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Bill Godshall Update 2015-08-06

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - August 6th, 2015


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Bill Godshall: What is the Grandfather Date of the Tobacco Control Act & How Will it Impact the Vapor Industry?

FDA hosts workshop Biomarkers of Tobacco Exposure, where DHHS funded researchers concurred that exclusive vapers have far fewer exposures than cigarette smokers and that dual users have significantly fewer exposures than exclusive smokers, where NEJM’s false press release claim that e-cigs emit more formaldehyde than cigarettes was exposed as such, and where a newly presented study by Celerion’s Raymond Farmen found that 2nd hand vapor produces 5,000 times less exposure to PG than direct inhalation.
(note that presentations on biomarkers for smokeless tobacco products and e-cigarettes were on Aug 4 PM can be viewed via the latter weblink above)

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes to host webinar on FDA deeming regulation Aug 6

Controversy in promoting e-cigs (discusses THR and FDA’s proposal that would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products)

Miami Herald article interviews naïve vape shop owners about FDA’s proposed e-cig regulation, fails to acknowledge it would ban >99.9% of all nicotine vapor products

Tampa Bay Times article interviews naïve vape shop owners about FDA’s proposed e-cig regulation, fails to acknowledge it would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products

FDA reopens public comment period till August 31 for Swedish Match MRTP applications for General Snus due to amendments

FDA announces tobacco regulatory science fellows, but continues to misrepresent the scientific evidence on nicotine, vapor products, smokeless tobacco, cigars and OTP

THR Business - US

Following escalation of War on Vaping by Obama’s DHHS and its funding recipients, Reynolds reports 1.9% industry-wide cigarette volume increase in US in 2Q15, and a 1.2% industry-wide cigarette volume increase in US for first six months of 2015.

Altria reports 3.1% cigarette volume increase in 2Q15, 2.6% smokeless tobacco volume increase

Reynolds reports 5.6% Reynolds cigarette volume increase in 2Q15 (but note newly acquired Newport was included in data, while recently sold Winston, Kool and Salem were excluded), reports 3.2% moist snuff volume increase (for US tobacco industry) in 2Q15, reports 6% Reynolds moist snuff volume increase in 2Q15.

Smoking is not cool. But cigarette stocks are hot (reports US cigarette stocks have increased 10% in 2015 and increased more than 30% in past 12 months)

Nik Modi’s ‘State of the Union’ on vape

Five Insights from Vape Shops

In rise of US vape shops, owners eye new marijuana market

Reynolds shelves new heat-not-burn tobacco product Revo after unsuccessful test market

Nicopure hires former Lorillard regulatory attorney Patricia Kovacevic as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

THR Business - International

BAT reports international cigarette volume decline of 3.5% (for entire tobacco industry) in first half of 2015, including a 2.9% cigarette volume decline for BAT$FILE/medMD9YVBJD.pdf?openelement

Philip Morris International reports 1.4% cigarette volume decline in 2Q15

E-cigarettes spark nicotine replacement therapy mutiny

A fall in demand for quit smoking support ‘linked’ to e-cigarettes


Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations to continue

Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina letter urges Sen. McConnell to reject a tobacco carve out in the TPP

24 US Representatives urge US Trade Representative to not exclude tobacco from TPP

Sen. Mitch McConnell urges US Trade Representative Michael Froman to not exclude tobacco from TPP

Same Big Pharma financed groups that have lied about and urged FDA to ban e-cigs urge US Trade Representative to exclude tobacco from TPP

Snus and e-cig prohibitionist Simon Chapman Australia’s $50 million legal defense of plain packaging law an “investment” despite no evidence plain packaging law reduced cigarette consumption or smoking rates

US Congress

US House bill (HR 3242) would require child resistant packaging for bottled e-liquid:
- referred to Energy and Commerce Cmte
- sponsor Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) exaggerates negligible risks and rates of child nicotine poisoning


New CDC video credits SG for three decade campaign by activists to reduce cigarette smoking, deceitfully calls cigarette smoking epidemic a tobacco epidemic, promotes delusional and intolerant abstinence-only “end smoking and tobacco use for good” propaganda and policy agenda.

THR Education and Advocacy

Brad Rodu: Say goodbye to the American Cancer Society (exposes ACS’ many lies about vapor products and smokeless tobacco products)

UK Behavioral Insights Team (aka Nudge unit) says vaping easiest way to quit smoking

‘Quit smoking, start vaping and save your life’; Electronic Cigarette Association of South Africa erects billboard stating "E-cigarettes Save Lives"

Derek Yach and Elle Alexander: Turbo-charging tobacco control in South Africa poll finds Malaysian smokers positive about e-cigarettes
but news headline claims poll found vapers want e-cigarette regulated

New vaping documentary will expose Big Pharma and media lies about ecigs

Sally Satel: Double standard for e-cigarettes v medical marijuana (except many/most Big Pharma funded groups lobbying to ban e-cigs also lobby to keep marijuana banned)

THR Surveillance

Tayside smokers kick the habit as e-cigarettes light up (UK)

CDC reports accommodation and food service workers have high cigarette smoking rates, but agency recommends “employing anti-tobacco mass media campaigns, and ensuring barrier-free access to quitting assistance” via ineffective NRT and less-than-safe Chantix instead of truthfully informing smokers that vapor and smokeless tobacco products are far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes.

THR Research

New study confirms that TSNA levels in e-cigarette aerosol are consistent with those in the e-liquid, but TSNAs had to be added to the tested e-liquid samples in order to detect any TSNAs in the emitted aeorosol (because the original tests on those same samples found below detectable levels of TSNAs in the emitted aerosol)

Konstantinos Farsalinos: Similar (and minimal) levels of nitrosamines in e-cigarette aerosol and e-liquid

ACSH – Reduced nicotine in cigarettes failed to help smokers quit: Study

NIH funded Prue Talbot (who previously urged FDA to ban all e-cigs) claims two of thirty tested bottles of liquid flavoring marketed by one company contained nicotine


Austrian Constitutional Court overturns law that would have banned the free market for vapor products (court ruling in German)

Florida lung transplant recipient awarded $11 million in suit against Philip Morris

Misuse of Government Funds

ND Lawmaker says anti-tobacco agency may be breaking law by opposing vaping

ND State Rep. Mike Schatz asks AG Wayne Stenehjem for legal opinion regarding the ND Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy’s spending of state funds appropriated for tobacco prevention and control on anti-vaping propaganda.

Note to readers: It is likely that many State Health Departments (and perhaps DHHS agencies) have unlawfully spent money that was appropriated for tobacco prevention, cessation and control programs on anti-vaping propaganda and programs (as most tobacco control program appropriation laws do not include e-cigs in the definition of a “tobacco product”.

Feds spent $2 million to have wives nag men about chewing tobacco


Alabama House Ways and Means General Cmte rejects bill (HB 10) that would have increased the cigarette tax (from $42.5 to $67.5/pack)

Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama says bill (HB 9) to increase the cigarette tax (from $42.5 to $67.5/pack), impose a $.25/ml tax on nicotine vapor liquid (i.e. $7.50 tax on a 30ml bottle), and to tax far more hazardous smoking tobacco and little cigars at far lower rates than e-liquid has been withdrawn for consideration during the AL special session.

Nova Scotia Health Officer Robert Strang says e-cigs shouldn’t be taxed (Canada)

Ketchikan Gateway (AK) Borough Assembly approves proposed $3/pack cigarette tax and a 75% wholesale tax on OTP and vapor products, to go before voters in October.

Vaping Bans

SFATA’s Phil Daman: Vapor products aren’t the same as cigarettes (opposing CA vaping ban legislation and supporting public health)

San Diego Union Tribune editorial urges CA legislators to ban vaping in all workplaces, raise legal minimum age for tobacco sales from 18 to 21

CASAA CTA urges Howard County (MD) vapers to oppose proposed vaping ban

Costa Mesa (CA) Planning Commission approves workplace vaping ban due to lies by prohibitionists, to be sent to City Council for consideration

Smokeless Tobacco Use Bans

Intolerant Boston Mayor Martin Walsh proposes banning adults from using very low risk smokeless tobacco at Fenway Park and other sports venues (despite posing no risk for nonusers, and despite no evidence Boston teens use smokeless tobacco)

NY Times publishes yet another article exaggerating very low risks of smokeless tobacco and promoting Big Pharma financed CTFK’s intolerant and dishonest lobbying campaign to ban adults from using smokeless tobacco use at Major League Baseball stadiums

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

ACSH: Junk Science Report Card (includes junk science on e-cigarettes)

Big Pharma financed American Academy of Pediatrics (which has repeatedly lied about e-cigs since 2009 when it urged FDA to unlawfully ban them) publishes another junk study demonizing e-cigs that asked participants how many days they used cigarettes and/or e-cigs in the past month, but then lumped all past month e-cig users into the same category of “current users” and failed to disclose the critically important differences between frequent users and experimenters to falsely conclude and claim e-cigs renormalize cigarette smoking, press release and news media tout fear mongering claims.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (that relies upon sick smokers for much of their income) misrepresents evidence on e-cigarettes, urges FDA to impose deeming regulation (that would ban >99.9% of nicotine vapor products).


- Bill Godshall

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