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Bill Godshall Update 2016-04-01

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - April 1st, 2016

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Vaping Research

One year follow-up study of asthmatic daily vapers confirms past findings of improved respiratory symptoms, lung function, AHR, ACQ and cigarette consumption decline.
Polosa R et al. Persisting long term benefits of smoking abstinence and reduction in asthmatic smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes.

Bradley Fikes: E-cigarettes appear much less risky than smoking, scientists say

Smoking Cessation Research

Brad Rodu: Clinical trials and errors blur consumer tobacco preferences

International Conference

Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland, June 17-18

THR Education and Advocacy

Jacob Sullum: Equating vaping with smoking is medical malpractice

View e-cigarettes as harm reduction, not health risk: Prof (Sweanor criticizes Health Canada’s cigarette protecting anti-nicotine propaganda and abstinence-only laws)

Hank Campbell: 1% of a $900 billion market has health officials baffled

Mike Siegel: CVS Health tells public that smoking is no more dangerous than vaping

Sarah Jakes: Vapers just want to have fun

Heat Not Burn Products - HnB

Marlboro kicks some ash: Philip Morris makes a device to heat – rather than burn – tobacco

Smoke without fire: Japan become test ground for real tobacco e-cigarette

FDA Deeming Ban

FDA’s Robert Califf falsely claims FDA bases its regulations on scientific evidence (after FDA unlawfully banned e-cigs in 2009, stated its intent to ban them again in 2011, and proposed banning them again in 2014), says FDA Deeming Regulation is among his top priorities, but fails to acknowledge it would protect cigarettes by banning vapor products.

ATR’s Paul Blair: It’s time for presidential candidates weigh overregulation of vapor products

NCI falsely claims cigars pose same disease risks as cigarettes to lobby for FDA Deeming Ban

Sheila Kaplan: The era of unregulated cigars may be going up in smoke

Other FDA

Brad Rodu: FDA smokeless tobacco campaign is incompatible with science-based regulation

22nd Century says FDA has formally acknowledged receipt of company’s MRTP application to falsely claim very low nicotine cigarettes are reduced risk products.


FTC issues 2013 reports on cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products


E-cigarette body tells Hong Kong officials to regulate industry, not ban its products


Florida Supreme Court rules for allowing punitive damages in Engle cases


Scott Drenkard: Vapor Products and Tax Policy (excellent analysis that finds no logical reason for taxing vapor products except to protect cigarettes from market competition)

Fiscal health before public health? Taxing e-cigarettes, a business decision - e-cigarette regulation is about replacing cash flow, not harm reduction

Guy Bentley: Local lawmakers left red faced after failure of e-cigarette tax (MD)

Why electronic cigarette taxes don’t work: Montgomery County (MD) e-cig tax falls 80% short of expectations

Vermont House approves bill (HB 879) to impose 92% tax on vapor products, sent to Senate

CASAA urges Vermont vapers to oppose 92% tax on vapor and smokeless tobacco

Vermont legislature may protect cigarettes with a 92% tax on lifesaving vapor products

North Dakota Sec of State approves for circulation ballot petition to impose 56% tax on lifesaving vapor products, increase cigarette tax from $.44 to $2.20/pack, and increase tax on less harmful OTP from 28% to 56%
Bismarck Tribune 3/29

Guy Bentley: High cigarette taxes and black market tobacco are funding global terrorism

Nebraska legislative committee rejects bill that would have increased cigarette tax

State tobacco tax roundup: March 2016

Licensure of Vapor Products

Washington State Senate and House approve bill (SB 6328) to require licenses for vapor retailers, require vapor product warnings, ban vaping in schools; sent to governor

Washington State AG Bob Ferguson and other vaping opponents endorse reasonable vapor product regulation legislation

Hoosier security: E-cigarettes bill creates mandated monopoly

Highland Park (NJ) Council preliminarily approves bill to protect cigarettes by imposing a $1,200 annual licensing fee on retailers who sell lifesaving vapor products.

Vaping Bans

Clive Bates: Vaping bans – asking the wrong question

CASAA urges Alaska vapers to oppose bill (HB 328) to ban vaping in workplaces

Alaska Senate approves bill (SB 1) to ban vaping and smoking in workplaces

CASAA urges Orange County (CA) vapers to oppose proposed vaping ban

CASAA urges South Bend (IN) vapers to oppose proposed workplace vaping ban

South Bend (IN) Council approves ban on vaping and smoking in workplaces (including vape shops)

Derek James From: Ontario’s anti vaping law misguided, illegal

Dick Puddlecote: There’s only one person to blame, Drakeford (Wales)

Smokeless Tobacco Usage Bans

Big Pharma financed CTFK and 33 other prohibitionist groups lie to Major League Baseball about the negligible risks of smokeless tobacco products to bully the league to impose totally unwarranted and unenforceable smokeless tobacco usage bans for adults

Reason’s Matt Welch: Chewing tobacco at ballparks is disgusting, but it shouldn’t be illegal

Deron Snyder: MLB will soon find out how far smokeless tobacco bans are received

Intolerant NYC City Council bans adults from using very low risk smokeless tobacco products (that have helped millions of people quit smoking, and pose no risks to others) at sports and recreational areas to purportedly protect children (despite virtually no smokeless tobacco use by NYC teens); Mayor de Blasio to sign bill

Steve Chapman’s op/ed criticizes adult smokeless tobacco use at Chicago baseball stadia


California governor urged to veto slew of anti e-cigarette bills

Orange County vaping industry lobbies against changes in smoking laws

No drinking, smoking or vaping under 21 in California if new law signed

Dr. Rob Crane lies about vaping to ban sales of vapor products to 18, 19 and 20 year old smokers, ban use of lifesaving vapor products in workplaces (which protect cigarettes).

Minimum Age Laws

Second e-cig study finds raising age limit may have backfire effect

CASAA urges Chautauqua County (NY) vapers to oppose bill to increase minimum age for vapor product sales to 21.

CASAA urges Gardner (KS) vapers to oppose bill to increase minimum age for vapor product sales to 21.

Vermont House votes 71-71 on bill to increase minimum age for sales of tobacco and vapor products to 21, plans to reconsider bill

USA Today editorial endorses age 21 for cigarette sales, but deceptively fails to acknowledge that all age 21 laws and bills also increase the minimum age for lifesaving vapor products and low risk OTP

Flavoring Ban

Imperial Tobacco and two retailers sue New Brunswick over menthol tobacco ban

Plain Packaging

France sets cigarette plain packaging date, JTI to file appeal


Jacob Hasselbalch: Profession disruption in health regulation: electronic cigarettes in the European Union (describes rapid changes in the EU TPD’s e-cigarette policy, but fails to acknowledge that many abstinence-only e-cig prohibitionists who lobbied for the TPD’s cigarette protecting e-cig sales ban repeated many fearmongering lies they made about snus when lobbying the EU to ban snus in the 1990’s and when sabotaging then ASH-UK director Clive Bates’ attempt to repeal EU’s cigarette protecting snus ban a decade ago).

Jacob Hasselbalch: Why e-cigarettes have an image problem

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Frank Schnell: How natural variations became environmental crises: the word game

Study finds e-liquid and rechargeable vapor products are significantly less expensive than cigarettes in majority of 45 countries studied (if same vaporizer is used for several weeks or months, which is typical) and disposable e-cigs are more expensive than cigarettes in vast majority of countries; but American Cancer Society press release falsely claims the study found e-cigarettes are more expensive than cigarettes in 44 of 45 nations (because ACS inaccurately assumed that all rechargeable vapor products are used for just one day).

US DHHS agencies (that funded most of the junk science and fear mongering press releases demonizing vaping) team up with aerosol research group to further demonize vaping under the guise of science, stack AAAR scientific review panel with DHHS vaping opponents, e-mail Call for Abstracts for Special Symposium on E-cigarettes in October to vaping opponents (but not to vaping supporters, and don’t post it on website)

Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners publishes review by Univ. of Pennsylvania’s Amy Tomashefski confirming most vapers know vapor products are far less harmful than cigarettes and have helped smokers quit, then denies this clear fact (that vaping is less harmful than smoking, and has helped many smokers quit), urges FDA to impose the cigarette protecting vapor Deeming ban, and urges nurse practitioners to instruct patients who smoke to not vape, and instruct patients who vape to stop vaping.

Mike Siegel: Public health malpractice? Nursing journal article recommends scolding smokers who quit using e-cigarettes

CDC’s Tom Frieden claims agency advertisements prompted 400,000 smokers to quit, but agency still denies that vaping has helped anyone quit smoking, and continues lobbying for FDA’s proposed vapor deeming ban that protects cigarettes.

After demanding and signing laws that protect cigarettes from market competition by far less harmful vapor and smokeless tobacco products (to ensure that many more smokers will get cancer), former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (and Joe Biden) absurdly claim cancer can be cured by spending more money (Godshall comments).

Michael Schulson: How journalists can help hold scientists accountable (reveals that many/most studies are junk science and much scientific reporting hypes junk science)

CPI’s Nicholas Kusnetz’ anti tobacco industry rant protects cigarettes by deceitfully conflating lifesaving vapor products with cigarettes, referring to vaping prohibitionists financed by Big Pharma and by Obama’s DHHS as “anti-smoking advocates”, repeating their lies claiming state laws banning vapor product sales to minors “protect e-cigarettes”, falsely claims tobacco companies led the lobbying campaign (mobilized by vapers and vape shop owners) against CA Sen. Leno’s vaping ban.

Huff Post publishes more lies about vaping, this time by Prop 65 frivolous lawsuit group CEH’s Micheal Green

Ontario Thoracic Society chair George Chandy and anti-THR activist Stan Shatenstein protect cigarettes, threaten lives of all vapers and smokers by repeating long disproved lies about vaping (e.g. a gateway to cigarettes, as harmful as cigarettes, prevents smokers from quitting) to lobby for vaping bans and other cigarette protecting anti vaping laws.

Des Moines Register’s Linh Ta repeats ALA lies about vaping without any fact checking to lobby for more cigarette protecting vaping bans

State funded/controlled vaping opponent ClearWay Minnesota gives grant to study e-cigs

Public Health versus Paternalism

Paternalism and public health (for) by Sandro Galea, Dean, BU School of Public Health (Godshall comments)

A Commentary on Dean Galea’s Note (against) by Leonard Glantz

Guy Bentley: Academics devise surveillance system to identify e-cigarette supporters


- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2016-04-01