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Bill Godshall Update 2016-02-03

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - February 3rd, 2016


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THR Business

Altria reports estimated .5% cigarette volume decline for US cigarette industry in 2015
(that was due largely to DHHS’ escalating War on Vaping and sharply reduced gasoline prices); reports 2.6% cigarette volume decline for PM USA in 4Q15 and a 0.5% volume increase in 2015, reports 4% smokeless tobacco volume increase for USSTC in 4Q15 and a 2.5% increase in 2015.

Altria planning 450 job cuts, with 200-250 in its Richmond-area operations

Vapor Product Advocacy and Education

Vapor Technology Association announces its launch

David Sweanor: E-cigarettes, nicotine and public health

Brad Rodu: It’s too early to prove absolute safety, but smokers shouldn’t wait to vape

Studies clearing smoke around e-cigarettes (Canada)

US Packaging Restrictions

Obama signs bill (S 142) requiring child resistant packaging for e-liquid

VTA issues guidance on S 142


Brad Rodu: Bootleggers, Baptists and E-cigarettes

US Senator Bernie Sanders blocks nomination of Robert Califf for FDA Commissioner
US Senators Manchin and Ayotte announce opposition to Robert Califf for FDA Cmsnr

FDA proposes conducting more studies “about how consumers understand and perceive tobacco products marketed as modified risk tobacco products (MRTPs).” But since FDA (and other DHHS agencies) have intentionally deceived the public to believe smokeless tobacco and vapor products are just as harmful as cigarettes since 2009, the agency will likely utilize these new studies to deny future MRTP applications.

FDA CTP announces purported public workshop on April 4-5 entitled “Biomarkers of Potential Harm” to further bury the consistent scientific and empirical evidence that smokeless tobacco and vapor products are 99% less harmful than cigarettes

Government Funds Promotion of FDA Deeming Ban

- US Government Funded Junk Science, Propaganda and Lobbying for FDA Deeming Ban

NIH/NIDA funded study finds levels of benzaldehyde in vaped cherry flavored e-liquid are >1,000 times lower/safer than OSHA workplace limits, and is >43,000 times lower/safer than OSHA limits in other flavored e-liquid). But anti vaping propagandist Maciej Goniewicz and Rosswell Park press release grossly misrepresent study’s findings to news media to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming ban, other anti vaping legislation and more DHHS anti vaping grant money for themselves.

Lazy, stupid and duped news media repeat false fear mongering claims by DHHS funded Goniewicz and Rosswell Park about flavored vapor products study’s findings.

US Dept of Veterans Affairs funded vaping opponents publish another inapplicable follow-up study on cells and mice to falsely conclude e-cigs may be toxic to humans to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming ban, anti vaping legislation and more federal grant money for themselves. VA funded activist Laura Crotty Alexander and USCD press release grossly misrepresent the study as evidence e-cigs “can directly kill lung cells”.

Daily Mail touts outrageous claims about vaping by VA funded Laura Crotty Alexander

In 2014 and 2015, VA funded Laura Crotty Alexander tried to create a similar public panic by falsely claiming e-cigs can cause MRSA based upon an inapplicable cell study, and then failed to respond to important questions asked by skeptical commenters.

Laura Crotty Alexander also coauthored the recent VA funded study (finding cells that lived 8 weeks in vaping e-liquid died within 24 hours in cigarette smoke) that was outrageously misrepresented to the news media (by the purportedly corrected VA press release and by lead author Jessica Wang-Rodriguez) as finding e-cigarettes are toxic.

Guy Bentley: Read the stunning correction this scientist dropped on her own anti-e-cig study

US Government Waste

Obama and Biden propose spending $1 Billion on “cancer moonshot” even though FDA’s vapor product Deeming Ban would cause millions of more cancer deaths that could be easily prevented if White House rejects FDA Deeming Ban and if DHHS truthfully informs Americans that vapor products are far less harmful than cigarettes

22nd Century announces recent delivery of 4.95 million low nicotine cigarettes to NIDA, and announces that more than 22 million low nicotine cigarettes have been delivered to NIDA (all of which were paid for by US taxpayers at higher costs than other cigarettes)

Responsible Vapor Product Regulation

Belgian Public Health Minester Maggie de Block is scheduled to introduce legislation that would legalize sale of vapor products to anyone 16 years or older.

Washington Senate holds hearing on bill (SB 6328) that would reasonably regulate vapor product sales and use, many vapers and vapor companies endorse bill.


Right to Be Smoke-Free Coalition filed Motions for Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions and Summary Judgement in the US District Court for the Southern District of Indiana arguing that Indiana’s crony capitalist law (banning sales of vapor products made by virtually all e-liquid manufacturers) violates the US and Indiana Constitutions.

Lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade (FL) against Vaping American Made Products by 21 year old who was injured when a vapor product exploded


ATR: 2016 Excise Tax Rates and Threats to Vapor Products in the States

Guy Bentley – Mapped: States most vulnerable to e-cigarette taxes in 2016

Indiana House approves bill (HB 1001) that would increase cigarette tax by $1/pack (from $.995/pack to $1.995/pack) to fund road repairs and maintenance

NM Senate Cmte holds 1/29 hearing on bill (SB 77) to impose 66% tax on vapor products, increase OTP tax from 25% to 66%, increase cigarette tax from $1.66 to $2.66/pack.
CASAA urges NM vapers to urge NM Senators to reject taxing vapor products

Oregon bill (HB 4062) protects cigarettes by imposing 50% tax on lifesaving vapor products, public hearing scheduled February 3.
CASAA issues Call to Action for Oregon vapers.

Hawaii bills (SB 2691 & HB 1951) would impose unspecified tax on vapor products
CASAA issues Call to Action urging Hawaii vapers to attend 2/6 Senate Committee meeting to oppose SB 2691
OK Gov. Mary Fallon proposes increasing cigarette tax from $1.03 to $2.53/pack

SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera: Taxing e-cigarettes will backfire on public health (CA)

Eric Boehm: Liberal billionaire, public-sector unions push for higher taxes on tobacco, e-cigarettes (CA)

Fresno Bee editorial protects cigarettes by advocating outrageous taxes on lifesaving vapor products, repeating false fear mongering claims, urging FDA deeming ban (CA)

Vaping Bans

Vermont bill (H 171) would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned

CASAA asks Vermont vapers to submit testimony against vaping ban to VT House Cmte

Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford scraps proposed workplace vaping ban, but
new proposal would still ban vaping at restaurants and many other unwarranted locations

Ashland (KY) officials ignore evidence, protect cigarettes by banning workplace vaping

Calgary (Alberta) officials claim their unwarranted vaping ban that regulates lifesaving vapor products the same as deadly cigarettes is successful, but city’s evaluation never considered the ban’s negative impact on vapers and smokers

Smokeless Tobacco Ban

Los Angeles City Council enacts unenforceable ban on the use of very low risk smokeless tobacco at sports venues and city parks

Big Pharma funded CTFK touts LA smokeless tobacco use ban (that exempts NRT products marketed by CTFK’s financiers)

Minimum Age Laws

Washington House Health Cmte approves bill (HB 2313) to increase minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP from 18 to 21;

Washington Senate Commerce and Labor Cmte holds hearing on bill (SB 6157) to increase minimum age for sales of vapor products, cigarettes and OTP from 18 to 21.

Criminalizing Youth

IL Gov. Bruce Rauner signs bill to punish youth who are caught possessing a vapor product with up to $100 fine and 30 hours of community service (despite no evidence that vaping has ever harmed anyone).

California Marijuana Legalization

California NORML issues guide to the Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016

FDA/NIH financed prohibitionist Stan Glantz demonizes marijuana, lobbies against CA’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016; Analysis deceitfully claims business and public health are incompatible, claims legalization would create another tobacco industry, ignores massive problems created by marijuana prohibition.

Same CA news that have repeated Glantz’ many lies about vaping as factual now tout Glantz’ demonization of marijuana and opposition to legalization

Lawfirm representing proponents of California’s Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016 send letter to Stan Glantz and Rachel Barry criticizing their inaccurate analysis and criticisms of the ballot initiative to legalize marijuana.

CA Medical Association backs marijuana legalization, while simultaneously campaigning to excessively tax and ban the use of THC vaporizers

Movie Censorship

After urging nations to ban lifesaving vapor products, World Health Organization issues report (based on Glantz propaganda) claiming movies prompt kids to smoke, urging R rating on all movies showing a smoker (to financially punish movies that show smoking)

Emine Saner: Snuffed out – the kids’ classics that would be censored by a smoking ban

Public Health Incompetence

Vaping prohibitionist and former NYC Health Commissioner Tom Farley (who has made many false claims about vaping) appointed as new Philadelphia Health Commissioner

2015 Alaska YRBS finds 18% of high school students reported past-30-day use of a vapor product; But Alaska Health Dept protects cigarettes by making many false claims about lifesaving vapor products, including falsely claiming they are all tobacco products.

THR Research

Carl Phillips & Igor Burstyn – Sunday Science Lesson: 13 common errors in epidemiology writing

Clinical trial finds smokers given three weeks of disposable nicotine e-cigs were far more likely than smokers given placebo e-cigs to reduce cigarette consumption by 50%

Guy Bentley: Experiment finds smokers using e-cigarettes significantly cut down on tobacco

Smoking Cessation Research

Study finds telephone counseling ineffective at reducing teen smoking

Mike Siegel: Researchers fail to disclose conflicts of interest with Big Pharma and appear to hide their financial relationships

Mike Siegel – Violation of conflict of interest principles and seemingly dishonest disclosures confirmed: Authors should have revealed past history of funding from Big Pharma

Mike Siegel – More on failed disclosures: Even former tobacco industry-funded scientists disclose their past history of financial conflicts

Study finds mailing lots of free nicotine patches to smokers resulted in a self reported 8% quitting rate vs 3% for smokers who weren’t mailed free patches, but biochemically validated abstinence was confirmed for just 2.8% of smokers who received free patches.

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Sacramento Bee publishes yet another article that makes fraudulent claims about nicotine and vaping, this time claiming nicotine and vaping can cause hearing loss

ACSH’s Gil Ross: E-cigarettes cause hearing loss? Really? How?

Legacy study greatly exaggerates risks of cigars and marijuana to demonize use of blunts, many/most of which, like vapor products, would be banned by FDA deeming regulation

Legacy feigns concern for black smokers, portrays them as victims instead of truthfully informing them that vapor products (which Legacy has urged FDA to ban since 2009) are far less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

Guy Bentley: Scientist exposes ‘sham’ methodology linking e-cigarettes to smoking


- Bill Godshall

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