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Bill Godshall Update 2015-12-03

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 3rd, 2015


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FDA Deeming Ban

CASAA Call to Action asks vapers to urge Congress to prevent FDA from banning vapor products through the budget process

SFATA urges Senate Appropriations Cmte to include HR 2058 language in final spending bill

Godshall meets with White House OMB/OIRA once again urging rejection of FDA deeming ban on vapor products

E-cigarette industry urges Senators to save vaping business from FDA prohibition

Vaping industry wants to push back FDA grandfather date

Legislative rider could save 99 percent of the e-cigarette industry from prohibition

Grover Norquist urges Congress to change FDA rule that could wipe out e-cig industry

Siegel/Ballin op/ed: Smokers deserve lower-risk alternatives to deadly cigarettes;
opposes FDA deeming ban on vapor products and urges changing 2007 grandfather date, but inaccurately claims FDA has authority to establish vapor product standards without imposing deeming ban, and absurdly calls vapor prohibitionists “anti-smoking groups”.

Carl Phillips – FDA pseudo-regulation of e-cigarettes: what possible benefit?

ACSH invited to White House to advise on tobacco harm reduction

Carl Phillips – FDA and e-cigarettes: the dangers of radical policy action

Mike Siegel: Why are Altria and Reynolds American supporting increased competition against cigarettes?

NY Times editorial lobbies Congress to fund FDA’s cigarette protecting vapor sales ban, falsely credits the FDA, CDC, Obamacare and Big Pharma for huge recent decline in smoking caused by vaping; criticizes Republicans for trying to keep vapor products legal

NY Times runs another editorial lobbying Congress to fund FDA’s vapor sales ban, absurdly refers to vapers, vapor companies and public health as “narrow interests” and “specific campaign donors”, partisan headline calls measure to keep vapor products legal “The G.O.P.’s Worst Budget Riders”.

Joel Nitzkin: Understanding the crusade against e-cigarettes

FDA reopens public comment period (until December 30) for proposed regulation that would trample Judge Leon’s 2010 ruling in Sottero v FDA by redefining “therapeutic claim” to include any/all truthful e-cig marketing claim about product’s purpose (to replace cigarette smoking), take away 1st Amendment rights of vapor product companies, and to further deceive the public to believe vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes!documentDetail;D=FDA-2015-N-2002-0008

CASAA Call to Action urges vapers to comment against FDA’s proposal to deny vapers, smokers and the public access to truthful information about vapor products (by redefining any vapor marketing claim that compares vaping with cigarettes or smoking as a “therapeutic claim” in violation of the FDCA)

Altria touts the TCA and many FDA tobacco regulations (that PM/Altria lobbied for since 2000 to protect its Marlboro cigarette empire from market competition by far less harmful smokefree alternatives) as beneficial for public health

Brad Rodu: FDA and CDC generate smokeless scaremongering

Brad Rodu – Memo to the FDA: Please correct errors on your website

Related FDA

How Big Pharma gave America its heroin problem (with FDA approval)

Vaping Documentary

Regulator Watch: A Billion Lives – Exclusive Interview with Aaron Biebert

Guy Bentley – The Great E-Cigarette Cover-Up: Why Big Pharma And Public Health Are Lying About The Dangers of Vaping

THR Surveillance

2014 UK survey of 11-15 year olds finds just 1% reported regular (i.e. weekly) e-cig use (including 17% of regular cigarette smokers, 13% of occasional cigarette smokers and 0% of never smokers); finds no change in regular cigarette smoking (3%) since 2013, a 50% decrease in occasional cigarette smoking (from 4% to 2%), and an increase among never smokers (from 78% to 82%).,-drinking-and-drug-use-among-young-people-in-england/

Clive Bates: Smoking and vaping among young people in England – reassuring new report

THR Business

Reynolds and BAT’s Nicoventures sign vapor technology sharing and licensing agreement

Reynolds developing new vapor products

SFATA announces newly elected board members


California ballot initiative would tax lifesaving vapor products at same rate as deadly cigarettes to punish vapers who quit smoking, discourage smokers from switching, deceive the public to believe vapor is as harmful as cigarettes, and to further enrich government funded vaping prohibitionists and propagandists

SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera: Vaping isn’t the same as tobacco, and shouldn’t be treated as such (California)

California tobacco tax measures supporters, foes prepare for battle

Ballot initiative would triple cigarette tax; Godshall comments

Big Tobacco funded Mackinac Center for Public Policy continues to exaggerate interstate cigarette smuggling (as they estimated far more cigarettes are smuggled into majority of states than are smuggled out of other states) to lobby against cigarette tax hikes

Vaping bans

Quebec government protects cigarettes by banning vaping everywhere smoking is banned

Petition drive challenges Kansas City vaping ban; bill sponsor deceitfully conflates vapor with tobacco smoke, falsely claims e-cigs addict youth

UK Parliament wastes cash on ‘absurd’ outdoor vaping areas
MPs flout parliament ban and use e-cigs in offices and bars

Welsh lawmakers have not reached decision to ban vaping, as five Labor members support vaping ban, four oppostion AMs oppose vaping ban, and one AM suggesting less restriction on vaping than on smoking

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wayne flip flops on THC vaping, now wants all vaping banned (despite no evidence vaping poses any harm or risks to nonusers).

Flavoring Ban, Minimum Age

CASAA Call to Action urges Boston vapers to oppose proposal to ban sales of low risk flavored vapor, smokeless and OTP (but not far more harmful menthol cigarettes) by vast majority of retailers, ban sales of vapor and tobacco products at pharmacies and healthcare institutions, raise minimum age for vapor and tobacco product sales to 21.

Minimum Age Laws

Compliance check study finds percentage of NYC retailers requesting ID from youthful cigarette consumers declined from 71% (when minimum sales age was 18 years) to 62% after minimum sales age was raised to 21 years for all tobacco and vapor products.

MA Legislature’s Public Health Cmte considers raising minimum age for lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and OTP

Bloomberg media op/ed advocates raising minimum age for cigarette sales to 21, but touts laws that raised legal age for sales of lifesaving vapor products and low risk OTP


EU Commission adopts common notification format for submitting info on e-cigs

EU Commission adopts common notification format for submitting info on tobacco products


Malaysian vapor prohibitionists cite WHO policy to advocate vapor product ban

Malaysian Health Minister says e-cigs will be regulated, not banned

Sultan of Johor (Malaysia) protects cigarettes, threatens lives by banning vapor products

E-cig sales increase at vape shops in Malaysia despite government raids

Phoney consumer group again urges Malaysia to protect cigarettes by banning e-cigs

Advertising Bans

Vapor prohibitionist WHO calls for more tobacco ad bans after study finds poor countries haven’t enforced existing bans (that WHO lobbied to enact), falsely claims tobacco ad bans are necessary to prevent increase in smoking (as youth and adult smoking rates have plummeted to record lows in the US, largely due to vaping, despite no tobacco ad ban)

Plain Packaging

PMI funded study finds no evidence 2013 Australian Plain Packaging law reduced smoking prevalence or cigarette consumption

JTI says Australian plain packaging law ineffective, says tobacco controllers falsely claiming plain packaging law reduced smoking rate

French parliament votes to require plain packaging for cigarettes (despite no evidence it would reduce smoking or cigarette consumption), tobacco companies plan to sue


Simon Lester – The TPP Tobacco Carveout: A Triumph of Politics Over Good Policy

THR Research

Two new Altria studies found “that indoor vaping of MarkTen® prototype e-cigarette does not produce chemical constituents at quantifiable levels or background levels using standard industrial hygiene collection techniques and analytical methods.”

Mike Siegel: New study suggest very little risk associated with passive vaping, at least with MarkTen e-cigarettes

Brad Rodu – Another Smokeless Tobacco Myth: The Dangerous White Patch

Varenicline (Chantix / Champix)

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration requires psychiatric warnings for Campix

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Mike Siegel: World Lung Foundation disseminates conclusion that e-cigarettes are a gateway to smoking based on a bogus study

Mike Siegel: Physicians from Weill Cornell Medical College recommend that pediatricians lie to adolescents about electronic cigarettes

Legacy (which has lobbied FDA to ban e-cigs since 2009) demonizes vaping once again under guise of “research”, denounces e-cig ads because they might encourage smokers to switch to vaping, criticizes tobacco companies for market vapor products to smokers.

DHHS funded RAND study advocates banning retailer tobacco displays (so adult customers won’t know what products are available, and retail clerks waste more time waiting on tobacco customers) by claiming teens are less susceptible to cigarette smoking if they cannot see tobacco displays in a mock retail convenience store

Guy Bentley: Stanford paper attacking e-cigarette advocates is riddled with factual errors

UCLA’s Tamika Gilreath tells news media e-cigs and hookah aren’t safer than cigarettes, and that e-cigs can renormalize cigarette smoking after her study found more California teens have used e-cigs and hookah than cigarettes in past month

Penn State study finds levels of free radicals in cigarette smoke 100 to 1,000 times greater than levels in e-cig aerosol, but Penn State and study author grossly misrepresent findings to news media by claiming study found e-cigs emit dangerous chemicals

Study authors grossly exaggerate negligible risks of skin exposure to, absorption of nicotine to demonize e-liquid, but not FDA approved nicotine skin patches

Anti vaping activists find smokers and exsmokers accounted for most ‘past month” teen users of an e-cig in CA in 2013/14 (but survey never asked if nicotine was vaped), then ignored public health benefits found in study conclusion by claiming “E-cigarette use is very prevalent among California students who have never smoked tobacco.”

Journal of Adolescent Health publishes article that lies about and demonizes vaping, urges doctors to do the same to youth patients

Mike Siegel: Thanks to invalid NEJM formaldehyde study, public is being told that cancer risk from vaping is 15 times higher than from smoking

Cochrane Library exaggerates negligible risks of smokeless tobacco (which are 99% less harmful than cigarettes), hawks Big Pharma products to smokeless tobacco users

FDA and AACR propaganda about carcinogens and nicotine in low risk smokeless tobacco generates story repeating fearmongering claims about smokeless tobacco

Poe Center for Health Education’s Deborah Hendren repeats many lies about vapor products to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA ban (North Carolina)

OneCape Health News’ Laurie Higgins repeats many false fear mongering claims about vaping without any fact checking

- Bill Godshall

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