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Bill Godshall Update 2015-12-22

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - December 22nd, 2015


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MTF, Canada Surveys

MTF Finding Disproves 6 Years of Lies about E-cigs, Demolishes ‘Protects the Kids’ Lie about FDA Deeming Reg/Ban
MTF finding that <20% of teen e-cig users vaped nicotine debunks thousands of false fear mongering claims about teen vaping and FDA’s deeming reg/ban made by Obama’s DHHS, hundreds of DHHS funding recipients, Big Pharma shills (CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA), dozens of medical groups, hundreds of Democrat politicians, dozens of State AGs.
(see next to last chart at bottom of weblink)

While FDA has NO legal authority to regulate no-nicotine vapor products (i.e. the agency cannot even ban their sales to minors), the FDA deeming reg would ban the sale of >99.9% of nicotine vapor products now marketed to adult vapers. Meanwhile, most States ban the sale of no-nicotine vapor products to minors (including many bills CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA lobbied against), and 48 states ban sales of nicotine e-cigs to minors.

Guy Bentley: One of the biggest e-cigarette scare tactics has just been debunked

Mike Siegel: New national survey refutes CDC claim that e-cigarettes are addicting kids and leading to smoking

Shock Survey Result: Most teen e-cigarette users don’t vape nicotine (after MTF survey finds <20% of teen e-cig users vape nicotine, NIDA’s Nora Volkow absurdly claims no-nicotine e-cigs are target marketed to youth as gateways to e-cigs containing drugs)

Three other surveys (below) that inquired if nicotine was vaped all found “nonsmokers” were far less likely to report vaping nicotine than “smokers” and “ex-smokers”

2014 Canadian adult survey/poll found:
- 96% of never smokers who had ever used an e-cig vaped a no-nicotine vapor product
- 63% of vapers who quit smoking vape no-nicotine vapor products
- 68% of vapers who still smoke vape nicotine products (38% always, 30% sometimes)

2013 international survey (of primarily vaping enthusiasts) found 53% of 88 nonsmokers who began vaping reported using no-nicotine vapor products, but just 3.5% of >19,000 vapers who were current or former smokers reported using no-nicotine products.

2015 Canadian e-cig survey finds many e-cig users vape no-nicotine products, finds:
- 55% of “ever users” reported using “no-nicotine” during their last e-cig use,
- 26% of “ever users” reported using “nicotine” during their last e-cig use,
- 19% of “ever users” reported not knowing if nicotine was in their last e-cig used,
- daily and former smokers were >2 times more likely to report using nicotine in their last e-cig used than were “never smokers”,
- “never smokers” accounted for 10% of “past 30 day” e-cig users,
(cited data on pages 9, 11, 14 and 15)

More MTF Survey News

NIDA director Nora Volkow criticizes teen smokers for switching to vaping “many students appear to be transitioning to e-cigarettes, which are unregulated and can contain nicotine and other harmful products”, absurdly claims the increase in teen marijuana smoking was due to the decline in cigarette smoking.

Wall St. Journal’s Tripp Mickle reports NIDA director Nora Volkow said “It is too soon to know if there is a corrolation between declining smoking rates and e-cigarette use.”

NIDA MTF press release includes the slight increase among teens who inaccurately believe regular e-cigarette use is harmful under the headline “The Good News”.

Jacob Sullum: Teenagers are smoking and drinking less

ACSH: Teens continue trend toward better choices, study finds

The case for marijuana legalization just got stronger

More THR Surveillance

DHHS funded 2014 survey found 4.9% (11.9 million) of US adults currently vaped, found current smokers were 23 times more likely than never smokers (20.7% vs .9%) to use an e-cig in past-30-days, exsmokers were 4 times more likely (3.8% vs .9%); but authors falsely defined and classified all e-cigs as containing nicotine.

FDA Deeming Ban

CASAA Call to Action urges vapers to contact US Representatives urging support for bill (HR 2058) that would keep nicotine vapor products now on the market legal in the future.

CTFK thanks Democrat Senators Merkley, Mikulski, Murray and Rep. Lowey for preventing Congressional spending bill from keeping vapor product sales to adults legal

Mike Siegel: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids is out of its mind declaring that Appropriations rider would have been a gift to the tobacco industry

Provision to keep e-cigs legal excluded from Congressional spending bill; Big Pharma financed CTFK’s Matt Myers keeps lying about FDA deeming ban on e-cigs

US Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) pleased spending bill didn’t keep lifesaving e-cigs legal, urges FDA to quickly impose deeming ban that would protect cigarettes

NJ Senate Health Cmte approves resolutions (SCR 105 & ACR 93) urging FDA to impose deeming reg to ban lifesaving e-cigs (but not deadly cigarettes)

Other FDA

FDA announces, in November, the agency issued 23 Not Substantially Equivalent (NSE) orders, 5 Substantially Equivalent (SE) orders and companies withdrew 6 SE applications

Reynolds and Santa Fe request dismissal of FDA marketing claims lawsuit regarding Natural American cigarette warning labels

E-cig Truth

David Amsden – E-Cig’s Inconvenient Truth: It’s Much Safer to Vape (Godshall comments)

THR Research

Enjoyment and other reasons for electronic cigarette use: Results from college students in New York

THR Business

2015 Vape Shop Index (study of 540 vape shops in 42 states) finds/reveals:
- Vape shops average $26,000 per month in sales,
- E-liquids account for 60% of vape shop revenue,
- Fruit and desert flavors were ranked as the top selling e-liquids,
- 69% of shops have single-store owners, 16% owned 2 stores, 15% owned 3 or more,
- 43% of vape shops also sell products online, and
- 50% of e-liquids are sold in 3mg/ml (.3%) and 6mg/ml (.6%) nicotine concentrations,

Study: Vape shops average $300,000 annual sales

PAX Labs granted US patent for nicotine salt e-cigarette


Proposed 40 percent tax increase on vapor products (PA)

Kentucky State Rep. Larry Clark proposes bill to impose 15% tax on vapor products

West Virginia State Delegate to introduce bill to increase cigarette tax by $1/pack

Missouri tobacco retailers gather signatures for ballot initiative to increase cigarette tax from $.17 to $.40 per pack

Brad Rodu: Effect of further cigarette tax increases on youth smoking appears minimal or nil


NY AG announces $550 million settlement over disputed tobacco settlement payments

Reynolds, Phillip Morris hit with $35 million verdict in Florida smoker’s death

State Vapor Product Laws

CSNews: Tobacco Regulation isn’t just a federal issue

NCSL updates list of state laws banning sale of alternative tobacco products to minors

E-liquid Sales Regulation / Ban

Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission issues 90 day emergency rule regulating sales of most e-liquids, still promulgating permanent rule

Packaging Restriction

NJ Assembly approves bill (A 4098) to require child resistant packaging for e-liquid

Minimum Age Laws

Boston Board of Health increases minimum age for sales of deadly cigarettes, far less harmful OTP and lifesaving vapor products to 21 years; bans sales of flavored vapor products and OTP (but not menthol cigarettes) at vast majority of retail stores.

Independence (MO) increases minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, low risk smokeless tobacco, deadly cigarettes and OTP to 21 years

Vaping Bans

Ontario Associate Health Minister says agency to delay vaping ban

Toronto Star editorial protects cigarettes, threatens public health, urges Ontario Health
Department to ban vaping in all workplaces on Jan 1


Clive Bates: Escaping the EU directive on e-cigarettes


British Prime Minister David Cameron says e-cigs have helped 1 million people quit smoking responding to question in House of Commons
Q7. [902729] Mark Pawsey (Rugby) (Con): By the time the House next meets for questions, many people will have started their new year’s resolutions. For many, one resolution will be to give up smoking. Given that Public Health England recently stated that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than tobacco and half the population is unaware of that fact, will the Prime Minister join me in highlighting the role that e-cigarettes can play in helping people give up tobacco for good?
The Prime Minister: Certainly, speaking as someone who has been through this battle a number of times, eventually relatively successfully, lots of people find different ways of doing it, and clearly for some people e-cigarettes are successful. We need to be guided by the experts, and we should look at the report from Public Health England, but it is promising that over 1 million people are estimated to have used e-cigarettes to help them quit or have replaced smoking with e-cigarettes completely. We should be making it clear that this a very legitimate path for many people to improve their health and therefore the health of the nation.

The first electronic cigarette to be approved as a medicinal product (e-Voke)

Scotland bans smoking in cars when children are present

E-cig Sales Ban

Kuala Lampur (Malaysia) City Hall bans stores from selling lifesaving vapor products

Plain Packaging

PMI loses court ruling challenging Australia’s plain cigarette packaging law

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

DHHS funded UCSF to host another cigarette protecting ANTZ extremist conference to feign concern for the Billion Lives they’ve been conspiring to kill; Big Pharma financed e-cigarette prohibitionist and pathological liar Matt Myers to give keynote.

USC researcher falsely claims study finds e-cigs threaten to addict nonsmokers to nicotine (but study never inquired if teens vaped nicotine, and MTF survey refutes claim)

Incompetent Oklahoma doctor James Baker claims e-cigs more harmful than cigarettes, touts fraudulent Harvard diacetyl study funded by Obama’s DHHS

Mike Siegel: Anti-vaping advocate testifies that e-cigarette aerosol is more toxic than secondhand smoke

Connecticut vape shops help smokers quit, but reporter touts fraudulent DHHS funded Harvard popcorn lung study

Government funded and controlled Tobacco Free Amerillo lies about vapor products
to lobby for FDA deeming ban

Mike Siegel: Tobacco Free Amarillo makes up the facts to demonize e-cigarettes

Yet another Huffington Post article repeats false fear mongering claims about vaping

Utah reporter repeats false fear mongering claims about vaping, touts fraudulent studies


- Bill Godshall

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