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Bill Godshall Update 2016-09-23

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update, September 23rd, 2016

Public Health Surveillance, Vaping Research, THR Education and Advocacy, THR Business, FDA, Congress, Taxation, Litigation, Flavoring Bans, Usage Bans, Minimum Age, Legalizing Vapor Products, Banning Speech, Historic Revisionism, More Junk Science - Propaganda - Lies.

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Public Health Surveillance

Public Health England survey finds smoking rate falls to record low 16.9% in 2015
(as increasingly more smokers switch to vaping)

Smoking rates in England fall to lowest on record

Number of smokers in England drops to an all-time record low

Number of smokers in England falls to record low

Rise in e-cigarettes use as smoking falls in Scotland

Research finds increase in number of Scots using e-cigarettes as smoking declines

Sharp decline in number of Scots children exposed to second-hand smoke in their homes

Christopher Snowdon – The government’s great triumph on smoking: it left e-cigarettes alone (UK)

Vaping Research

ACSH: Benefits of smoking cessation or harm reduction by vaping

Jacob Sullum: Two new studies discredit the CDC’s dire warnings about e-cigarettes and teenagers

BAT study finds toxicant levels in Vype ePen aerosol 95% less than in cigarette smoke

CDC survey of adult vapers in 2014 found the most common reasons for vaping were cessation/health (84.5%), consideration of others (71.5%), and convenience (56.7%); But CDC authors (who have made many false fear mongering claims about vaping to promote FDA’s deeming ban) falsely insinuate that vapor flavorings cause nicotine addiction (in the same sentence stating consumers should be provided accurate information on the health effects of e-cigarettes).

Study finds smokers who didn’t want to quit smoking reduced cigarette consumption from average of 16 to 7 cigarettes per day when given flavored vapor products

THR Education and Advocacy

Reason Foundation’s Julian Morris – The WHO’s Opposition to Tobacco Harm Reduction: A Threat to Public Health?

US Think tank says WHO tobacco treaty a threat to public health

Gerry Stimson – A tale of two epidemics: drugs harm reduction and tobacco harm reduction in the United Kingdom

SFATA Annual Conference October 19-21, Hollywood, FL

Anders Milton and 16 THR experts send letter to Swedish Health Ministry urging agency to publicly acknowledge and support snus as a low risk alternative for cigarette smokers

Brad Rodu: “ENDS” don’t justify the means with e-cigarettes

THR Business

NJOY files for bankruptcy under Chapter 11

Mike Siegel: FDA-induced crumbling of e-cigarette market begins: NJOY files for bankruptcy

Sales of cigalike e-cigs increase in US during past several months


Charles Seife: How the FDA manipulates the media (delineates how FDA censored Deeming Ban opponents from news stories)

Mike Siegel: FDA violated ethics rules to censor dissenting opinions about its e-cigarette regulations

Judge Amy Berman Jackson reschedules Motions Hearing in Nicopure Labs v FDA for October 11 at 10:15AM in Courtroom 3

FDA sends warning letters to retailers selling newly regulated products to youth

Brad Rodu – Selling tobacco to kids: FDA inspection data from 2015 and 2016
(finds 88% and 89% retailer compliance, 2% fined by FDA for repeat violations)

FDA seeks voting members of TPSAC (who will do whatever FDA instructs them to do)

Mike Siegel: Deciding vote in FDA advisory committee recommendation to remove Black Box warning for Chantix is cast by pharmaceutical company president

General Cigar raises prices from $.10 - $.80 per cigar to cover compliance costs of FDA Deeming Regulation

FDA releases 2017 tobacco user fee costs totaling $635 million (none for vapor products)


Former House Speaker John Boehner joins Square Patton Boggs lobbying firm


PA State Rep. Jeff Wheeland introduces bill (HB 2342) with 47 cosponsors that would change vapor tax from 40% to $.05/ml of e-liquid

PA State Rep. Joseph Petrarca to introduce bill to repeal 40% vapor tax

CASAA urges PA vapers to urge State Reps to oppose 40% vapor tax and to support
Bill (HB 2342) to tax e-liquid at $.05/ml

Tax could vaporize e-cigarette business (PA)

American Cancer Society criticizes tobacco companies for deceptive anti Prop 56 ads,
but fails to ethically disclose ACS has received hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma to deceitfully conflate lifesaving vapor and low risk smokeless tobacco products with deadly cigarettes to protect Big Pharma’s NRT and Chantix markets

Proposed cigarette tax hike will stay on Missouri ballot

Oman doubles tobacco tax rate (from 20% to 40%)


New York AG seeks $872 million in federal court from UPS for delivering 683,000 cartons (i.e. $1,277 per carton) of untaxed cigarettes to NY smokers

Philip Morris agrees to pay $45 million to Arkansas smokers

Flavoring Bans

Legacy lies initiative urges FDA to create black market for untaxed unregulated menthol cigarettes, deny federal and state governments tens of billions of tax and MSA dollars

NIH awards two grants to vapor prohibitionist Legacy lies initiative to demonize (and keep lobbying to ban) flavorings in tobacco, and to demonize tobacco and cannabis users

Prince Edward Island (CA) to ban sales of flavored tobacco products May 1, 2017

Usage Bans

NRPA calls for banning all tobacco use (and probably vaping) at all public parks and recreation centers, deceitfully conflates use of lifesaving low risk smokefree alternatives with cigarette smoking, falsely claims goal is to “protect visitors, especially children”.

Minimum Age

St Louis County (MO) executive signs bill increasing minimum age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 21

Northampton (MA) BOH increases minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21, restricts sales of flavored products, limits number of retailers

DC bill to raise minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21 estimated to cost DC $1.3 million in tax revenue next year, and $5 million over four years

Legalizing Vapor Products

NZ Health Ministry cabinet paper from July misrepresented risks and benefits of e-cigs prior to public consultancy on proposal to legalize vapor products

Public Health Hypocrisy

Johns Hopkins hypocritically celebrates 100th year of its public health school with event featuring cigarette protecting vaping prohibitionists Michael Bloomberg, WHO’s Margaret Chan and CDC’s Tom Frieden (paid for by Bloomberg)

Banning Speech

Vapor prohibitionists at WHO urge nations to ban tobacco companies from lobbying (despite no evidence that doing so will reduce cigarette smoking)

Vapor prohibitionist Robert Jackler et al falsely claim 22 of 23 e-cigarette brand advertisements were “cessation-themed”, urge FDA to ban truthful vapor ads

Stanford press release hypes bogus study by Jackler et al falsely claiming vapor ads make therapeutic claims

AJPH press release urges news media to hype junk study by Jackler et al claiming most vapor ads unlawfully make smoking cessation claims

Historic Revisionism

ACSH’s Hank Campbell: Fred Stare was not in cahoots with Big Sugar
(rebuts Stan Glantz’ false claims in JAMA that NY Times further embellished in a front page article, Godshall responds)

Foodnavigator calls Glantz et al claims about sugar industry historic revisionism (Godshall responds)

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

FDA and CDC yet again conflate lifesaving vapor products, very low risk smokeless tobacco products, and low risk OTP with highly addictive and deadly cigarettes to confuse, scare and demonize vaping yet again

NIH junk study by Kelvin Choi of 2012 Florida teen survey data falsely concludes that “ever use” of an e-cigarette may cause cigarette smoking and asthma

NIH funded vaping opponents at Rosswell Park conduct inapplicable cell study, find vapor products “were significantly less toxic than tobacco cigarettes”, but press release deceitfully claims the study found strawberry and other flavored vapor products are toxic

Vapor junk scientists and prohibitionists Prue Talbot and James Pankow use inapplicable cell studies to once again falsely claim vapor products are toxic

FDA/NIH funded UCSF press release hypes bogus study by Glantz et al claiming tobacco industry has been leading lobbying campaigns to oppose anti vapor laws.

DHHS funded vaping opponents demonize flavored vapor products, advocate advertising ban for flavored vapor products

DHHS funded Jonathan Foulds et al advocate vaping bans by misrepresenting 2012-14 survey responses by vapers, falsely insinuate that most vapers don’t oppose vaping bans.

Vaping prohibitionists’ study finds most vapers have vaped in smokefree areas (where vaping isn’t banned), then advocate vaping bans by making false fear mongering claims

Canadian Cancer Society’s Donna Pasiechnik is upset many Saskatchewan teen smokers are switching to vaping, deceitfully conflates lifesaving vapor with deadly cigarettes,
calls for regulations to prevent adult smokers from switching to vaping

Carl Phillips: Extraordinary claims

Legacy lies initiative exaggerates negligible risks of smokeless tobacco (that has helped millions of smokers quit smoking) to further demonize the products, promote smokeless tobacco use bans, flavoring bans, and banning smokeless sales to anyone under 21

Study finds workplace smoking bans did NOT result in short term reductions in hospital admissions for acute myocardial infarction (in sharp contrast to more than a decade of claims by FDA/NIH funded Stan Glantz, and hundreds of news stories that he generated).

Mike Siegel: Helena miracle: Not so much; New study casts doubt on conclusions of anti-smoking groups

DHHS funded THR opponents tout benefits of low nicotine cigarettes after conducting unrealistic clinical study that gave free low nicotine cigarettes to smokers

Texas A&M researchers find mice fed lots of nicotine reduced their food intake and body weight, but Texas A&M press release inappropriately told the news media the study found nicotine can prevent Alzheimers and Parkinsons in humans


- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2016-09-23