vapers and smokers buy e-cigs from abroad via the Internet)

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

T Becket Adams: Junk science = garbage policy (excellent essay exposes how news reporters and editors increasingly repeat and sensationalize false and misleading claims from press releases that tout junk science, which encourages policy makers to enact counterproductive policy solutions for nonexistent and negligible problems)

ACSH: The detrimental effects of junk science

Public Health Law Center / Tobacco Legal Consortium lies about e-cigarettes

Mike Siegel: Public Health Law Center lies to public about tobacco companies marketing of flavored e-cigarettes

Minnesota dermatologist Frank Bures protects highly addictive and lethal cigarettes, confuses and scares readers by repeating false fear mongering claims about the negligible health and safety risks of nicotine and e-liquid

Canadian politician Murray Rankin protects cigarettes by advocating more bans and regulations on e-cigs (although Health Canada claims e-cigs are already banned)

Anesthesiologist Nina Radcliff repeats false and misleading claims about e-cigs

Anesthesiologist Nina Radcliff makes many false fear mongering claims about vapor products to confuse and scare; FOX News' Greg Gutfeld tells truth about vaping

Pseudo scientific journalist Wendy Zuckerman interviews and repeats false claims by e-cig prohibitionists and propagandists Stan Glantz and Simon Chapman as facts to confuse and scare listeners.

Article in Tobacco Control advocates all electronic water pipes and tobacco substitutes
(that don't contain tobacco and that don't emit nicotine) be reclassified as tobacco products (so they can be banned, excessively regulated, taxed and demonized).

FL Health Dept funded study encourages children to use e-cigs (by showing children advertisements for e-cigs), then asks children if they might try using an e-cig in the future if a best friend offered them one, then claims e-cig ads encourage children to use e-cigs to lobby for e-cig advertising ban

FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz touts and further misrepresents findings of junk study on e-cig ads by claiming "e-cig TV ads are recruiting kids to nicotine addiction"

James McIntosh's article repeats false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs under guise of evaluating the scientific evidence

Time article on life insurance costs falsely claims e-cigs don't help people quit smoking, misleadingly claims drugs and smoking cessation programs help people quit smoking, misrepresents costs some life insurers charge for nicotine consuming nonsmokers.

- Bill Godshall

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