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Bill Godshall Update 2015-11-20

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - November 20th, 2015

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THR Surveillance

Thanks to vaping revolution, CDC NHIS finds record low 14.9% (35.5 million) US adult smoking rate in first half of 2015, down 11% from previous record low 16.8% (40.0 million) in 2014, the latter of which CDC just revealed last week. The adult smoking rate has declined 23% since 2010 (from 19.4% to 14.9%), primarily due to vaping. (pages 55-61)

CDC Director Tom Frieden credits CDC for adult smoking rate decline, refuses to admit vaping’s role, and once again falsely claims vaping has addicted many children

HealthDay cites record low smoking rates, but only reports spin by vaping opponents, including CDC’s Brian King conflating low risk vaping with deadly cigarette smoking.

Rutgers study: e-cigarette use is soaring and helping smokers quit

Former smokers who quit within past year are four times more likely to be daily users of e-cigarettes


Mike Siegel: Nominee for new FDA Commissioner derived salary from six pharmaceutical companies last year

Obama nominee to head FDA defends drug industry ties

CASAA’s Julie Woessner calls deeming regulation is a “public health disaster”, and SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera says is could prevent millions of smokers from switching to vaping. Big Pharma financed American Cancer Society praises Obama’s tobacco control policies, but claims FDA should have banned e-cigs “a long time ago”.

Mike Siegel: My public comment to OIRA on FDA Deeming Regulations

FDA may soon be able to vaporize e-cigarette products

Deseret News (UT) editorial protects cigarettes, urges FDA to quickly regulate e-cigs while failing to acknowledge doing so would ban >99.9% of e-cigs now on market.

FDA funded UCSF vaping prohibitionists urge FDA to ban all truthful claims by vapor companies about the health benefits vaping provides for smokers

FDA seeks nominations for TPSAC

Documentary: War on Vaping

You Are Being Lied To – A Billion Lives (trailer for new documentary)

2015 E-cigarette Summit

James Dunworth: E-Cig Summit Round Up, The Vape Debate Continues

Jim McManus: How and why I changed my mind on e-cigarettes

THR Research

Carl Phillips: Why people mistakenly think RCTs (etc.) are always better

British American to test tobacco / e-cigarette hybrid

Study finds decades of lies about smokeless tobacco risks by DHHS and other anti tobacco extremists have made smokers reluctant to change their inaccurate beliefs even after reading articles that truthfully say smokeless tobacco is less harmful than cigarettes.

THR Business

Wall Street Journal reporter Tripp Mickle falsely claims e-cig sales are declining in US (as graph shows huge vapor product sales increases), fails to reveal Y/Y cigalike sales decline in recent months was due to Altria and Reynolds flooding market with free and heavily discounted MarkTen and Vuse products during same months in 2014.

Vapor product sales in Ireland continue to skyrocket!

Irish e-cigarette trade boom as Vapefest attracts vendors to Dublin


HUD proposed rule to ban smoking (and probably vaping) in public housing (and outside within 25 feet of buildings), and to evict violators; public comment period ends 1/19/16!documentDetail;D=HUD-2015-0101-0001

Sally Satel: Why HUD should allow vaping in public housing

Many opine about HUD proposed smoking (and probably vaping) ban in public housing

Smoking and vaping ban goes into effect in Syracuse (NY) public housing units Nov 19


Fontem Ventures (Imperial Tobacco Group) and NJOY announce settlement in patent infringement case
Lawsuits filed by three men who were burned by e-cigs, batteries and/or chargers

Reynolds and Philip Morris hit with $10 million verdict plus punitives in FL lawsuit

CA extremist CEH group files Prop 65 shakedown lawsuits against vapor companies

Frivolous class action filed against Five Pawns e-liquid company for allegedly failing to inform consumers that its products contained trace levels of diacetyl and acetyl.


Chicago City Council Finance Cmte approves revised proposal to tax e-liquid at $.55/ml (instead of $.25/ml) and tax e-liquid bottles at $.80/bottle (instead of $1.25/bottle)

Billionaire Tom Steyer gives $1 million to California ballot campaign to tax vapor products and increase tobacco taxes

Vaping Bans

Laredo (TX) City Council unanimously votes to table proposed vaping ban indefinitely, rejects request by Health Dept director who deceitfully conflated vaping with smoking

Kansas City (MO) Council bans vaping in workplaces despite no risks to public and many health benefits for smokers, also increases minimum age for vapor and tobacco product sales to 21 years

CASAA Call to Action urged Kansas City (MO) vapers to oppose proposed vaping ban

Godshall letter urged KC City Council to reject proposed vaping ban, calls it public health malpractice

PA House Health Cmte approves bill (HB 682) that would ban vaping in all workplaces, and ban smoking in 1% of workplaces exempt from the 2008 PA Clean Indoor Air Act

Smokefree Pennsylvania urges PA House Health Cmte to reject HB 682 unless the workplace vaping ban is removed from the bill.

Penang, Malaysia is considering banning vaping wherever smoking is banned

Outdoor Smoking Ban

Univ. of Louisville’s 5 year old smoking ban still ignored, 400 violators counted

Minimum Age Laws

San Francisco Supervisors introduce bill to increase minimum age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 21 years despite preemption by state law

Boston Mayor Walsh proposes increasing legal age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 21 years, Boston Board of Health (which banned vaping in 2011 despite no evidence vaping poses risks for nonusers) to hold December 3 public hearing before approving

Flavoring Bans & Minimum Age 21

Proposed ordinance in Cleveland (OH) would restrict sales of flavored OTP and perhaps vapor products (but not far more harmful menthol cigarettes) to “retail tobacco stores” that derive >80% of their gross revenue from sales of smoked tobacco products (definition of retail tobacco stores)

CASAA Call to Action urges Cleveland (OH) vapers to oppose proposal to restrict sales of flavored OTP (including very low risk snus products approved by FDA last week) and perhaps vapor products to “retail tobacco stores” that derive >80% of gross revenue from sales of smoked tobacco products, as well as proposals to redefine vapor products as tobacco, and to increase minimum age for vapor product sales to 21 years.

Cleveland City Council Health Cmte invites many vaping and flavored OTP opponents, and minimum age 21 supporters to lobby for legislation to redefine vapor products as tobacco, restrict flavored OTP (and perhaps vapor product) sales to tobacco specialty stores, and to increase minimum age for sale of vapor and tobacco sales to 21.

St. Paul (MN) City Council considers restricting sales of flavored OTP, but not far more harmful cigarettes (or menthol cigarettes); many false claims about flavored OTP made.

E-cig Prohibition

Many groups sign letter urging Malaysian Parliament to ban e-cigs (which would protect cigarettes and threaten lives of vapers and smokers), make false fear mongering claims.

Former Malaysian prime minister falsely claims vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes due to nicotine

Wong Chun Wai: Banning vaping not the answer (Malaysia)

Expert tells Singapore to regulate but not ban e-cigarettes

Truthful or Deceptive Risk Communication

Ontario legislation (Bill 139) would establish a public education program purportedly about the health risks of tobacco (but with the goal of reducing tobacco use and exposure, not reducing tobacco attributable morbidity, disability or mortality), and “addressing misinformation among the members of the public with respect to the health risks associated with tobacco use” (despite the fact that Ontario’s government has long deceived the public to believe that low risk tobacco products are as harmful as cigarettes).

FDA Junk Science and Propaganda

FDA study and AACR press release deceive public to believe smokeless tobacco is more carcinogenic and addictive than cigarettes (as cotinine and nitrosamine levels are NOT associated with disease risk, and smokeless tobacco products in the US and Sweden are 99% less harmful than cigarettes).

Time sensationalizes intentionally misleading fear mongering claims by FDA and AACR, headline falsely claims smokeless tobacco is more toxic than cigarettes

Please note that in 2007, AACR issued a nearly identical fear mongering press release that similarly misrepresented the findings of a nearly identical study at

E-cig prohibitionist AACR to host Nov 20 e-cig webinar, invites 4 e-cig prohibitionists

NEJM E-cig Formaldehyde Fraud

Clive Bates: More on NEJM fake formaldehyde scandal

Portland State Univ. touts fraudulent formaldehyde study, praises researchers who conspired with NEJM to perpetrate the fraud as “fearless”

Clive Bates: Fearless or clueless? Portland researchers defence of their flawed e-cigarette formaldehyde study

BMJ Blogs smears Clive Bates, censors comments

BMJ publishes e-cig prohibitionist Simon Chapman’s personal smear against Clive Bates; BMJ censors truthful and objective comments posted by Godshall and others

Clive Bates: Response to Professor Chapman’s blog about my views on e-cigarettes

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Univ. of Michigan CS Mott Children’s Hospital conducts another biased push poll that conflated e-cigs with lethal cigarettes, then asked respondents if they supported regulating e-cigs like cigarettes, then claimed most people support regulating e-cig like cigarettes. Push poll also question parents along with their teens to further bias results.

Consumer Reports once again repeats false fear mongering claims about vaping, and falsely claims nicotine in e-cigs is harmful

Science Times publishes nonsensical fear mongering article about teens and vaping


ACSH: Stop smoking today for the Great American Smokeout “The American Cancer Society has taken to preaching abstinence-only when it comes to nicotine, but that approach doesn’t work for smoking cessation any better than it does for reducing teenage sex.”

- Bill Godshall

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