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Bill Godshall Update 2016-02-10

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - February 10th, 2016

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Coalition letter to US Congress opposes absurd FDA Deeming Regulation

Regulations threaten e-cigarettes

FDA requests $5.1 billion for 2017, including $75 million for ‘cancer moonshot’ even as far more cancer deaths can be prevented if White House simply rejects FDA’s cigarette protecting Deeming ban on lifesaving vapor products

US Government Propaganda

- Government funded propaganda lobbying for FDA Deeming ban

FDA/NIH funded study interviewing 50 adult vapers finds:
- 66% have no intention of quitting vaping
- 96% had ever smoked cigarettes, 54% quit smoking, and 42% smoked in past month
- 57% of past month smokers reported smoking cigarettes on <5 days in past month,
- 48% of vapers who smoked in past month intend to quit smoking,
- 68% of vapers first used closed system products, and 84% currently use open systems,
- closed systems were criticized as “unsatisfying, cheap, or not producing enough vapor”,
- many different flavors of vapor products were used by most vapers,
- many vapers said that flavorings were important in helping them quit smoking,
- nearly all vaped multiple times daily, and
- 34% of vapers reported reducing the nicotine levels they vape.
But while wisely recommending surveillance metrics monitor vaping frequency (i.e. 1-4 times/day, 5-9 times/day, 10-19 times/day, and 20 or more times/day) along with “past month” and “ever” use, the FDA/NIH funded authors falsely claimed FDA’s Deeming Reg (that bans >99.9% of nicotine vapor products) “is a crucial next step to assessing their potential harm,” focused on negative comments by participants, and criticized participants who didn’t know exact amount of nicotine and e-liquid they vaped.

UCSD article misrepresents VA funded mouse vaping study, co-author Laura Crotty Alexander deceitfully attributes findings to humans “The study showed that if you inhale e-cigarette vapor for an hour a day, five days a week for a month, your lungs do change,” criticizes objective studies funded by vapor product companies as conflicts of interest.

DHHS funded Mayo Clinic’s Jon Ebbert repeats false claims about VA funded mouse vaping study to confuse, scare and lobby for vapor product bans and vaping bans
Note that Mayo’s Jon Ebbert has demonized very low risk smokeless tobacco for years
and previously misrepresented vaping’s many health benefits and negligible risks

Rhode Island Dept of Health’s Nicole Alexander-Scott and Brown University’s Amanda Jamieson (both funded by DHHS) lie about vapor products to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA’s deeming ban, vaping bans and other cigarette protecting policies.

Mike Siegel: Mayo Clinic and Rhode Island Department of Health add themselves to the growing list of groups claiming smoking is no worse than vaping

E-cigarettes: Can they help people quit? (BBC show critiques Stan Glantz’ fraudulent meta-analysis published by Lancet that deceitfully assumed every smoker who “ever used” a vapor product did so to quit smoking).

AVA: Irresponsible reporting on new study of benzaldehyde in cherry e-cigarettes

More DHHS Fearmongering

- False Fearmongering claims about vaping by DHHS funding recipients

Washington State DOH protects cigarettes, threatens lives of vapers and smokers by lying about lifesaving vapor products

Mike Siegel – Washington State Department of Health bemoans the fact that smokers are switching to e-cigarettes: Tells them smoking is no more hazardous than vaping

AVA – Anti-Smoking Expert: WA DOH’s Vaping Advice is Public Health Malpractice

Pharma Shill ALA - More Spin

- Big Pharma shill ALA criticizes US and States for NOT protecting NRT and cigarettes

American Lung Association’s 14th tobacco report card gets mostly Fs, attacks federal and state governments yet again for not protecting NRT and cigarettes markets by:
- lobbying for FDA Deeming Reg that bans >99.9% of lifesaving nicotine vapor products and for deceitfully claiming FDA’s proposal protects public health
- lobbying to tax very low risk smokefree alternatives at same rate as cigarettes
- lobbying to ban vaping under guise of banning smoking
- lobbying for more State taxpayer money to further demonize vaping, OTP, etc.
- lobbying for more taxpayer and insurance subsidization of Big Pharma drugs
- deceitfully claiming all vapor products used by teens and adults are tobacco products
(as ALA knows the 2015 MTF found that <20% of teen vapers reported vaping nicotine)

News media hype ALA’s deceitful self serving tobacco report card grades (that lobbies to ban lifesaving vapor products, protect cigarettes, and hawk ineffective drugs sold by ALA’s financiers) without fact checking or objective analysis.

Big Pharma shill ALA keeps protecting cigarettes by lying about vaping

Mike Siegel: American Lung Association gives middle finger to vapers who have quit or are trying to quit smoking

US Military

Obama’s Pentagon intolerantly bans use of lifesaving vapor products, very low risk smokeless tobacco, low risk cigars and very harmful cigarettes at ALL military medical campuses worldwide to punish/stigmatize users and to deceive the public to believe all nicotine and tobacco products are as harmful as cigarettes (aka Tobacco Free Living)

US HUD Smoking and Vaping Ban

Public housing agencies call HUD’s proposed smoking and perhaps vaping ban an unfunded mandate, request several more years before implementation


Ministers from 12 nations sign Trans Pacific Partnership

Ryan says TPP trade deal short on votes in Congress

US Litigation

US Court again rejects frivolous class action lawsuit against NJOY

US Judge Gladys Kessler orders five corrective cigarette statements for DOJ lawsuit, calls cigarette industry delay tactics “ridiculous”

Price / Miles Marlboro Lights class action plaintiffs petition US Supreme Court with Writ of Certiorari

More THR Politics and Advocacy

Norquist: ‘Vapes’ to determine the next president

Zvi Herzig debunks false claims by McKee & Capewell attacking PHE on vaping in BMJ

Dr. James Felson: Public health hang-up on e-cigs makes little sense

Harvard medical ethicist Daniel Wikler presents at Institute for Future Studies
E-cigs and ethics. An analysis and a proposal

David Sweanor – Disruptive Technologies: Vaping and Ride-Sharing
(presentation at Canadian Constitutional Foundation’s 2016 Law & Freedom Conference)

E-cigarettes Picking Up Steam in Ottawa

Saskatchewan Health Minister Dustin Duncan acknowledges the many health benefits of vaping, rejects proposal by fear mongering vaping opponents to ban vaping

Welsh Liberal Democrats leader Kirsty Williams criticizes Health Minister Mark Drakeford for continuing to push vaping ban instead of improving access to doctors

THR Business

E-cigs fastest growing industry in the UK

E-cig retailers see hot sales as tobacco users seek to quit (MO)

Philip Morris International reports 2.4% cigarette shipment volume decline in 4Q15, and a 1% volume decline in 2015.

Japan Tobacco International reports 3% cigarette shipment volume decline in 4Q15, and a 1% volume decline in 2015.

Vapor Product Research

European Commission Study confirms findings by Farsalinos et al that high levels of aldehydes are created by vaping only during “dry puff” conditions

State Legislation

Tackling tobacco: January 2016 legislative and regulatory roundup

Sound Vapor Product Regulation

Washington Senate Health Cmte amends/approves bill (1st Substitute SB 6328) that would reasonably regulate vapor product sales and use.

Vapor Product Prohibition Disguised As Regulation

Georgia e-liquid prohibition bill (HB 907) nearly identical to Indiana monopoly law would ban sales of all e-liquid unless manufacturer spends a fortune to comply with unwarranted requirements; sponsored by same company that lobbied to enact IN law.

CASAA alert urges Georgia vapers to oppose bill (HB 907) to ban e-liquid sales


PA Gov. Wolf proposes 2016/17 budget with another $1/pack cigarette tax hike and 40% tax on low risk OTP and lifesaving vapor products; GOP Legislators criticize proposal.

Oregon bill (HB 4062) would impose 50% tax on vapor products and e-liquid

Illinois law preempts Chicago from increasing tobacco taxes

Chicago City Council Finance Cmte fails to approve Mayor Emanuel’s proposed bill to tax OTP and raise the legal minimum age for sales of tobacco and vapor products to 21.

Campaign to raise tobacco tax in Missouri caught in anti-abortion snag (MO)

Local Regulation

CASAA urges Alameda County (CA) vapers to oppose bill to regulate vapor as tobacco
Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisors further postpone proposed vapor ordinance until September.

Smokeless Tobacco Use Ban

NY City Council bill would ban adult use of smokeless tobacco in baseball stadia

Minimum Age Laws

WA vapers and vapor companies testify against bill (SB 6157) that would increase minimum age for vapor (and tobacco) product sales from 18 to 21 years

WA House Health Cmte approves bill (HB 2313) to increase minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP from 18 to 21.

NJ Senate Health Cmte approves bill (S 359) to increase the minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and lower risk OTP from 19 to 21.

CASAA urges Albany County (NY) vapers to oppose bill that would raise minimum age for vapor product and smokeless tobacco sales from 18 to 21, public hearing February 23.


Clive Bates: TPD implementation – maximizing harm by going beyond the minimum
(Austria has proposed banning internet sales of vapor products and banning smokeless tobacco products other than snus)

E-cigarette laws are changing soon and you need to know about them

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy criticizes plain pack cigarette legislation
"If we accept the neutral cigarette packet, in six months you will be offered a neutral bottle of wine, and this will be the end of our names; it will be the end of our land; it will be the end of our know-how. Tomorrow, ‘fundamentalists’ will demand a neutral bottle for wines. Then neutral cheese.”


Cigarette prohibitionist Kathryn Barnsley tries to scare readers to endorse proposal to create massive black market for untaxed and unregulated cigarettes; Godshall comments


Brian Doherty – World Health Organization: No kids should see films that show smoking

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

French study’s authors misrepresent surveillance evidence on vaping to falsely insinuate e-cigarettes have addicted many nonsmoking teens and don’t help smokers quit smoking.

Ontario Lung Association CEO George Habbib repeats many lies about vapor products, hawks Big Pharma drugs, fails to ethically disclose OLA’s financial conflicts of interest

Huff Post publishes yet another cigarette protecting op/ed that lies about vapor products, UVA School of Nursing’s Janie Heath repeats many false fear mongering claims

KY funded Melissa Patrick falsely claims vapor product use by children is increasing
(as 2015 MTF survey found vaping declined among US teens from 2014 to 2015)

National Jewish Health’s Amy Lukowski, CEH’s Michael Green, Dallas cardiologist Parin Parakh lie about vapor products to confuse, scare and ban the lifesaving products;
Thor Christensen repeats their lies without any fact checking..

Big Pharma shill ALA criticizes Leonardo DeCapria for vaping at SAG

AVA: ALA attacks Leonard DiCaprio for vaping – AVA says leave him alone


- Bill Godshall

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