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Bill Godshall Update 2016-01-15

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - January 15th, 2016

Abstinence-Only Intolerance vs Tobacco Harm Reduction, THR Surveillance, THR Education, THR Research, US Congress, FDA E-cig Deeming Ban, CDC Lobbies for FDA E-cig Ban, VA Lobbies for FDA E-cig Ban, DHHS Funded Junk Scientists Lobby For FDA Ecig Deeming Ban, Legacy Lobbies For FDA Ecig Ban, Taxing Ecigs Like Cigarettes, Other FDA CTP, Taxation, E-Cig Ads and Bans, E-cig Flavorings and Flavoring Ban, Smoking And Vaping Bans, Retail Licensing, Minimum Age Laws, Discrimination In Hiring, Smokeless Tobacco, Secondhand Smoke, NRT, EU, More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies.

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Abstinence-Only Intolerance vs Tobacco Harm Reduction

Brent Stafford interviews David Sweanor: Powering the public health war on vaping

David Sweanor: Why vaping research is skewed

Professor warns war on e-cigarettes protects Big Tobacco and kills smokers

AVA’s Greg Conley criticizes Alaska Health Dept for making false fear mongering claims about lifesaving vapor products

THR surveillance

Carl Phillips: CASAA ecig survey results
New CASAA survey of nearly 20,000 mostly vaping enthusiasts finds:
- 87% quit smoking after starting to vape
- 64% switched to vaping within a few days after starting to vape
- Virtually all had previously tried to quit smoking using an FDA approved drug
- 97% primarily use open system vapor products (PVs and e-liquid)
- 72% of cigarette quitters credited flavored vapor products with helping them quit

CASAA survey finds most commonly vaped flavors are:
83% fruit or fruit beverage
76% candy, soda or pastry
30% spice or savory
19% tobacco
18% menthol/mint
12% bitter

CASAA survey finds (if FDA bans all nicotine e-cigs per deeming reg)
- 93% would buy vapor products from newly created black/gray markets or DIY
- 21% of cigarette quitters and 50% who still smoke would resume or increase smoking
- 5% would quit using nicotine vapor products and tobacco products

Guy Bentley: FDA could trigger massive e-cig black market, turn vapers back to smoking

Mike Siegel: National survey confirms that FDA e-cigarette regulations would renormalize smoking

THR Education

E-Research Foundation posts 2015 TMA conference presentations

Canadian Dr. Brian Goldman: Spin, Science and E-Cigarettes

THR Research

New study finds smokers with high blood pressure who switched to vaping significantly reduced their blood pressure

Konstantinos Farsalinos: Switching from smoking to e-cigarette use leads to improvement in blood pressure

New Polosa et al study finds smokers who quit smoking by switching to vaping temporarily gained weight, but then lost it within a year.

Study: E-cigarettes could help smokers avoid weight gain when they quit

US Congress

US Senate HELP Cmte approves Obama nominee Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner

US House approves bill (S 142) to require child resistant packaging for e-liquid, vaping industry voices its support (despite only several cases of nicotine poisoning among children that Obama’s DHHS, other e-cig opponents and the news media greatly exaggerated to shock/scare the public to lobby to ban all vapor products and vaping)

SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera interviews US Rep. Duncan Hunter about vaping

FDA E-cig Deeming Ban

FDA’s Stephen Ostroff advocates cigarette protecting e-cig sales ban, absurdly claims “Like everything we do at FDA, this policy will be based on a thorough scientific evaluation of how individual products in each category may affect public health.”

Vaping enthusiasts say proposed e-cig regulations from FDA will ‘decimate’ industry

SFATA to host fly-in Feb 3 & 4 to DC to urge Congress to reject FDA e-cig deeming ban

AEMSA submits comments to OMB/OIRA critiquing FDA e-cig deeming ban

CASAA comments on FDA proposed “intended use” regulation of e-cigs

Michael Tennant: Obama’s 4,000 Regulation Dash

CDC Lobbies for FDA E-cig Ban

CDC infographic falsely insinuates (despite no evidence) e-cig ads target youth, can cause nicotine addiction and lead to cigarette smoking to lobby for FDA deeming reg
(that would ban the sale of >99.9% of nicotine vapor products to US adults)

VA Lobbies for FDA E-cig Ban

US Dept of Veterans Affairs amends deceitful e-cig press release (a week after it generated many false fear mongering news stories) with a two sentence clarification, but then adds two more sentences that repeat the agency’s false and misleading claims

Mike Siegel: In Press Release “Correction,” VA researcher reiterates that smoking may be no more hazardous than vaping

VA researcher Jessica Wang-Rodriguez (who misrepresented findings of her e-cig study and lied about the negligible risks of e-cigarettes in a VA press release) is being investigated for harassing and discriminating against another VA employee (page 5)

Coauthor of VA e-cig junk study Laura Alexander has previously lied about e-cigs to confuse and scare the public about vaping

Fergus Mason: New study shows e-cigs are safer than tobacco smoke . . . but scientist and journalists ignore the inconvenient truth, and say something completely different

Bradley Fikes – E-cig reporting: What went wrong
Flawed, slipshod journalism misrepresented study

Bradley Fikes: The factual haze over vaping
UK Telegraph, city of Chicago offer alarmism instead of sober science

Daily Mail touts fraudulent VA funded e-cig study and other junk science on e-cigs

DHHS funded junk scientists lobby for FDA e-cig deeming ban

Clive Bates: Who will be duped by error-strewn ‘meta analysis’ of e-cigarette studies
(this post exposes the junk meta-analysis by Glantz et al below)

Expert reaction to meta analysis looking at e-cigarette use and smoking cessation

Lancet publishes junk meta-analysis of e-cig studies by FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz et al to falsely claim (yet again) that e-cigs don’t help smokers quit smoking

UCSF press release and Glantz tout fraudulent FDA/NIH funded meta-analysis on e-cigs, falsely claim e-cigs don’t help smokers quit

News media repeat false conclusion of Glantz’ junk meta-analysis without any fact checking, and with even more false claims about vaping

E-cig prohibitionist Simon Chapman touts Glantz’ fraudulent e-cig meta-analysis

VA/FDA/NIH funded study from Yale finds vaping e-cigs containing alcohol did NOT cause any detectable alcohol in blood of vapers, but authors falsely conclude that those who vape e-cigs containing alcohol “may be at increased risk of accidents.”

News media repeats false fear mongering claims about US government funded Yale alcohol vaporizer junk study without any fact checking

Mike Siegel: Yet another e-cig study draws conclusions that are unsupported by the actual data; This time, researchers claim vaping can cause car crashes (also exposes undisclosed financial conflicts of interests by two authors funded by Pfizer)

NCI funded UPMC’s Brian Primack greatly exaggerates hookah risks yet again to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming ban

Legacy lobbies for FDA e-cig ban and taxing e-cigs same as cigarettes

Legacy submits objective comments on e-cigarette research to FDA’s scientific docket in July, but urges FDA to impose the deeming reg (that bans >99.9% of nicotine e-cigs)

Legacy so-called fact sheet on ENDS falsely claims all e-cigs contain nicotine and all vapers are nicotine users (despite four surveys finding that most nonsmokers and teens who used an e-cig did NOT vape nicotine); fails to acknowledge that FDA deeming reg would ban the sale of >99.9% of nicotine vapor products to adult vapers and smokers.

Legacy’s Robin Koval advocates taxing lifesaving e-cigs at same rate as deadly cigarettes


FDA’s CTP and CDER send warning letter via e-mail to (which appears to be located outside the US) notifying company its website contains violations of the TCA and FDCA. Ironically, many cigarettes sold on that website have larger health warnings than those on cigarettes sold in the US because Obama’s FDA promulgated unconstitutional cigarette warnings that were struck down in federal court several years ago, then FDA decided that banning e-cigs was a higher priority than fulfilling its Congressional mandate for constitutional graphic cigarette pack warnings.

FDA issues No-Tobacco-Sales-Orders to four retailers to stop them from selling tobacco (for several weeks) due to multiple violations of TCA over a 36 month period.

FDA Calls for Applications for Tobacco Regulatory Science Fellowship to fund more people to deceitfully tout FDA’s cigarette protecting policies (including its banning and demonizing of lifesaving vapor products) as scientifically based public health regulation.


Maine Joint Standing Committee on Taxation schedules 1/13/16 public hearing on bill (HP0670) that would tax lifesaving e-cigs at same rate as deadly cigarettes to discourage
smokers from switching and deceive public to believe e-cigs are as harmful as cigarettes

CASAA urges Maine vapers to oppose proposed tax on vapor products

Maine Rep. Jeff McCabe withdraws bill to tax vapor products prior to 1/13/16 hearing

New Mexico bill (SB 77) would impose 66% tax on lifesaving vapor products and OTP, increase cigarette tax from $1 to $2.66/pack

New Mexico considers new tax on e-cigarettes

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposes extreme tax hikes on RYO, low risk cigars, and very low risk smokeless tobacco products to fund summer school for teens

CA Dental Association to give $1 million to ballot initiative campaign to increase cigarette tax by $2/pack, and to tax all lifesaving vapor products and similarly very low risk smokeless tobacco products at same rate (to discourage smokers from quitting)

Karen Selick – Another taxing hot potato for Canadian politicians: e-cigarettes

E-Cig Ads and Bans

Mike Siegel: New study provides experimental evidence that e-cigarette advertising does not renormalize smoking

DHHS funded RTI junk study claims teens who think e-cig ads are effective are more likely to vape to confuse, scare and lobby for e-cig ad ban

SRM touts CDC’s politicized junk e-cig advertising study in push poll to doctors, then claims 90% of doctors believe e-cig ads should be banned just like cigarette ads.

E-cig Flavorings and Flavoring Ban

Study finds nonsmoking teens have far lower interest in flavored e-cigs (.41 on scale from 0-10) and teen interest didn’t vary by type of flavoring; finds adult smokers far more interested in e-cig flavorings (1.73), and that smokers who reported using an e-cig in past month reported the greatest interest in flavored e-cigs.

St. Paul (MN) enacts ordinance to ban sale of thousands of different e-liquid flavors, while exempting tobacco, menthol, mint, and wintergreen (so >99% of cigarettes are exempt from flavoring sales ban). Vape and tobacco shops that derive 90% of revenue from vapor or tobacco products are exempt from flavoring ban.

Mike Siegel: City of St. Paul takes cowardly political move that is a public health sham;
Anti-smoking groups supporting law should be ashamed

Thomas Briant: Facts to not support flavoring bans
NATO data show St. Paul flavoring ban will cost retailers $13 million

Smoking/Vaping Bans

California Assemblyman Kevin McCarty introduces bill (AB 1594) to ban vaping and smoking at all CA owned universities and community colleges

CASAA issues Call to Action urging Alameda County (CA) vapers to urge Supervisors to reject proposed vaping ban and vapor retailer licensure bills.

Ames (IA) considers vaping ban

Boston Public Health Commission repeatedly lies about lifesaving vapor products in comments urging HUD to ban vaping in all public housing units in US, which would further protect cigarette markets, threaten public health, deny basic civil and human rights, while being unenforceable and creating more hatred of Big Government.!documentDetail;D=HUD-2015-0101-0355

FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz urges HUD to ban vaping in public housing (in response to HUD’s proposal to ban smoking, and asking for comments about banning vaping)

Retail licensure

See CASAA CTA above for Alameda County

Oregon Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson proposes tobacco retail licenses costing $300

Minimum Age Laws

Lynn Kozlowski: A policy experiment is worth a million lives (advocates raising minimum age for cigarette sales to 21, but keeping a lower minimum age for far lower risk vapor and smokeless tobacco products)

NJ Assembly approves bill (S 602) to increase minimum age for sale of deadly cigarettes, far less harmful OTP and lifesaving vapor products from 19 to 21 years, sent to governor

Chicago Mayor Emanuel proposes increasing minimum age for sales of all tobacco products (and probably lifesaving vapor products) from 18 to 21 years

Hiring Discrimination

CASAA Call to Action urges Miami Beach (FL) vapers to urge City Commissioners to reject a proposed NO HIRING policy for anyone who uses nicotine (except for nicotine products marketed by Big Pharma)

Smokeless Tobacco

Brad Rodu – Chewers and dippers: Beware bogus mouth cancer claims by dentists and others

Brad Rodu – Attack on e-cigarettes as gateway products draws from same old playbook

Secondhand Smoke

CDC study finds half of teens still exposed to 2nd hand smoke (due partly to the 7 year cigarette protecting War on Vaping by Obama’s CDC, other DHHS agencies, Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP, Pediatrics, Legacy and Democrats).


Whistlblower sues GlaxoSmithKline after being fired for exposing mistakes in nicotine product studies


Superior Health Council of Belgium makes recommendations on e-cigarettes

Vapers petition German Parliament to reject Article 20 of the EU TPD (i.e. e-cig rules)

UK MHRA issues consultation “Regulatory fees for e-cigarettes” for implementation of EU TPD e-cig regulations, deadline for consultation January 29, 2016

UK DOH issues “Government response to the consultation on implementation of the revised Tobacco Products Directive”, including e-cigarettes

More junk science, propaganda and lies

Carl Phillips – The key fact about ecig junk science: “public health” is a dishonest discipline

Mike Siegel: American Heart Association expresses disappointment that kids are moving away from smoking

Carl Phillips – Utter innumeracy: Six impossible claims about tobacco most “public health” people believe before breakfast

Mike Siegel: Groups continue to spread false and misleading information about e-cigs

The Conversation publishes yet another deceitfully biased op/ed lying about vaping, Warwick University (UK) activists repeat many disproved false claims about vaping, absurdly claim e-cigs don’t help smokers quit because some vapers don’t quit smoking

Dick Puddlecote: All things not being equal (critiques claims by Warwick Univ. activists)

Univ. of Miami Pediatrician Judy Schaechter repeats false fear mongering about e-cigs

- Bill Godshall

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