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Bill Godshall Update 2016-03-17

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - March 17th, 2016

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THR Research

Survey finds tobacco control advocates far more interested in banning vapor products, hawking Big Pharma drugs, and preserving their jobs than reducing cigarette smoking

FDA PATH study finds 54% of current smokers, 26% of recent former smokers, and just 3% of non-tobacco consumers are interested in reduced-harm products

FDA PATH study finds daily vapers account for a “very small percentage” of past-30-day vapers (confirming that all previous DHHS surveys have greatly exaggerated the number of vapers by including many experimenters), finds 84.1% of past-30-day vapers and 91.5% of daily vapers are former or current tobacco users, finds 63% of vapers 25 years and older vaped flavored products compared to 85% of vapers 12-17 years old (but no information was provided about what substance(s) were being vaped)

Study finds truthful ‘Not Blowing Smoke’ campaign created by volunteer THR activists more popular on Twitter than CA Health Dept’s taxpayer financed ‘Still Blowing Smoke’ campaign of lies to demonize, scare and lobby for vaping ban. But state financed researchers falsely referred to the CA Health Dept’s lies about vaping as “education”.

Survey finds most doctors at Univ. of St. Louis know very little about the health benefits vapor products have provided to millions of smokers and exsmokers, but that half of doctors see a role for e-cigs as part of a harm reduction strategy.

E-cigarettes now the most popular form of support to stop smoking (UK)

Poll shows two thirds of e-cigarette users quit smoking in Wales

Half of North-East (UK) smokers used e-cigarettes in an attempt to quit, study finds

BAT announces glo iFuse hybrid vapor/tobacco product that emits aerosol with similarly negligible levels of chemicals as BAT’s Vype ePen.

PMI presentations at SRNT conference

Thomas Briant: FDA study confirms youth reliance on social sources; only 14% of youths surveyed reported buying cigarettes themselves

Study finds cigarette smoking rate among Indian males doubled from 1998 to 2010 and increased four-fold among males 15-29 years as Indian Health Ministers and tobacco controllers have focused on demonizing and banning less harmful smokeless tobacco.

Vaping vs Smoking

Clive Bates: Harmful and negligent to ignore unintended consequences of e-cigarette policies

Michael Shaw: Let’s Save a Billion Lives

Suzie Gage exposes life and death differences between vaping and smoking (UK)

New Hampshire teen survey finds smoking rates declined as vaping increased, but news reporter and adults he interviewed conflate lifesaving vapor with deadly cigarettes

Cancer Scares Debunked

ACSH advisor Frank Schnell – War on Science: Bogus Human Carcinogens (dioxin, formaldehyde, and TCE)

ACSH medical director Lila Abassi: Everything causes cancer – if you listen to the NRDC (delineates evidence on and policy activism against formaldehyde)

Vapor Battery Risks

FDA identifies 92 events of vapor product battery overheating, fire and/or explosion in US prior to October 2015, identifies 47 mostly minor injuries, events peaked at 36 in 2013.

THR Business

Tobacco, left for dead, catches fire (article reveals that Obama DHHS policies and propaganda to ban vapor products and vaping has benefited the cigarette industry)

Can innovation halt the doom and gloom of e-cig sales? (this article is about e-cig sales by Nielsen tracked retailers, which account for shrinking minority of vapor product sales)

Patent Litigation

Fontham Ventures (Imperial) announces settlement with Nicoventures over German vapor product patent (regarding Ruyan/Dragonite patents bought by Fonthem Ventures)


Dozens of tobacco control extremist groups that lobbied Congress to enact the TCA (and have lobbied FDA to ban vapor products) send letter to FDA revealing they are far more interested in banning new low risk smokeless tobacco products than reducing smoking

FDA Deeming Ban

Large vapor companies agree FDA deeming ban would decimate vape shops

VTA vows to fight FDA vapor ban and junk science

DHHS funded lobbying for FDA Deeming ban and more

DHHS funds most SRNT abstracts that demonize vapor products, nicotine, OTP, flavorings, advertising, tobacco and vapor companies to lobby for FDA Deeming Ban

DHHS funded anti hookah activists’ junk study claims occasional shish/hookah smoking can be gateway to cigarette smoking to lobby for FDA deeming ban.

DHHS funded anti vaping activist researchers falsely claim 12 e-cigarette companies and their 19 e-cigarette brands comprise 98% of US market share (documenting their ignorance about vapor products), then claim companies are marketing to youth online

CDC publishes editorial by DHHS funded activists advocating banning many retailers from selling tobacco and vapor products, banning tobacco and vapor product displays and ads to create so-called “healthy stores”; fails to consider any concerns of manufacturers, retailers, customers, THR advocates, or the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

Legacy lies initiative touts CDC editorial advocating retail tobacco and vapor sales bans, tobacco and vapor product display and ad bans, cites Legacy coauthor of editorial

DHHS funded 22nd Century touts 15 studies at SRNT to lobby for regulations endorsing and mandating sales of company’s US government subsidized low nicotine cigarettes (that would cause many smokers to increase smoke inhalation and cigarette consumption)

CVS steps up War on THR

CVS to spend $50 million to partner with vapor prohibitionists to push intolerant “tobacco free generation” by deceiving public to believe lifesaving vapor products and very low risk smokeless tobacco (but not Big Pharma nicotine marketed by CVS) are just as harmful as deadly cigarettes.

Vapor Prohibition

South China Morning Post protects cigarettes by endorsing HKCOH’ call to ban sales of all vapor products in Hong Kong (nicotine vapor product sales are already banned)

Western Australian convicted of selling e-cigs online, fined $1,750 and order to pay $14,000 in court costs

Malaysian authorities have been raiding vape shops

Prohibition Repeal

Australian vapers urge Senate to legalize lifesaving vapor products

Former Australian Health Minister advisor Terry Barnes denounces country’s e-cigarette prohibition law, criticizes vaping opponents and legislators for “ban first, aks questions later” approach to lifesaving vapor products

ACT’s David Seymour advocates legalizing e-cigs in New Zealand


EU Finance ministers call for higher taxes on e-cigarettes

EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council comments on proposal to tax vapor products

CASAA urges Hawaii vapers to oppose bills to tax vapor products

CASAA urges RI vapers to oppose bill (SB 2284) to impose 80% tax on vapor products by redefining them as tobacco products

CASAA urges Kansas vapers to advocate amendment to delay vapor tax until 2017

Tobacco bills vaporized this year (Utah) including tax, minimum age and more regulation

Louisiana Senate approves, governor signs cigarette tax increase from $.86 to $1.08/pack

North Dakota ballot petition filed to raise cigarette tax from $.44 to $2.20/pack, raise tax on low risk OTP from 28% to 56%; 13,452 signatures needed to get initiative on ballot

Indiana’s E-liquid Manufacturing Monopoly Law

Hoosier Vapers asked to urge Gov. Mike Pence to veto e-liquid monopoly bill HB 1386

Indiana legislature once again bans market competition for e-liquid, reaffirms e-liquid monopoly law it enacted last year requiring all e-liquid manufacturers (who want to market their products to Indiana consumers) to sign five year contracts with same security company that aggressively lobbied to enact the law.

California Legislature

California Legislature approves cigarette protecting bills that ban vaping in workplaces, raise minimum age for sale of vapor (and tobacco) products to 21, redefine vapor as tobacco, deceive Californians to believe vapor products are as harmful as cigarettes.
Sponsors and public health frauds repeat disproved lies about vaping and vapor industry.

Vaping under 21 may soon be illegal but teens can still legally buy pot (CA)

‘Vaping Jezus’ slams California plan to equate e-cigarettes, tobacco

CASAA asks CA vapers to call Governor Brown and urge him to veto anti vaping bills

Chris Roberts: California’s War on Vape

As more marijuana smokers switch to smokefree vaping, ABC affiliate falsely claims pot/THC vapor cannot be smelled by others

Ontario Vaping Ban

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne protects cigarettes by proposing to ban vaping, and to also ban vaping of medical marijuana

Dave Sweanor interviewed by 1310News and CBC criticizing Ontario’s proposed cigarette protecting vaping ban

Ontario vape shop owner says banning vaping in vape shops will make it even harder for smokers to quit smoking

Changes to Smoke-Free Ontario Act could doom Windsor cannabis vaping lounge

Dave Sweanor: Ontario’s vaping policy: Did smoke get in their eyes?

Ottawa Sun editorial opposes Ontario Premier Wynne’s proposed vaping ban

Derek James From: Continuing Ontario’s campaign against vaping will cost lives

Dave Sweanor: Smoking, vaping and public health: Time to be creative (excellent article on the many health benefits of vaping in the Canadian Journal of Public Health)

Canadian Journal of Public Health also publishes cigarette protecting editorial promoting vaping bans by falsely claiming vaping hasn’t helped smokers quit, doesn’t reduce disease risks for smokers who switch, renormalizes smoking, and is harmful.

Other Vaping Bans

Welsh Assembly defeats proposed vaping ban by one vote

Vermont House approves bill (H 171) to ban vaping in vast majority of workplaces

VT vapor vendor Gaetano Putignano: A vote against e-cigarettes is a vote for smoking

AHA Vermont board member Jan Carney repeats many false fearmongering claims about vapor products to lobby for cigarette protecting vaping ban.

Adam Tredwell: Let smokers quit their own way (VT debunks Jan Carney’s false claims)

CASAA urges Rhode Island vapers to oppose bill (H 7664) to ban vaping in workplaces

ACT Health Minister to further protect cigarettes by banning vaping everywhere smoking is banned by falsely redefining “smoking” to include smokefree vaping (Australia).

Vaping and Smoking Bans

South Bend (IN) bill would ban smoking in bars and clubs, ban vaping in all workplaces, public hearing scheduled for March 28 than changed to March 29

Ansonia (CT) Board of Alderman remove vaping ban from proposed outdoor smoking ban after vapers requested the change

Smoking Bans

Virginia legislature bans smoking in cars with child under 8 years old, sent to governor

Romania implements smoking ban in workplaces and public places

Cigarette Protecting Flavoring Bans

Mike Siegel: Why are some Massachusetts Health Boards willing to protect youth smoking?

Rod Watson: Government really needs to butt out (about Erie County NY proposal to ban pharmacy sales of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP)

Mike Siegel: Proposed legislation in MA and in Erie County (NY) would prevent pharmacies from selling some smoking cessation products

Minimum Age Laws / Smokeless Ban

Chicago City Council approves legislation increasing minimum age for tobacco (but not vapor) sales to 21, banning adults from using low risk smokeless tobacco at sports events

Cubs unimpressed by Chicago chewing tobacco ban

Phil Rosenthal: City Council spit take: Move on MLB chewing tobacco a lot to swallow

Chicago Sun Times editorial opposes smokeless tobacco usage ban

Health economist Michael Pesko finds raising minimum age for sale of low risk vapor products to 21 could drive some teens to smoking far more harmful cigarettes instead, wisely recommends raising minimum age to 21 just for cigarettes.

Brad Rodu: Association of youth e-cigarette bans with increased smoking confirmed

Tim Worstall: Why are people so illogical about vaping?

Dr. Ed Anselm’s letter in NY Times recommends raising age minimum age for cigarette sales to 21, but not for low risk vapor products that have helped millions quit smoking

NJ Senate Budget and Approps Cmte approves bill (S 359) to increase minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP from 19 to 21.

After falsely accusing vapor industry of target marketing to youth, Washington state AG and Secretary of Health disappointed state legislature didn’t increase minimum age for sale of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP products to 21.


Clive Bates – Brexit: utopia, dystopia or PONCE?

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Dr. Margaret Cuomo (sister of NY Gov. Cuomo) protects cigarettes by falsely claiming vapor products are “at least as dangerous as tobacco cigarettes.”

Mike Siegel: Physician in Huffington Post video declares that smoking is no more harmful than vaping

Guy Bentley: Experts come out of the woodwork to slam Gov. Cuomo’s sister for huffpost video about e-cigs

Alabama Health Dept gives $80,000 grant to anti vapers to lie about and demonize lifesaving vapor products

Dr. Ross Morgan (chairman of ASH Ireland) falsely claims there is no evidence vaping helps smokers quit, and falsely claims vapor products are gateways to cigarettes.

Legacy lies initiative’s Robin Koval falsely claims cigarette attributable diseases, deaths and healthcare costs are caused by “tobacco-epidemic”, falsely attributes decline in smoking due to vaping to intolerant tobacco control campaigns.

Malaysian Health Minister falsely claims vaping doubles the health risks for cigarette smokers, and vapor products haven’t helped smokers quit

Lund University (Sweden) press release touts inapplicable cell and mice studies to claim (without any evidence) that nicotine can cause diabetes in humans

VOA hypes junk study falsely claiming 3rd hand smoke can cause diabetes

Authors falsely tell news media their study found cold turkey is most effective way to quit smoking, but all study participants were given NRT, none were given vapor products, and authors redefined cold turkey as including use of NRT.

Time, NPR and even ACSH repeat false claims about using NRT for cold turkey quitting

DHHS funded Stan Glantz cites unrelated NRT study to lie about vapor products again

After study finds three times more organic tweets supported vaping than opposed vaping, anti vaping authors conclude that anti vaping tweets “could aid in preventing non-smokers, adolescents and young adults from using e-cigarettes” but fail to acknowledge that anti vaping tweets could also discourage many smokers from quitting smoking.

Activist researchers claim e-cigs increase risk of asthma based on inappropriate survey (with no clinical, laboratory or even parental validation) of Korean high school students, then inappropriately compare data between never e-cig users, ever e-cig experimenters and past month e-cig users (many/most of whom were also e-cig experimenters).

DHHS funded vapor prohibitionist Stan Glantz touts junk study on e-cig experimentation and self reported asthma by Korean high school students

Big Pharma funded CTFK organizes thousands of kids nationwide to lie about vaping for their Kick Butts Day


- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2016-03-17