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Bill Godshall Update 2016-09-30

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update, September 30th, 2016

FDA Vapor Deeming Ban, Taxation, Litigation, Health Canada to Propose Vapor Regulations, Legalizing Vapor in NZ, US State Legislation/Laws, Smoking Bans, Tobacco / Vapor Usage Bans, Minimum Age, Flavoring Ban, EU TPD, WHO FCTC, Plain Packaging, Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes, Vapor Research, Surveillance, Vapor Business, New Smokefree Products, THR Conference, Scientific and Policy Intimidation, Vaping Conference, Historical Revisionism in Public Health, More Junk Science - Propaganda - Lies.

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FDA Vapor Deeming Ban

Vapor Technology Association (VTA) uses Thunderclap social media campaign to urge Congress to support the Cole-Bishop amendment to keep vapor products legal.

CASAA urges US vapers to contact Congress urging support for HR 2058 to keep lifesaving vapor products legal

Letter opposing Rep. Tom Cole’s efforts to keep vapor products legal falsely conflates vaping with deadly cigarette smoking, falsely blames Big Tobacco for activism by vapers, falsely credits FDA and CDC for smoking reductions due to vaping.

DEADLINE Reminder: FDA to conduct Risk Assessment – A Public Workshop on November 15/16, 2016, seeks presenters and panelists (must submit request by Sept 30), speakers for the public comment period and registrants (until Oct 21).

Charlie Minato: Price increases in the world of FDA regulation

FDA rule on tobacco products under final review (would let FDA ban any vapor product by claiming manufacturer “intended” to market vapor product as a drug or drug device)

FDA now warns that vapor products are toxic for pets, falsely portrays FDA vapor deeming ban as protecting public health (while refusing to admit it bans vapor products),
deceitfully recommends Big Pharma funded vapor prohibitionists and propagandists CTFK, ACS, ALA as “good sources of information to help you quit smoking”

Mike Siegel: FDA issues new draft guidance on regulation compliance for certain types of e-cigarettes; CDC comments (parody)


Hundreds (including Smokefree Pennsylvania’s Godshall) attend protest rally in PA State Capitol opposing 40% vapor tax, urging enactment of HB 2342 to tax e-liquid at $.05/ml

Vaping industry protests 40% tax with rally at Capitol (PA

PA vape shop owners protest 40% tax on vapor products

CASAA urges PA vapers to tell legislators to change 40% vapor tax to $.05/ml of e-liquid, enact HB 2342

PA House Finance Cmte approves bill HB 2342 (on day after protest rally in Capitol) to change vapor tax from 40% to $.05/ml of e-liquid

Support for Prop 56 in California declines

Yes on Prop 56 keeps blaming Big Tobacco for declining CA voter support for its ballot initiative that will impose massive and unwarranted taxes on lifesaving vapor products.

On NPR’s All Things Considered, FDA/NIH funded vaping/vapor prohibitionist Stan Glantz touts Prop 56 (that imposes a huge vapor tax and a $2/pack cigarette tax hike, and appropriates an additional $100+ million for ineffective Big Pharma based smoking cessation programs); R Street’s Steven Greenhut opposes vapor tax and points out that vaping is far less harmful than smoking.

Tobacco stocks on fire despite proposed cigarette tax hikes in four states

Wyoming House-Senate Cmte rejects bill to increase cigarette tax by $1.25/pack


Tobacco companies slammed with $9.1 million verdict in Engle trial (FL)

RJ Reynolds hit with $3 million verdict over ex-correction officer’s emphysema, death

Health Canada to Propose Vapor Regulations

Health Canada (which since 2009 has claimed that sales of nicotine vapor products was/is banned, but hasn’t enforced) to propose amendments to Tobacco Act to regulate vapor products that purportedly “will balance the need to protect youth from nicotine addiction and tobacco use while allowing adult smokers to legally access vaping products for smoking cessation or as a potentially less harmful alternative to tobacco.” Please note that Health Canada provided no details about its forthcoming proposed vapor regulations.

Canada moves to regulate vaping products to help protect young people

Liberals to regulate vaping products to help shield young people from addiction

Lack of ‘adequate evidence’ makes vaping regulations difficult, Philpott says

Canada to regulate vaping products

Trudeau Liberals plan to regulate vaping as potentially less harmful alternative to tobacco

Legalizing Vapor in NZ

Vapor prohibitionist Rob Stock falsely claims tobacco companies are leading the grass roots vapor legalization movement in New Zealand

US State Legislation/Laws

NATO’s Thomas Briant: State Tobacco (and Vapor) Legislative Roundup

Smoking Bans

Casino workers protest for smokefree workplaces at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas,
MGM Resorts continues to defend policy of exposing workers and customers to smoke

Tobacco / Vapor Usage Bans

CA Gov. Brown signs bill (SB 977) banning use of any tobacco product (or vapor product) within 250 feet of little league baseball games and all other youth sporting events, including at practices

CA Gov. Brown vetoes bill (AB 1594) that would have banned all tobacco use and vaping at all 136 State University and community college campuses, stating that the school’s governing boards already have that authority

Legacy lies initiative protects cigarettes by urging all CA universities and colleges to ban the use of lifesaving vapor products (that have helped millions of smokers quit smoking)

Louisville (KY) Mayor Greg Fisher and his health department invite vaping prohibitionists and propagandists (including Big Pharma funded AHA’s Aruni Bhatnagar) to make false and misleading fear mongering claims about vaping to lobby for a citywide workplace vaping ban; vapers confront and correct much of the cigarette protecting misinformation by vaping prohibitionists

Public comments accepted until October 28 on proposed Louisville workplace vaping ban (KY)

Monroe (WA) City Council directs attorney to draft bill banning vaping and smoking at city parks based on recommendation of Monroe Parks Board

Bellevue (NE) City Council rejects bill that would have banned smoking in apartments

Minimum Age

Liberty (MO) increases minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21

Big Pharma financed CTFK praises laws increasing minimum age for sales of lifesaving vapor products from 18 to 21, but fails to acknowledge the laws impact vapor products; claims age 21 laws reduce youth tobacco use (despite no evidence), but fails to acknowledge vaping has sharply reduced teen smoking among teens to record lows.

Flavoring Ban

Worcestor (MA) Board of Health tables proposal to ban sale of flavored tobacco/vapor products (citing its recent increase in minimum sales age from 18 to 21)


Adam Smith Institute – Sinnovation: Risk Reduction in Vice

UK has the chance to be a leader in safer vice products post-Brexit such as e-cigarettes and synthetic alcohol, Adam Smith Institute argues

Freddie Dawson: European e-cig firms face complex point of sale marketing rules

Independent British Vape Trade Association’s Richard Hyslop reveals how EU TPD vapor regulations protect cigarettes and threaten public health


Clive Bates letter to EC Council Working Party on Public Health urging acknowledgement of and support for THR at upcoming WHO FCTC COP-7

Gerry Stimson: Britain must speak up for e-cigarettes – the health of the world’s smokers depends on it

Claudeth Mocon-Ciriaco: WHO opposition to tobacco harm reduction threatens public health

Tobacco growers ask to be allowed to participate in WHO FCTC COP-7 meeting

Tobacco growers ask India PM Modi to let them participate in WHO FCTC COP-7

New book by Gary Johns: Throw Open the Doors (at WHO FCTC)

Plain packaging

Imperial: Health lobby groups ignore significant findings in most recent Canadian student tobacco, alcohol, and drugs survey (and instead lobby for plain packaging tobacco law)

JTI MacDonald launches ads saying plain packaging doesn’t work (Canada)

CBCRadio’s Anna Maria Tremonti, NSRA’s Melody Tilson and former Australia Health Minister Nicola Roxon misrepresent evidence about Australia’s plain packaging law to lobby for similar law in Canada; Imperial’s Eric Gagnon points out plain packaging law will increase black market cigarettes, and disputes evidence from Australia.

Globe and Mail columnist Andre Picard opines that Canada should enact plain packaging

Australia court orders Cancer Council to share some, but not all, survey research data on Australia’s plain packaging law with BAT

Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes

DHHS funded 22nd Century Group absurdly claims most smokers and doctors would try very low nicotine cigarettes via prescription; but Vector’s attempt to market very low nicotine Quest cigarettes a decade ago (without a prescription) failed miserably.

DHHS funded activists urge NZ government to mandate low nicotine cigarettes, falsely claim low nicotine cigarettes could dramatically reduce smoking (as Vector’s attempt to sell them to smokers failed miserably), fail to consider black markets that would be created for untaxed cigarettes, misrepresent evidence on nicotine compensation.

Vapor Research

Polosa/Coponnetta – E-cigarettes and smoking cessation: a critique of a New England Journal of Medicine-commissioned case study (criticizes advice by Stan Glantz in NEJM that cigarette smokers should not try vaping to quit smoking)

Lindsey Stroud: New study finds teens vape because of flavoring, not nicotine

DHHS funded study finds more educated smokers are more likely to vape and are more likely to intend to quit smoking (than less educated smokers)


Adult smoking rate in Arizona drops to historic low of 14% (per 2015 BRFSS) as more smokers switched to vaping, a fact not acknowledged by AZ Health Dept’s Cara Christ, who hawks costly and ineffective Big Pharma drugs and government counseling services.

Kentucky Health Dept survey finds cigarette smoking among high school students declined from 26.2% a decade ago (when e-cigs came on market) to just 16.9% in 2015, but agency falsely attributed the sharp decline to school policies prohibiting tobacco use.

Vapor Business

PMI opens manufacturing facility in Italy for heat-not-burn reduced risk tobacco products, to employ 600 and produce 30 billion units annually when fully operational

CSD reporter confuses cigalike e-cigs with premium vaporizers and e-liquid, touts recent Nielson and IRI data finding cigalike sales increase (that doesn’t track vape shop sales)

Nicopure Labs hires Charles Hamshaw-Thomas as Head of Corporate and Legal Affairs in Europe

Japan Tobacco to roll out Ploom Tech e-cigarette next year in Japan

New Smokefree Products

New smokefree and vapor free alternative “Nicosurge”

Study finds new PMI product delivers nicotine far more rapidly than Nicorette inhalator

THR Conference

2016 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum this week in Brussels, Belgium

Scientific and Policy Intimidation

Sally Satel: Shameless Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids tries to censor researchers

Clive Bates: The willful ignorance of tobacco control McCartyites
(criticizes CTFK and ENSP for threatening and urging participants to NOT attend 2016 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum this week in Belgium)

Konstantinos Farsalinos: Public health urgently needs a “new deal”
(criticizes CTFK and ENSP for threatening and urging participants to NOT attend 2016 Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum this week in Belgium)

Neil McKeganey and Christopher Russell: Why academics should resist pressure to disengage with the tobacco industry

Vaping Conference

Smooth Events excludes US vaping advocates from presenting at its E-Cigarette Summit in London on November 17th, but invites four FDA vapor deeming ban advocates (David Abrams, Neal Benowitz, Scott Leischow, AG Tom Miller) who claim to support THR.

Historical Revisionism in Public Health

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Global Health Now’s new list of 100 items influential in public health doesn’t include vapor products (after helping millions quit smoking in past decade despite bans and lies about vaping by FDA, CDC & WHO)

Bloomberg funded JH cites Bloomberg prominently when describing cigarettes

JH reveals spittoons were banned a century ago due to a tuberculosis scare, but fails to mention that scare (hyped by the American Lung Association) was proven false, or that it prompted many smokeless tobacco users to switch to new far more harmful cigarettes.

Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Mike Siegel: FDA and CDC are lying about the most basic of facts; How can we trust them on more complex issues?

Mike Siegel: American Lung Association tells public that smoking may be no more hazardous than vaping

Addiction publishes letter by DHHS funded hookah prohibitionist and propagandist Wasim Maziak criticizing Eurobarometer survey finding 6.1 million Europeans have quit smoking by vaping, absurdly claims clinical trials are more accurate and objective for finding out success rates and population estimates of vapor products.

Peter Hajek exposes inaccurate title and bogus arguments in Maziak’s letter criticizing population surveys (for estimating number of smokers who quit smoking by vaping)

Vaping opponent ENSP’s Constantine Vardavas praises cigarette protecting EU TPD vapor product restrictions, EU funded vaping opponent Esteve Fernández misrepresents the negligible risks of vaping, both falsely portray themselves as objective researchers.

BMJ publishes propaganda by DHHS funded UNC vapor prohibitionists that grossly exaggerates very low risks of vapor battery explosions and fires to lobby for more regulations (beyond FDA’s deeming ban), fails to acknowledge far greater and more harmful fire risks from cigarettes or how vaping has reduced cigarette fires.

MedPageToday’s Salynn Boyles writes more anti vaping propaganda; repeats and hypes DHHS funded vapor prohibitionist Micah Berman’s false accusations that the vapor industry has unlawfully target marketed to youth (to promote FDA’s vapor deeming ban)

Stephen Schroeder expresses concern that 40% of cigarettes are consumed by the mentally ill, but then advocates “quit or die” nicotine abstinence as the only solution (while hypocritically hawking ineffective and costly Big Pharma nicotine and drugs, counseling, government programs and more government spending to purportedly treat smokers); fails to mention THR or very low risk vapor or smokeless tobacco alternatives that have helped millions of smokers quit and millions more sharply reduce consumption.

Mike Siegel: Article defending nicotine replacement therapy fails to disclose author’s conflict of interest with Big Pharma (i.e. John Hughes)

Anti vaping activists find vaping temporarily increased endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) that returned to normal after 24 hours, falsely claim “The cardiovascular impact of e-cigarettes is not known,” deceitfully portray short term finding to conflate long term cardiovascular disease risks of vaping with those of cigarette smoking.

Government funded UK College of Nursing’s Kristen Ashford protects cigarettes, falsely claims all e-cigs contain nicotine, falsely claims “E-cigs don’t help you quit smoking,” falsely claims “e-cig use could actually increase harm to a fetus as a result of dual use” (compared to exclusive smoking), falsely claims “Secondhand exposure e-cigs is also dangerous during pregnancy,” and falsely insinuates e-cigs are toxic and cause cancer.

Alabama pediatrician Susan Walley protects cigarettes by repeating false and misleading fear mongering claims about lifesaving vapor products

FDA/NIH funded THR prohibitionists at UCSF to hold another anti THR conference on February 24, 2017; invite anti THR activists to misrepresent evidence, lobby for more “quit or die” policies.

Anti hookah activist Ravinder Mamtani grossly exaggerates findings of meta analysis on hookah smoking, repeats lie that one hookah session is the same as smoking 100-200 cigarettes, then reveals his irreconcilable ideological bias by claiming “Any form of tobacco smoking is a public health evil, which needs to be addressed urgently.”

Opioid Harm Reduction

Canada’s evidence-based plan to help fight heroin addiction: legalize prescription heroin

Marijuana Control Instead of Harm Reduction

NCI funded Stan Glantz and Rachel Barry claim marijuana is a public health threat, demonize corporations and markets, propose Reefer Madness styled anti marijuana laws (based upon so-called “successful evidence based tobacco control programs”)


- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2016-09-30