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Bill Godshall Update 2016-06-30

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update - June 30th, 2016

Public Health Research And Surveillance, THR Education, Global Forum On Nicotine, A Billion Lives, Vapor Business, FDA Deeming Ban, CDC Lobbies for Vaping Bans - by calling them smoking bans, Other Vaping Bans, Mandating More Harmful Low Nicotine Cigarettes, Banning Retail Tobacco Displays, ObamaCare, Obama / Biden Cancer Moonshot, Indiana E-liquid Monopoly Law, California Bill Against Vapor Sales - restricts tobacco and vapor product sales to adult only retail stores, State Vapor Regulation, Taxation, Smokeless Tobacco Bans, Minimum Age Laws, Brexit, Vapor Advertising Restrictions, Plain Packaging, Stigmatizing Smokers (and Vapers), Abstinence Only Moralism, More Junk Science - Propaganda - Lies.

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Public Health Research and Surveillance

New study finds:
- 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking by switching to vaping
- 35.1% of current European vapers reported smoking cessation by switching to vaping
- 32.2% of current European vapers reported smoking reduction due to vaping
- just 0.08% of ever tobacco-related product users reported initiation with e-cigarettes
- just 1.3% of never smokers reported current use of e-cigarettes containing nicotine
- just 0.09% of never smokers reported current daily nicotine use

New Study: 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking with the use of electronic cigarettes

New Study: 6.1 Million Europeans Quit Smoking Thanks to Vaping
One of the most in-depth surveys ever finds bad news for vaping opponents

E-cig study in EU finds little use by non-smokers

Melissa Vonder Haar – Study: Vaping helped 6.1 million Europeans quit smoking
Researchers call it the ‘highest rates of cessation ever observed’

V2 survey of 300 US adult vapers finds:
- 62% vaped “to quit or abstain from smoking cigarettes”,
- 38% identified as dual users “to obtain nicotine when unable to smoke cigarettes”,
- 29% vaped because e-cigs are more “socially acceptable than smoking cigarettes”,
- 36% said they “preferred the flavors and taste over traditional tobacco cigarettes”,

One year randomized smoking cessation trial of e-cigarettes finds smokers who completely abstained from smoking showed steady progressive improvements in their exhaled breath measurements and symptoms scores (FeNO and eCO).;jsessionid=6A249D9B4C792ED2AFA71AB40B84A823.f04t04

Study finds health professionals in Flanders perceive the potential health risks of vaping as lower than those of smoking but do not recommend using e-cigarettes to their smoking patients

Riccardo Polosa responds to Bullen/Glantz debate on advising smokers about vaping

THR Education

Marcus Munafo: Vaping is better than smoking – and ‘one of the best ways in 50 years of improving the world’s health’

E-cigarettes ‘greatest opportunity’ to boost public health since 1960s, says Bristol University professor

Brad Rodu: Smokeless tobacco helps US Air Force achieve low smoking rate

AVCA group’s Vape It Forward programme (New Zealand, where e-cigs are banned)

More people turning to vaping as tobacco price rises (also from New Zealand)

Harsh words for Hong Kong regulators on e-cigs (where e-cigs are banned)

Global Forum on Nicotine

Paul Barnes – GFN 2016: Evidence, Accountability and Transparency – Part 1

Paul Barnes – GFN 2016: Evidence, Accountability and Transparency – Part 2

Global Forum on Nicotine – Reducing Harm and Saving a Billion Lives in this Century

A Billion Lives

Fergus Mason: A Billion Lives Review – We saw it! Did it Deliver?

Dick Puddlecote: A review of A Billion Lives . . . . I didn’t hate it

Vapor Business

E-cig sales continue to rebound with FDA regulations looming

E-cigs are going tobacco free with synthetic nicotine

FDA Deeming Ban

In Nicopure Labs v FDA, DC Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson schedules Nicopure Labs to file its motion for summary judgment by July 8, schedules Right to be Smoke-Free to file its motion for summary judgment by July 25 (but only on issues unique to its plaintiffs), schedules FDA to file its opposition to both motions by August 16, schedules hearing on motions for October 19

Right To Be Smoke Free Coalition and E-Vapor Industry Trade Associations File Lawsuit Challenging FDA's Deeming Regulation and the Tobacco Control Act

E-cig coalition sues FDA to stop new regulations

Fifth (and Largest) Lawsuit filed over ‘Deeming’ Regulations

Mike Siegel: Four more lawsuits filed against FDA to block its e-cigarette deeming regulations

SFATA’s Cynthia Cabrera: The FDA’s Deeming Rule on vapor products must be challenged

Mike Scarcella: E-cigarette advocates say FDA’s new rules are unlawful

Senator Ron Johnson pursues radio talker’s vaping cause

FDA’s War on Vaping: Mike Krause interviews CASAA’s Julie Woessner and ATR’s Paul Blair about FDA’s Vapor Deeming Ban

Democrats are working with Big Tobacco and Big Pharma to choke off vaping industry

Brad Rodu: FDA tobacco regulation begins with deception

Vape shop owners say new federal rule could close them down (MA)

Vape shops set to go up in smoke: Two year deadline assumed to be end of an industry

The fight against the Deeming Ban gets more Democratic support
Rep. Colin Peterson of Minnesota becomes the first to co-sponsor HR 2058

FDLI to host “Introduction to E-Cigs and Vapor Products Law and Regulation Course” - July 8 in Los Angeles, CA

Mr. Conley goes to Washington, educates Surgeon General Vivek Murthy about vaping

Charlie Minato: What happens to new cigars post-FDA?

FDA issues deeming webinar on its multi million dollar lottery to create Big Tobacco vapor, cigar & OTP industry monopolies: Timing and Tips for Submitting Premarket Review Applications for Newly Deemed Products

Ohio State press release touts FDA funded vapor prohibitionists (who advocated FDA’s unlawful 2009 e-cig ban and FDA’s vapor deeming ban) claiming dozens of truthful claims by vapor companies are “inaccurate and misleading” and “The study found that most manufacturer and retailer sites made at least one health-related claim, most often saying that they were less harmful than traditional cigarettes and didn't carry the same second-hand-smoke risks,” urge FDA to strictly enforce MRTP clause (Section 911) banning vapor companies from truthfully saying vaping is less harmful than smoking.

FDA issues “FDA Advisory Committee Members and “Appearance Issues” to yet again falsely claim the agency’s committee appointees don’t have “conflicts of interest” (after FDA stacked its Tobacco Products Science Advisory Committee with individuals who have irreconcilable conflicts of interest (including many Big Pharma and DHHS funding recipients) because they promote FDA’s cigarette protecting anti-THR regulatory agenda.

Former Indiana Health Commissioner Richard Feldman touts FDA’s cigarette protecting Vapor Deeming Ban by repeating false claims and obfuscating, then acknowledges FDA’s rule may have “unintended consequences”, including destroying thousands of small vapor companies and creating a new e-cigarette cartel owned by Big Tobacco

CDC Lobbies For Vaping Bans

- by calling them Smoking Bans

Obama’s CDC and its funding recipient ANR now complain that few states have enacted workplace smoking bans (since Obama’s DHHS, ANR and Big Pharma shills declared War on Vaping in 2009/10), but protect cigarettes by lying about smokefree vaping and by claiming smokefree workplace laws should also ban vaping “It is important for ENDS to be included in state and local smoke-free laws because indoor use of ENDS can expose nonusers to aerosolized nicotine and other harmful constituents, complicate smoke-free enforcement, and impact the social acceptability of tobacco use (2,8).”

CDC press releases hype study confirming that few smokefree laws have been enacted since Obama’s DHHS declared War on Vaping in 2009, but fail to acknowledge that fact

After lobbying FDA to ban and demonize lifesaving vapor products since 2009, Big Pharma funded CTFK and Legacy lies initiative now advocate enactment of smokefree workplace laws

DHHS funded UNC study finds most Americans don’t know there are many harmful constituents in cigarette smoke (after Obama’s DHHS and many of its funding recipients deceived the public to believe vaping is as harmful as cigarette smoking since 2009)

Other Vaping Bans

California Assembly Committee approves bill (SB 1333) that would ban outdoor vaping and smoking at state parks and beaches

Study by vaping opponents found customers vaped in half of vape shops in North Dakota (despite state’s cigarette protecting ban on vaping in all workplaces), authors failed to inquire about any positive effects vaping has had on the vapers they spied upon

British Medical Association keeps lying about vaping to lobby for cigarette protecting vaping bans (UK)

Mandating More Harmful Low Nicotine Cigarettes

DHHS funded study finds increased cigarette consumption among smokers assigned low nicotine cigarettes, finds increased puffing among smokers assigned very low nicotine cigarettes; but authors claim very low nicotine cigarettes may reduce harm for smokers

22nd Century touts DHHS funded junk study claiming very low nicotine cigarettes reduce smoking and alcohol use

Banning Retail Tobacco Displays

DHHS funded RAND researchers claim removal of retail tobacco displays reduced purported “intentions to smoke” by teens to advocate for unconstitutional (in the US) ban on retail tobacco displays


Article delineates how ObamaCare financially rewards Big Pharma, hawks ineffective and less than safe tobacco cessation drugs, and forces taxpayers and healthcare insurance policy holders to subsidize the costs

Obama / Biden Cancer Moonshot

Hypocritical Obama Administration creates White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force (after White House approved FDA’s two cigarette protecting vapor product bans since 2009 even though cigarette smoking causes two thirds of all preventable cancer deaths)

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf praises Obama/Biden pie-in-the-sky Cancer Moonshot (after Califf protected the leading cause of preventable cancer deaths (i.e. cigarettes) by imposing FDA’s Vapor Deeming Ban), creates FDA Oncology Center of Excellence (that will further increase cancer treatment costs)

Indiana E-liquid Monopoly Law

Indiana Vaping Rules Called Onerous & Unfair (GoodCat vapor company sues to block Indiana vapor monopoly law)

Jim McDonald: Will Corruption Kill Vaping in Indiana?

California Bill Against Vapor Sales

- restricts tobacco and vapor product sales to adult only retail stores

CA bill to ban most retailers from selling tobacco or vapor products (SB 1400) dies in Assembly Committee on Business and Professions

State Vapor Regulation

Washington State House Commerce and Gaming Committee holds hearing on vapor products (Big Pharma shills continue to falsely claim e-cigs harm cigarette smokers)

NCPPR’s Jeff Stier testifies about e-cigarettes before the Washington State House Commerce and Gaming Committee


PA House approves $31.55 billion budget spending bill that House Majority Leader Dave Reed says will be paid for by higher taxes on tobacco products; different news stories claim (citing different or anonymous sources) cigarette tax would increase by $1/pack, that taxes would be imposed on e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, but not cigars

PA Senate ups House budget to $31.6 billion, how to pay for it is next

Smokefree Pennsylvania urges PA General Assembly to hike cigarette tax, but to NOT tax vapor or smokeless

CASAA asks PA vapers to urge PA legislators to reject Gov. Wolf’s proposed 40% tax on vapor products

Poland may tax e-cigarettes

Steve Greenhut: State officials addicted to nicotine taxes (California)

FDA/NCI, CA DPH and Big Pharma funded anti tobacco activists advocate raising prices of all tobacco products beyond taxation, unethically conflate all tobacco products with deadly cigarettes, fail to acknowledge the exponential differences in product risks and benefits, or healthcare costs imposed or saved by use of different tobacco products.

Smokeless Tobacco Bans

Article on smokeless bans in baseball repeats false fear mongering claims about very low risk smokeless tobacco to promote more bans and stigmatization of users

Minimum Age Laws

Portland (Maine) increase minimum age for sale of lifesaving vapor products, deadly cigarettes and low risk OTP to 21

Cortland County (NY) rejects bill to raise minimum age to 21 for tobacco and vapor sales


ill vapers decide the EU referendum?
(Pre-vote poll found 49% of UK vapers support Brexit, 40% want to remain in EU)

Barnaby Page: UK vapers tempted by Brexit, but devil lurks in details

US tobacco stocks become safe havens in post-Brexit markets

Advertising Association urges UK government to reverse its previous ban on e-cig advertising (to comply with EU TPD) now that UK voted to leave the EU)

E-cigarette industry body seeks government meeting to changes to EU vaping regulations in the wake of Brexit vote

Clive Bates: The EU referendum in 10 provocations (Brexit)

Clive Bates: Thinking of a Brexit vote? Consider these questions

Vapor Advertising Restrictions

UK Advertising Standards Association exonerates Blu e-cig ad after 13 puritans filed complaints

Watchdog refuses to stub out ‘degrading’ e-cig ad

Plain Packaging

NZ government to implement plain cigarette packaging law (despite no evidence Australia’s law reduced smoking or cigarette consumption), Imperial threatens to sue

Stigmatizing Smokers (and Vapers)

After stigmatizing smokers and vapers by repeatedly demonizing tobacco and vapor companies, products and users, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine runs editorial criticizing the stigmatization of smokers

Abstinence Only Moralism

WHO teen tobacco use survey report deceitfully conflates very low risk smokeless tobacco and low risk OTP with deadly cigarettes, conflates any use of any tobacco product in past-30-days with daily cigarette smoking, states goal is to achieve a “tobacco-free future” (instead of reducing cigarette smoking, lung disease, heart disease or COPD)

More Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Mike Siegel: Detroit Wayne County Mental Health Authority issues fraudulent public statements on risks of cigarette smoking

North Dakota funded vaping prohibitionist Jeanne Prom falsely claims there’s no evidence vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, lies about nicotine risks to scare

Vermont funded vaping propagandist Ann Gilbert repeats many false fear mongering claims about lifesaving vapor products, claims increased e-cig use that corresponded with (i.e. caused) record decline in teen smoking is “one step forward, two steps back.”

Cal State Fullerton’s Joshua Yang repeats lies about vaping to touts CA anti vaping laws

Jim McDonald – Experts: Teen Vaping Gateway Study is Meaningless
Pediatrics authors “misinterpret their own findings”

Canadian Cancer Society protects cigarettes by manufacturing fear mongering anti-vaping propaganda that denies and contradicts scientific and empirical evidence

FDA/NCI funded UNC activists misrepresent findings of their flawed and inapplicable cell study at
that Zvi Herzig explains were likely due to nicotine in e-cig aerosol when exhaling via the nose, which is unlikely to cause harm.
FDA funded UNC press release and FDA funded UNC activists grossly misrepresent their study findings of flawed and inapplicable study to generate fear mongering news headlines and articles, promote FDA vapor deeming ban and vaping bans;
UK tabloid repeats false claims as facts

UCLA press release headline falsely misrepresents findings of inapplicable cell study to claim study found e-cig vapors “could be toxic to oral cavity” to confuse and scare, UK tabloid repeats false fear mongering claims as facts

Authors of yet another inapplicable cell study falsely claiming e-cig aerosol is toxic (the word “toxic” appears at least four dozen times in the article to confuse and scare readers).


- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2016-06-30