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Bill Godshall Update 2015-07-16

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 16th, 2015

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THR Surveillance

Brad Rodu: 30 million US adults have used e-cigarettes, unpublicized CDC data reveals
that 2104 NHIS found that:
-2.7 million US adults vaped 'daily', 6.2 million used an e-cigarette on 'some days', and 30 million 'ever usde' an e-cigarette
- 71% of 'daily' or 'some days' vapers were current cigarette smokers (6.3 million),
- 22% of 'daily' or 'some days' vapers were former cigarette smokers (1.95 million),
- 7% of 'daily' or 'some days' vapers were never cigarette smokers (595,000), but nearly 70% of them were smokers of Other Tobacco Products,
- 2% of 'daily' or 'some days' vapers were never tobacco smokers (180,000),
- 22% of cigarette smokers who vaped in 2014 were 'daily vapers' (1.39 million),
- 63% of former smokers who vaped in 2014 were 'daily vapers' (1.25 million), and
- 16% of never cigarette smokers (among whom nearly 70% were OTP smokers) who vaped in 2014 were 'daily vapers' (95,000).

The 2014 NHIS data revealed by Brad Rodu (that hasn't been revealed or made available to the general public by CDC, as the data sets are massive) at
confirm that 'daily vaping' data is critically important for research, surveillance, communication and policy making (as virtually all 'daily vapers' are current or former smokers, and virtually all vapers who quit smoking are 'daily vapers'). This data also confirm that Obama's DHHS, and many DHHS and Big Pharma funding recipients have been falsely claiming (since 2009) that e-cigs are target marketed to youth, are highly addictive, are gateways to cigarettes, renormalize smoking and don't help smokers quit.

- - -

2014 Texas Youth Tobacco Survey (of 6th-12th graders) finds (like recently published Minnesota adult e-cig usage survey, and NHIS data exposed by Brad Rodu above) vast differences between daily/frequent e-cig users versus experimenters or occasional users, reveals importance of comparing and contrasting daily and frequent e-cig usage data with tobacco smoking data, which wasn't done in this survey report (but they have the data).
(Pages 33 & 31)

Number of days vaping in past 30 days (2014)
0 days 85.8%
1 to 2 days 7.6%
3 to 9 days 2.5%
10 to 29 days 1.8%
All 30 days 2.3%

Number of days smoking cigarettes in past 30 days (2014)
0 days 88.0%
1 to 2 days 4.6%
3 to 9 days 3.4%
10 to 29 days 1.1%
All 30 days 2.9%

Number of days smoking cigarettes in past 30 days (2010)
0 days 85.2
1 to 2 days 5.5
3 to 9 days 3.6
10 to 29 days 2.7
All 30 days 3.0
(Page 17)

Have you ever smoked cigarettes daily (i.e., smoked every day for 30 days)? (2014)
No 94.1%
Yes 5.9%
(Page 30)

Have you ever smoked cigarettes daily? (i.e., smoked every day for 30 days)? (2010)
No 91.5
Yes 8.5
(Page 16)

Study written by Univ of Texas researchers cherry picked and touted highly misleading 'ever' and 'past 30 day' use from 2014 Texas Tobacco Youth Tobacco Survey, fail to discuss or reveal the survey's key findings (cited above) comparing daily and frequent use of e-cigs versus cigarettes, advocate for more e-cig regulations and for more programs to mislead teens about e-cigs.

Local Government Association issues e-cigarette charger safety alert due to fires (UK)

THR Research

Airway test reveals e-cigarette vapor produces similar result as air
Six hours of exposure to cigarette smoke resulted in near-complete cell death, but the same exposure to e-cigarette vapor did not affect tissue viability.

ACSH: Cigarette smoke wreaks havoc on lung cells, but e-cigarette vapor is like air

Brad Rodu: For smoking cessation, Camel Snus = Nicotine Gum

FDA / Congress

House bill would limit proposed deeming regulations

Washington Post headline and article repeat hypocritical and false claim by US House Democrats that House Republicans are protecting tobacco companies (because they oppose FDA's proposed deeming regulation that would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products), while failing to acknowledge that FDA's proposed e-cig ban protects cigarettes

Mike Siegel: Congressional Democrats protect cigarette company profits, then attack Republicans for aiding tobacco industry

Maine AG Janet Mills and Indiana AG Gregg Zoeller urged US House Appropriations Cmte members to protect cigarettes by opposing legislation that would keep lifesaving e-cigs legal, repeat false and misleading claims about e-cigs and flavored cigars

FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz finally admits that FDA's Deeming Regulation would ban all e-cigs not approved by the FDA (via a PMTA) or not Substantially Equivalent (SE) to an e-cig on the market in 2/15/2007 (which includes >99.9% of all nicotine vapor products now on the market), criticizes US House Republicans for trying to keep lifesaving e-cigs legal, fails to acknowledge the deeming regulation protects cigarettes.

New FDA e-cigarette regulations could threaten local businesses (KS)

Democrat US Reps Rosa DeLauro and Elizabeth Etsy (both from Connecticut) introduce bill to redefine e-cigs as tobacco products, ban USPS from shipping lifesaving e-cigs to adult vapers, and to significantly increase costs and hassles of buying vapor products and OTP online (under deceitful guise of protecting children)

TPP / US Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce sets record straight, responds to false and misleading claims by NY Times and others that Chamber is lobbying against anti smoking laws.

US Chamber of Commerce's Tom Donohue letter to NY Times criticizes newspaper for factual misrepresentations and false accusations of opposing anti-smoking measures

Article in Lawyers Weekly says Australia is only country opposed to the invester-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations

CVS quits US Chamber of Commerce, cites false claims by NY Times articles that Chamber is lobbying against anti-smoking laws

NY Times runs lengthy puff piece praising CVS (on front page of Sunday Business section) after CVS quits US Chamber of Commerce citing false claims by NY Times

False claims by NY Times that the US Chamber of Commerce is lobbying against anti-smoking laws repeated by left wingers who want to derail the Trans Pacific Partnership, supporters of Australia's plain packaging law (that has not reduced cigarette consumption) and others.

CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, Legacy urge US Chamber of Commerce board members based upon false claims by NY Times, cite CVS quitting in response to NY Times articles

THR Business

Philip Morris International reports 1.3% cigarette volume decline in 2Q15, including a 3.5% decline in the EU, a 2.1% decline in Latin America and Canada, a 0.5% decline in Asia, and a 0.5% decline in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa


Florida jury orders Reynolds to pay $13.46 million for causing smoker's death (including $4.96m in compensatory damages, and $8.5 million in punitive damages


Washington State legislature ends 2015 session without enacting a vapor product tax, Internet sale ban, or any other anti-vaping bill, but Mt Baker vapor company is moving to AZ due to hostility of WA politicians and health agencies to THR and vaping.

Ohio budget approved by the legislature (HB 64) increases cigarette tax from $1.25 to $1.60/pack, does NOT tax vapor products (as proposed by Gov. Kasich)

DC Council approves budget that includes a 70% tax on vapor products (by redefining OTP to include vapor products) (page 65)

Alabama Gov. Bentley proposes undisclosed tax on vapor products, increasing cigarette tax from $.425 to $.675/pack and proportionate OTP tax hike in special budget session

CASAA Call to Action urges PA vapers to thank legislators for not taxing vapor products

CA ballot measure (for the 2016 November election) would increase cigarette tax from $.87 to $2.87/pack, and impose 70-75% tax on all vapor products (including no-nicotine vapor products) and all OTP. The measure falsely conflates the very low risks of vapor and smokeless tobacco products with those of highly addictive and deadly cigarettes, and was approved by Sec of State Alex Padilla for gathering signatures.

Flavoring Ban

Minneapolis (MN) City Council protects cigarettes by banning sales of flavored low risk vapor products, smokeless tobacco and cigars (but not deadly menthol cigarettes) at hundreds of retail stores, imposes minimum price of $2.60 per cigar, falsely claims intent of legislation is to protect children and public health.

Steve Williams - Flavored tobacco: Sales restriction shifts products but doesn't stop underage use (MN)

Mike Siegel: Minneapolis City Council supports continued addiction of kids to flavored tobacco products


CASAA Call to Action urges MA vapers to ask legislators to reject many anti-vaping bills

MA Legislature's Joint Cmte on Public Health holds hearing on many bills to ban/restrict e-cigs, vaping supporters tell the truth, vaping opponents repeat fear mongering lies

Jeff Stier: Pointing out harm reduction gains

Vaping Bans

Maine bill (LD 1108) to ban vaping in workplaces became law without governor's signature

ACSH: Maybe California isn't so bad

California's anti-vaping bill goes up in smoke (author interviews MA vaping opponent Vaughn Rees, who absurdly claims e-cig industry is like old cigarette industry).

California Healthline's David Gorn repeats false claims that Big Tobacco controls Assembly GO Cmte and defeated Sen. Leno's cigarette protecting vaping ban bill (and another bill to raise minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales to 21).

Ontario Health Ministry seeks comments on proposed regulations to ban vaping in workplaces, restrict marketing of vapor products, ban sales of flavored tobacco (that exempts lethal menthol cigarettes), deadline for comments is August 27, 2015

Snohomish County (WA) Health District proposes to ban vaping in all workplaces (despite no evidence of harm), invites public to engage in process

Snohomish County (WA) Health District request public comments about its proposal to ban vaping and stigmatize vapers

CASAA Call to Action urges Snohomish County (WA) vapers to oppose proposed vaping ban

Jason Rantz: Snohomish County e-cig ban is preposterous

Smoking and Vaping Ban

Austria MPs approve draft bill to ban smoking (and smokefree vaping) in restaurants and bars

Smoking Ban Enforcement

4 men given 74 lashes in public in Iran for smoking water pipe

Smokeless Tobacco Ban

CA Senate Cmte approves bill (AB 768) to ban smokeless tobacco use at professional baseball stadiums

Employment Discrimination

Anne Arundel (MD) Medical Center bans hiring of anyone who tests positive for nicotine (including vapers, smokeless tobacco and NRT users), falsely touts policy as promoting employee health (but it doesn't apply the policy to current employees)

Junk science, propaganda and lies

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council repeats many false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes

- Bill Godshall

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