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Bill Godshall Update 2016-02-18

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - February 18th, 2016


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Cigarette Harm Reduction Business

Yelp database includes names and locations of 10,591 “vape shops” in US

Reynolds American reports just a .1% volume decline for entire US cigarette industry in 2015, and only a .5% decline for 4Q15 (which were largely due to low gas prices and the escalating War on Vaping by Obama’s DHHS, Big Pharma shills and lefty Democrats); reports a 4.3% volume increase for American Snuff brands in 2015, and a 6% increase for 4Q15 (and a 2.5% increase for the US smokeless tobacco industry)

Imperial Tobacco changes name to Imperial Brands, reports 9.1% cigarette volume decline for 4Q15, with half of decline occurring in Syria and Iraq (and a 3% cigarette volume decline if recent US brand acquisitions of Kool, Salem, Winston are included)

Cigarette Harm Reduction

Ed Anselm: The e-cigarette barn door is open

Matt Ridley: Threat to vaping is backward step for UK

J. Robert Branston: How a softly-softly approach could make Big Tobacco turn over a new leaf

Push the tobacco industry to change through economic incentives

Industry Incentives ‘could lead to rapid end for cigarettes’

Alex Wodek: In the polarizing debate about vaping, we’ve forgotten to ask the right questions

Carl Phillips: In the debate about vaping, asking the wrong “right questions” (critiques Alex Wodek’s op/ed)

Cigarettes to e-cigarettes: How time has changed (Czech)

argvargen: The mask always slips (critique of Daniel Wikler’s speech)

Vaping Research

Study finds vapor products are effective harm reduction alternatives for smokers prior to surgery, finds 87% of participants tried vaping, and average daily consumption declining from 15.6 to 7.6 cigarettes. At 30 day followup, 17% of participants reported cigarette abstinence, and 51% of participants who vaped planned to continue vaping.

Letter by Kosmoder & Anastasi refutes data claims, debunks “conflict of interest” accusation of Pisinger & Dossing on industry sponsored vapor product research;
Ideology versus evidence: Investigating the claim that the literature on e-cigarettes is undermined by material conflict of interest

Smoking Cessation Research

New 2015 UK data finds 2.2 million vapers in UK, 38% of vapers quit smoking cigarettes (i.e. 836,000), and 97% of vapers are either smokers or exsmokers.
(beginning on page 7)

Clive Bates: Smoking and vaping in Britain? Show me the data!

ASH-UK’s Hazel Cheeseman and Queen Mary University’s Peter Hajek discuss new UK data on vaping and smoking cessation

UK data finds far more quit smoking attempts are now made with vapor products than with NRT products, prescription drugs, and NHS counseling services ALL combined; finds smoking cessation success rates increased as more smokers vape, and as fewer smokers used NRT and other government approved “tobacco treatment” drugs

Mike Siegel: Latest data from England refute argument that e-cigarettes do not help smokers quit

Brad Rodu: CDC Exaggerates smoking quitline success


Swedish Court rules that lifesaving vapor products are NOT medicines, overturns lower court ruling and prosecution by Läkemedelsverket, keeps products legal

The tobacco endgame: Radical proposals part of strategy to win faltering war on smoking

Marni Soupcoff: No one who still smokes cigarettes in 2016 is going to be moved by punitive measures

The War on Alcohol: Prohibition and the Rise of the American State, by Lisa McGirr

After the Drug Wars: Report of the London School of Economics expert group on the economics of drug policy

US Congress

US Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) vapes during House Transportation Cmte hearing to demonstrate that vaping isn’t smoking in opposition to amendment by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) to ban vaping ban on airlines, Cmte approved amendment 33-26.

CEI’s Marc Scribner: House Committee narrowly approves Eleanor Holmes Norton’s deadly e-cigarette science denialism

US DOT Sec. LaHood falsely claimed vaping was banned on airlines in February 2011 after being urged to do so by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
then DOT proposed a regulation to ban airline vaping on airlines by deceitfully and unlawfully redefining smokefree vaping as “smoking” in September 2011 at!documentDetail;D=DOT-OST-2011-0044-0003
then CASAA and CEI sent comments to DOT pointing out the proposal was unlawful at
as did William Godshall and Smokefree Pennslylvania in November 2011
then in 2013 DOT again falsely claimed vaping was banned on airlines, while simultaneously claiming the agency would issue the Final Rule later that year
and in 2014 Democrat Sens. Boxer, Durbin, Blumenthal, Harkin, Brown, Markey, Reed urged DOT to issue the Final Rule, which has NOT occurred to date.

California Republican Duncan Hunter emerges as champion of e-cigarettes

Obama / Biden “Cancer Moonshot”

Former ACS CEO John Seffrin and others send VP Joe Biden letter pointing out that reducing cigarette smoking is most effective way to reduce cancer deaths, but Stan Glantz falsely claimed their letter advocated “Ending tobacco use” as best way to reduce cancer

US Military

US Department of Defense lies to recruits and public about risks of smokeless tobacco (which are 99% less harmful than cigarettes), demonizes products by calling them Spit


Judge rules against FDA’s charging of tobacco retailer for same violation twice

FDA solicits tobacco companies to participate in voluntary pilot program to help CTP to evaluate a potential new portal for submitting regulatory information to agency!documentDetail;D=FDA-2016-N-0160-0001

US DHHS funded junk science

- DHHS propaganda to lobby for FDA Deeming and vaping bans

FDA sends e-mail inviting thousands to attend SRNT meeting in Chicago on March 2-5, where many presentations will be made by CTP officials and activist researchers financed by FDA and other DHHS agencies to promote DHHS policy goals as scientifically based (including FDA’s Deeming Ban on >99.9% of lifesaving nicotine vapor products).

FDA/NIDA funded former OSH Director Michael Eriksen touts FDA Deeming Regulation (that protects cigarettes by banning >99.9% of nicotine vapor products) as beneficial for smoking cessation, misrepresents scientific and empirical evidence on health benefits vaping has provided for millions of vapers (Godshall comments)

Brad Rodu: Fueling the e-cigarette gateway crusade with tax dollars (debunks false claims by DHHS financed authors of junk study on Hawaii teens)

FDA/NIH/NIDA funded activists from VCU conduct secret air monitoring tests at vaping convention without permission (where hundreds, and perhaps thousands of vapers were vaping in the same room), inappropriately compare particles of vapor aerosol with those of tobacco smoke, and deceitfully claim the location was a “natural setting” in title of junk study to confuse, scare and lobby for vaping bans in all workplaces.

Clive Bates: Public health snoopers detect vapour aerosol at vape conference and fake particulates scare

Junk Science at AAAS

DHHS funded anti-vaping activists misrepresent inapplicable cell and mouse studies’ findings at AAAS conference as applying to humans to demonize products, confuse and scare public, and lobby for FDA Deeming and vaping bans (Ilano Jaspers mucous) (Judith Lelikoff mice) (Daniel Conklin mice)

NIH funded Univ of North Carolina press release hypes anti-vaping activist Ilano Jaspers fear mongering talk at AAAS, touts inapplicable cell study findings to demonize vaping

Univ of Louisville press release hypes anti-vaping activist Daniel Conklin’s talk at AAAS, misrepresents inapplicable mouse vaping study to claim vaping may cause cardiovascular disease in humans

Christopher Hassiotis issues press release hyping talks by Jaspers and Conklin at AAAS that misrepresented inapplicable cell and mouse vaping studies as applying to humans

Society for Science & the Public’s anti-vaping propagandist Janet Raloff deceitfully misrepresents findings of three inapplicable cell and mice studies (presented at AAAS) on vaping as applying to humans to further confuse and scare public about vaping.
Note previous propaganda by Janet Raloff and published by Society for Science & the Public that also misrepresented findings of DHHS funded research findings to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA Deeming and vaping bans

Yvette Brazier’s medicalnewstoday article hypes Jaspers’ false fear mongering claims about vaping at AAAS without any fact checking
Note that Brazier wrote two previous press releases/articles hyping false and misleading fear mongering claims about vaping by VA funded Laura Crotty Alexander and by CDC

DW’s Brigitte Osterath repeats fear mongering claims by 3 anti-vaping activists at AAAS about their inapplicable cell and mouse studies without fact checking (Germany)

Independent’s Steve Connor touts Judith Lelikoff’s inapplicable mouse study presentation at AAAS without any fact checking to scare public about vaping (UK)

Daily Mail’s Fiona McRae touts false fear mongering claims by Judith Lelikoff at AAAS, cites inapplicable mouse study to claim vaping by pregnant women could be worse than cigarette smoking for fetus (UK)

Daily Mail runs second article touting false fear mongering claims by Judith Lelikoff at AAAS meeting without any fact checking (UK)

SDSU Press Release

DHHS funded SDSU/UNC activists inaccurately use ENDS 100+ times to describe ALL vapor products (as many vapor products contain no nicotine, including most of those used by teens and nonsmokers) in study about understanding vaping terminology, tout junk science to demonize vaping and lobby for FDA deeming ban, waste lots of taxpayers’ money to discover that “vaping” has replaced “e-cigarettes” on internet searches.

DHHS funded SDSU press release demonizes and makes many false claims about vaping, exposes government funded activist’s ignorance of and contempt for vaping

Medical Daily’s Ed Cara touts nonsensical claims by DHHS funded SDSU’s John Ayers about vaping surveillance and internet searches

Clive Bates: Internet searches reflect vaping’s surge – and money was paid to discover this? (critiques SDSU press release that demonized vaping and exposed ignorance and intolerance of DHHS funded activists)

Carl Phillips: New FDA-funded @SDSU research establishes that public health researchers are remarkably dim

Why people shouldn’t be searching for what they are searching for (parody on SDSU)


Vapor prohibitionist Utah Rep. Paul Ray proposes bill (HB 333) to impose 86.5% tax on lifesaving vapor products (that would protects cigarette markets under the deceitful guise of protecting children and public health).

Jeff Stier goes to Utah to point out that vapor product taxes and other anti vaping legislation protects cigarettes and threatens public health

Utah Health Dept. and Rep. Paul Ray deceive, exploit teens to lobby for cigarette protecting tax on lifesaving vapor products

West Virginia Gov. Tomblin’s budget proposal (via SB 420 and HB 4494) would impose $.075/ml tax on all e-liquid (i.e. $2.25 for a 30ml bottle) including nicotine-free e-liquid and a 12% tax on vapor devices, increase cigarette tax from $.55 to $1/ pack, and increase OTP tax from 7% to 12%.

CASAA alert urges WV vapers to oppose Gov. Tomblin’s proposed vapor products taxes

WV Senate Finance Cmte amends bill (SB 420) to increase cigarette tax hike to $1.55/pack, approves bill, goes to full Senate

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker proposes 100% tax on lifesaving vapor products and OTP, and increasing cigarette tax from $2 to $3/pack (SB 133 and HB 304)

CASAA urges Alaska vapers to oppose Gov. Walker’s 100% tax proposal on vapor products: Senate Labor and Commerce Cmte to hold February 16 hearing

Alaska Senate Labor & Commerce Cmte discuss tobacco and vapor tax bill (SB 133)

Ketchikan Gateway (AK) Assembly bill would impose a $2/pack tax on cigarettes and a 50% tax on lower risk OTP and vapor products, would need approval by voters.

NATO’s Thomas Briant: Chicago Finance Committee approves amended tobacco ordinance (would increase minimum age for tobacco sales to 21, imposes huge taxes on
OTP products (that are far less harmful than cigarettes), increase fines for selling a single “loose” cigarette to $5,000 for first offense and $10,000 for subsequent violations (which is what led to Eric Garner’s choking death by NYC police)

Anti tobacco bill could put Chigago’s Eric Garner in jail


Florida jury holds Philip Morris and Reynolds liable for $9 million in compensatory, $5 million in punitive damages

New Hampshire man sues manufacturer Shenzen Kanger Technology Co. and local retailer Smokers Haven for damages after vapor product battery explodes.

Internet Sales Ban

WA House approves bill (HB 1645) to ban Internet sales of lifesaving vapor products to adult vapers and smokers, makes many false fear mongering claims about vapor products.

WA AG Bob Ferguson claims cigarette protection bill (HB 1645) that bans Internet sales of lifesaving vapor products to adult vapers and smokers would “protect our kids and allow consumers to make informed decisions”

News media misrepresent WA bill (HB 1645) to ban Internet sales of vaping products

Regulating Vapor as Tobacco

Alameda County (CA) Board of Supervisor’s table bill (to regulate vapor products as tobacco) until September, County Health Dept advocated regulating lifesaving vapor products the same as deadly cigarettes and touted misleading fear mongering claims

Idaho bill would regulate lifesaving vapor products as deadly cigarettes

Product Labeling

Colorado House Health Cmte rejects bill to require fear mongering warning labels on nicotine vapor products

Vaping Bans

Virginia Senate Cmte rejects 8-4 bill to ban vaping in restaurants and other public places

CASAA urges Vermont vapers to oppose bill (H 171) that would ban vaping in all workplaces despite no evidence of harm to public

Vermont Health Dept organizes teens to mislead lawmakers about vapor products

Smoking Bans

Virginia House approves bill (HB 1348) to ban smoking in cars with a child under 8.

University of Texas students protest 2 year old campus smoking ban by smoking

Minimum Age Laws

Bills to raise legal age for vapor and tobacco sales to 21 in Washington state stall

Toledo Blade (OH) editorial absurdly claims raising minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, very low risk smokeless tobacco and low risk OTP would improve health


OK Senate Health Cmte approves bill to allow changes in spending of settlement funds to


Government funded prohibitionists Stan Glantz and Rachel Barry criticize California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome for supporting marijuana legalization, and for criticizing the Barry/Glantz article that opposed marijuana legalization

Racial Profiling

Hypocrites at Legacy play race card again, demonize menthol, victimize blacks, while demonizing lifesaving vapor products and lobbying for FDA’s Deeming Ban

More Propaganda and Lies About Vaping

Monona Rossoll grossly misrepresents scientific research on vapor products, demonizes vaping and nicotine, advocates banning vaping.


Riccardo Polosa unanimously elected chair of workgroup on standards for e-cigarette emissions of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

Blu spokesman says EU TPD will benefit vaping industry, but fails to acknowledge the EU TPD benefits Blu by eliminating many vapor products made by its competitors

Plain Packaging

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key endorses plain packaging law for cigarettes despite no evidence Australia’s law reduced smoking or cigarette consumption

BAT to explore legal challenges against proposed NZ plain packaging cigarette law


- Bill Godshall

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