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Bill Godshall Update 2015-07-27

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - July 27th, 2015

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THR Surveillance

Brad Rodu: E-cigarettes 'currently used' by 4.2% of men and 3.4% of women in 2014, as smoking declined
As increasingly more smokers switch to vaping, Rodu reveals the 2014 NHIS found:
- cigarette smoking among US men declined from 20.5% in 2013 to 18.8% in 2014,
- cigarette smoking among US women declined from 15.3% in 2013 to 14.9% in 2014,
- cigarette smoking among US men 18-24 years declined from 21.9% to 18.5%,
- cigarette smoking among US women 18-24 years declined from 15.4% to 14.9%, and
- vaping has NOT renormalized cigarette smoking (as falsely alleged by CDC et al)

2014 survey of England pupils aged between 11-15 years finds:
- 18% of pupils 'ever smoked' a cigarette (a record low, down from 42% in 2003),
- 3% of pupils were regular smokers (i.e. at least one cigarette per week),
- 1% of pupils were regular vapers (i.e. at least one e-cig per week),
- 17% of regular smokers were regular vapers,
- 89% of regular smokers had 'ever used' an e-cig,
- 11% of never smokers had 'ever used' an e-cig, and
- 97% of regular smokers had family members or friends who smoked

BBC, The Times and Daily Mail headlines and articles deceptively cite 'ever' or 'past year' use of e-cigs by UK youth (instead of 'regular' use) to confuse and scare readers (similar to what Obama's DHHS and US news media have been doing)

Cigarette smoking declines to record low in UK as more smokers switch to vaping

THR Research

CORESTA Smoke Science and Product Technology, Joint Study Group Meeting, October 4-8 in South Korea (scientific presentations on vapor and smokefree products)

Study by Benowitz (who has advocated mandatory nicotine reductions in cigarettes for past two decades) finds reducing nicotine levels in cigarettes didn't reduce likelihood of smoking cessation

CDC reports significant decline (about 20%) in age adjusted cancer death rates since 1990 following the sharp decline in cigarette consumption (as per capita cigarette consumption declined from 145 packs/person in 1976 to 45 packs/person in 2014)

New study: Electronic cigarette vapor has NO toxic effect

New study reveals e-cigarette vapor no more dangerous than air

Mike Siegel: Study on potential toxicity of e-cigarette flavorings produces unwarranted scare

Correcting Lies about THR

Peter Hajak's commentary in Addiction exposes and refutes the NEJM article and press release fraudulently claiming that e-cigs emit hazardous levels of formaldehyde.

Brad Rodu: British media watchdog faults The Daily Telegraph for demonizing e-cigs

Harm Reduction Prohibition vs Public Health

Maia Szalavitz: Every drug court should allow methadone treatment (reveals opposition by abstinence-only drug addiction treatment advocates to methadone for harm reduction)

ACSH: When ideology and public health mix, everyone loses

Tasmanian DHHS proposes protecting cigarettes even further (as sales of nicotine vapor products are already banned) by imposing bans on no-nicotine vapor products and vaping seeks public comments, deadline July 24

Clive Bates and New Nicotine Alliance urge Tasmania DHHS to embrace THR, legalize e-cigs, encourage smokers to switch to vaping

World Heart Federation's Srinath Reddy repeats false fear-mongering claims about smokefree vapor products, urges Australian government (which has already banned sales of nicotine e-cigs, but not lethal cigarettes) to further ban and regulate lifesaving e-cigs.

Harm Reduction Education/Advocacy

B.B. The Harm Reduction Dog (parody by Jeff Stier)

Senior councilor calls for Bradford to back e-cigarettes as alternatives to smoking (UK)

Carl Phillips: Why is there anti-THR?

THR Business

Philip Morris expands e-cigarette deal with Altria to include a joint research, development and technology-sharing agreement

Cigarette Litigation

Reynolds facing $12 million in punitive damages from Engle verdicts

Florida jury orders Philip Morris $12 million verdict, including $6.5 million in punitives


FDA reports "In June, FDA issued 125 Substantially Equivalent (SE) orders, which include final actions on full and streamlined SE reports. FDA also issued 8 Not Substantially Equivalent (NSE) orders, 1 Refuse-to-Accept letter for SE, and companies withdrew 190 SE reports from the review process."

US Surgeon General wants to know how people 'went tobacco-free' on Twitter, prompting many vapers to respond that they quit smoking by switching to vaping.

Obama's DHHS feigns support for public health entrepreneurs as DHHA remains intent on banning >99.9% of lifesaving nicotine vapor products, and destroying thousands of small entrepreneurial vapor product companies (via FDA's proposed deeming regulation)

US Congress

US Rep. Tom Cole's bill (HR 2058) to change FSPTCA's February 15, 2007 grandfather date for e-cigarettes (and other newly deemed tobacco products) to 2015 (to keep all products on the market legal) if FDA imposes deeming reg/ban now has 24 cosponsors.

US House bill (HR 3042) sponsored by 6 Democrats would amend the Jenkins Act to ban Internet sales of e-cigs, cigars and pipe tobacco; bill's findings include many false and misleading fear-mongering claims, referred to Judiciary Cmte

US Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) sends another letter to DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx urging issuance of Final Rule on DOT's 2011 proposal to ban vaping on airlines

TPP / Plain Packaging Law

15 Democrats on US House Ways and Means Cmte send letter to US Trade Representative Michael Froman regarding the TPP that falsely claims Australia's plain packaging cigarette law and other foreign laws that take away IP rights are 'legitimate policies to reduce cigarette consumption' (despite no evidence cigarette consumption declined after Australian's plain packaging law was implemented), repeat NY Times' false claims about the US Chamber of Commerce, issue misleading press release.

Column by anti TPP activist says TPP may prevent countries from enacting plain packaging laws, banning flavorings, mandating nicotine restrictions and/or capping the number of tobacco retailers, none of which have been found effective for reducing cigarette consumption. Column suggests TPP may prevent bans on misleading cigarette brand descriptors, but Altria negotiated, agreed to and lobbied US Congress to ban 'light' 'ultralight' and 'mild' brand descriptors as part of FSPTCA since 2004.

Health Ministers from ten nations advocate enactment of more plain packaging laws despite no evidence Australia's plain packaging reduced cigarette smoking or consumption (as proponents insisted would occur)


CATO - Obamacare's not-so-hidden tax: Thank you for smoking

CASAA Call to Action urges Alabama vapers to oppose Gov. Bentley's proposal to tax nicotine e-liquid at $0.25/ml (i.e. $7.50 tax for a 30ml bottle)

Angi Stalnaker: Why e-cigarette tax proposal is short sighted (AL)

Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama campaigns against proposed vapor product tax

Critics warn Bentley's proposed tobacco and e-cig tax hike could cost 2,000 jobs (AL)

Vapor store owners fuming over e-cig tax proposal (AL)

Maine bill (LD 973) to tax e-cigs at $.10 per 18 mg of nicotine carried over to any Special or Regular Session of the 127th legislature

Advertising Bans

Norwegian Health Directorate protects cigarettes, tells e-cig vendors that attractive and/or colored advertisements on websites are banned (to only allow black and white ads)

Irish Advertising Standards Authority to protect cigarettes by restricting/banning e-cig ads on social media, television and radio

Vaping Bans

Vaping prohibitionists convince California Democrats to hold special session to protect cigarettes by reintroducing bills to ban smokefree vaping in workplaces, increase minimum age for all tobacco sales from 18 to 21 years

CA bill (AB 6) would redefine vaping as smoking to ban vaping in workplaces, redefine vapor products as tobacco, license e-cig retailers (same as SB 5)

CA bill (SB 5) would redefine vaping as smoking to ban vaping in workplaces, redefine vapor products as tobacco, license e-cig retailers (same as AB 6)

After vapers convinced CA Assembly GO Cmte to amend vaping ban bill (SB 140), Vallejo Times-Herald reporter and editors repeat lie by Sen. Leno and Big Pharma shills (that Big Tobacco defeated the bill) and many false fear mongering claims about vaping;
Godshall comments

Orange County (CA) Register editorial: Lawmaker still blowing smoke over e-cigs

Mike Siegel: California State senator is fooling the public about hazards of smoking just like the tobacco industry used to do decades ago

FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz urges fellow crazies to tell CA Assembly GO Cmte to protect cigarettes and threaten the lives of vapers and smokers by banning vaping

CA TEROC rejects harm reduction for cigarette and marijuana smokers, advocates comprehensive vaping ban (including vaping of medical marijuana)

Pleasant Hills (CA) City Council bans vaping in workplaces

San Mateo (CA) City Council gives preliminary approval to bill that bans vaping in multi family dwellings, public parks, bus stops, ATM lines and other outdoor public service areas; redefines 'tobacco products' to include e-cigs

Vaping prohibitions propose vaping ban in Saskatoon

Waco (TX) City Council bans smoking and vaping in nearly all workplaces

Ian Irvine: New 'tobacco' control bill is ill conceived (i.e. vaping ban bill in Quebec)

Vanessa Salias: 5 Simple Rules for Vaping in Public

Vaping Ban Enforcement

Local Health department in NJ busts vaping convention (article claims 66 citations were issued totalling $50,000 in fines)

P Busardo: Vape Expo NJ - what happened

NJ Senator Joe Vitale interviewed about Vape Expo NJ fiasco

Smoking bans

Philadelphia Housing Authority bans smoking in all of its tens of thousands of PHA units

Anti smoking extremists propose outdoor smoking ban in downtown Providence, RI

Caffeine Vaping

Caffeine inhalers rush to serve energy challenged

Chantix Safety

Mike Siegel: Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration acknowledges that Chantix causes suicide, but allows it on the market, while banning e-cigarettes with no known adverse effects

Junk Science, Lies and Propaganda

Berkeley (CA) City Council requires cell phone vendors to scare customers about cancer.
(using e-cig playbook, next cell phone use will be banned due to 2nd hand radiation scare)

ACSH: Buyers beware: cellphones may cause cancer! (in Berkeley anyway)

ACSH: New York's natural gas ban had nothing to do with science or health (but rather was similar to e-cig prohibitionists lying about science to scare public and lobby for bans)

Mike Siegel: Tobacco Control journal makes fun of vapers, calling them idiots

THR denier Simon Chapman tweets a 2007 letter in TC (written by THR denier Prakash Gupta) falsely insinuating that Snus didn't sharply reduce cancer rates in Sweden, but Chapman removed another letter (below Chapman's tweet) from the same issue of TC that exposed Gupta's nonsensical comparison and claims.

Medical Daily headline falsely claims study found occasional cigarette smoking is as harmful as smoking a pack per day, but cited study that never found that claim (nor any other)

American Chemical Society press release falsely claims a FDA/NIDA funded study found that e-cigs may be as addictive as cigarettes, but the study never attempted to find if e-cigs create daily dependence, and there's no evidence e-cigs have ever created daily dependence for any nonsmoker; several news outlets repeat ACS' false fear mongering claims as factual

Mike Siegel: American Chemical Society grossly misrepresents scientific study in order to demonize e-cigarettes

British Lung Foundation Scotland's James Cant misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs, repeats fear mongering claims, falsely claims NRT is more effective for smoking cessation.

Jonathan Foulds grossly exaggerates the negligible risk and rate of nicotine poisoning among children to confuse, scare and claim FDA should require childproof packaging for all e-cigs and tobacco products; fails to acknowledge that virtually all vapor and tobacco products already have child-resistant packaging, or that FDA approved drugs with child-resistant packaging cause >1,000 times more child poisonings than e-cigs and tobacco products combined.

Philly pharmacist grossly exaggerates risk of nicotine poisoning from e-cigs to lobby for FDA deeming regulation (that would ban all bottles of e-liquid) and an additional FDA regulation to require child-resistant caps on the banned bottles of e-liquid, fails to acknowledge FDA approved drugs with child resistant packaging cause >1,000 time more child poisonings than e-cigs.

News headline claims 'More Duval County kids poisoned by e-cigarette liquid', but article fails to cite any actual cases of poisoning, falsely equates all telephone calls to a PCC as poisonings

So-called consumer organizations in Malaysia falsely claim e-cigs are as hazardous as cigarettes to lobby for cigarette protecting regulations/bans on lifesaving e-cigs

Slate article accuses tobacco companies of targeting gays, but fails to mention that LGBT smokers (like all other smokers) can sharply reduce their disease risks by switching to far less hazardous vapor and/or smokeless tobacco products.

Big Pharma financed ALA's Norm Edelman says no evidence inhaling diacetyl poses risks to coffee roasters, but then says vaping tiny amounts of diacetyl is 'the smoking gun' and 'could pose a very substantial problem'; neither Edelman nor Erika Sward ethically disclosed ALA's irreconcilable financial conflict of interest.


- Bill Godshall

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