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Bill Godshall Update 2016-11-01

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update, November 1st, 2016

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Public Health Surveillance

FDA/NIH funded study (coauthored by former CDC Office of Smoking and Health Director Michael Eriksen) finds tripling of American adults who inaccurately believe vaping is just as or more harmful than smoking cigarettes (from 13% to 40%) from 2012-2015, as well as those who inaccurately believe vaping is addictive (from 32% to 68%); wisely concludes “The study highlights the need to design public health messages that accurately interpret the scientific data on the potential harm of e-cigarettes and clearly differentiate the absolute from the relative harm of e-cigarettes.”
The cause of this change (not mentioned by the authors) was the massive War on Vaping (by Obama’s DHHS, Legacy & Big Pharma funded CTFK, ACS, AHA, ALA, AAP, etc. since 2009) to ban vapor products and deceive Americans about vapor benefits and risks.

ASH Fact Sheet: Young people’s regular use of e-cigarettes in Great Britain
2016 survey finds just 1% of 11-18 year olds in UK use e-cigarettes more than once/week
Note that, in contrast to the US, health agencies and charities in the UK did NOT issue hundreds of press releases and junk studies with “e-cigarettes” and “kids” in the headline, which have encouraged and dared nonsmoking US teens to experiment with vaping.

Young people’s regular use of e-cigarettes still low

Vapor Research

Dr. Robert West – Bias in public health research: with examples from e-cigarette research
(critiques bias and false claims by Stan Glantz & other anti-vaping junk science activists)

Dr. Robert Cranfield: Formaldehyde in electronic cigarettes vs combustible tobacco
Simple demonstration debunks NEJM e-cig formaldehyde lie, shows cigarette smoke create 60 times more formaldehyde than an e-cig, cigar smoke create 100 times more.

Could vaping be a new weapon in the battle of the bulge?

Study finds e-cigarettes may prevent weight gain in smokers trying to quit

Review of 53 longitudinal studies of youth finds vaping NOT among 98 different potential predictors of cigarette smoking onset by teens

Jerome Harlay: What do scientists think about vaping?
Konstantinos Farsalinos at Vapexpo 2016, Paris

Frances Thirlway – Everyday tactics in local moral worlds: E-cigarette practices in a working-class area of the UK

Vapor at WHO FCTC COP-7

UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies issues Commentary on WHO Report on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Electronic Non-Nicotine Delivery Systems
(UK health experts issue devastating critique on WHO anti-vaping propaganda report)
The main concerns with the WHO report are as follows:
- Positioning ENDS as a threat rather than opportunity.
- Failure to quantify risk.
- Inadequate comparisons with smoking.
- Misrepresenting second hand ENDS vapour risks.
- Discounting the evidence that ENDS do help smokers quit.
- ENDS marketing can be anti-smoking advertising.
- Flavours are essential to the appeal of ENDS as alternative to smoking.
- Mischaracterisation of the ENDS market and role of tobacco transnationals.
- Unjustified support for ENDS prohibition.
- Policy proposals made with no supporting policy analysis.
- No assessment of unintended consequences.
- Transparency and quality.

Clive Bates: WHO’s anti-vaping scientific castle of cards toppled

UK scientists to WHO: your vape report is junk

Clive Bates: First build your echo chamber – how WHO excludes dissent and diversity

Julian Morris: Smokers keen to break the habit get no help from the WHO (paywalled)

Gary Johns: WHO must allow wider debate on dealing with worldwide smoking problem

New book by Gary Johns – Throw open the Doors: The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Tobacco growers stage protest in Delhi

India’s tobacco growers, government face off ahead of WHO conference

WHO FCTC responds to valid criticisms with self praise, call for greater regulation of low risk smokeless tobacco, and more attacks on tobacco companies.

More Vaping Education and Advocacy

A Billion Lives coming to a theatre near you

Rhonda Shaffler: Documentary “A Billion Lives” targets FDA regulations on vaping
(interviews Aaron Biebert, Sally Satel and Dave Goerlitz)

Kimber Myers - Review: Pro vaping documentary ‘A Billion Lives’ makes a compelling case

Neil Genzlinger - Review: A Billion Lives claims there’s a conspiracy against vaping
Note the NY Times ran many articles, editorials and letters promoting the War on Vaping in collaboration with Big Pharma shills, Obama’s DHHS and its funding recipients.

Beyond the Cloud: A Documentary Film (French)

Regulator Watch: Part 2 / Politicizing Science / Siegel on Glantz & E-Cigs

Head in the clouds: The complete noobe’s guide to e-cigs and vaping

Louise Ross: E-cigarette samples – a legitimate way of helping people to switch?
(note that US FDA’s deeming rule banned vapor companies from giving free samples)

Public Health Philanthropy

Giving can go a long way, even around the world
(David Sweanor to be honored as Outstanding Individual Philanthropist in Ottawa)

Civil Justice

Anti-smoking experts to sue Times for claims of tobacco payouts
Times apologizes to one in group of scientists suing for defamation after paper claimed they accepted money from tobacco companies

Public Safety Surveillance

Fire deaths down dramatically in Minnesota, ‘vaping’ may be one reason

THR Business

Altria reports 1.0% decline in cigarette volume in 3Q16 (and a 3% decline when adjusted for inventory), reports 5.6% increase in smokeless tobacco volume in 3Q16, reports its plan to partner with PMI to submit a MRTP application for iQOS to FDA by the end of 2016 and to submit a PMTA for iQOS to FDA in the first quarter of 2017.

CORRECTION (of comment in 10/19/16 THR Update):
iQOS was NOT on sale in the US on August 8, 2016, and won’t be sold in the US until/unless FDA approves the PMTA for iQOS (which could occur in 3Q17)

One day I hope we won’t sell cigarettes, says Marlboro boss
Philip Morris chief Andre Calantzopoulos is puffing up his ‘reduced-risk’ product. But will the public health lobby listen?

Philip Morris fearless about going smokeless

Retailer interest in heat-not-burn cigarettes despite lack of product
Japan Tobacco reports 0.1% increase in tobacco shipment volume (includes many different tobacco products) for 3Q16

Vaper-ised! Why boom in e-cigarettes is key to BAT and Reynolds’s £38bn merger as tobacco sales go up in smoke

Reynolds deal could help British American Tobacco make up lost ground; US company would bring with it technology to catch up in race over alternatives to cigarettes

Past, future intertwine in landmark deal (BAT’s potential acquisition of Reynolds)

A BAT deal with Reynolds adds to Big Tobacco’s e-cig advantage

The real reason Big Tobacco is getting even bigger

THR/Vapor Policy Conferences

FDLI Conference held on October 27 in DC: Tobacco and Nicotine Policies and Products at a Regulatory and Legislative Crossroads

2016 E-Cigarette Summit, November 17, Royal Society in London
(note that all American presenters [Abrams, Benowitz, Leischow, Miller] endorsed FDA’s Deeming Regulation that bans all vapor product sales to US adults on 8/8/2018)

Regulations for E-cigarettes, Alexandria, VA on December 6-7, 2016


In Nicopure Labs v FDA, Judge Amy Berman Jackson orders both sides to submit a supplemental memorandum by November 1 regarding nicotine-free e-liquid (that FDA claims is a tobacco product)

FDA responds to joint CAA/CRA/IPCPR lawsuit (full text of cigar industry lawsuit and FDA’s response brief)

Libertarian Gary Johnson first presidential contender to condemn FDA vaping regs

Brad Rodu: FDA tobacco director ignores 2.5 million anecdotal reports about e-cigarettes

VTA criticizes FDA Deeming Regulation for banning sales of safer vapor products

Brittany Hunter: The Government’s War on Vaping

The e-cigarette ban: A win for liars and Big Tobacco
Capital Research Center’s Dr. Steven Allen

Pro-vaping advocates held Wisconsin rally to protest government overreach

Eric Boehm: Why is FDA dragging its feet on admitting snus is safer than smoking?

Brad Rodu – Intelligent Regulation of Smokeless Tobacco: Currently an Oxymoron

Former FDA deputy commissioner Josh Sharfstein (who began FDA’s War on Vaping by unlawfully banning lifesaving e-cigs in 2009, and who lobbied Congress to enact the cigarette protecting TCA and oppose all THR amendments) hired by Johns Hopkins to administer $300 million grant from vaping prohibitionist Michael Bloomberg

Edolaru Cigars quits cigar business due to FDA regulations

Federal regulation threatens Florida’s historic premium cigar industry

Marco Rubio highlights problems with new FDA cigar rules

Rubio visits regulation-burdened historic cigar manufacturer

Republicans raise trademark concerns about Cuban cigars

FDA issues revised Guidance for Tobacco Ingredient Listings (requiring ingredient list submissions by February 8, 2017, and August 8, 2017 for small-scale manufacturers),
public comments accepted until November 28, 2016

FDA falsely touts its many CTP guidances that protect cigarettes as intended to “support the public health goals of the Tobacco Control Act”

FDA to host November 17 webinar to exaggerate low risks of vapor and other smokefree tobacco products, to encourage more nurses to comment and report their concerns about vaping and OTP use to FDA

FDA study touts 2014 US adult survey data on flavored vapor and OTP use, demonizes flavored vapor and OTP, falsely classifies all vapers as tobacco users, ignores cigarettes.

Mike Siegel: Why are FDA and CDC incapable of telling the truth? E-cigarettes are NOT a form of tobacco use


Brad Rodu – Memo to Feds: Tobacco ≠ Smoking

CDC issues chart showing 2015 NHIS data found adult smokers and exsmokers were far more likely to vape during past-30-days than never smokers; found 58.8% of past-30-day vapers cigarette smokers, 29.8% were former smokers, and 11.4% never smoked; touts CDC weblink that falsely claims switching away from cigarettes (i.e. dual use) to vapor and/or smokeless tobacco “is not an effective way to safeguard your health” and touts CDC ad falsely hinting that e-cigs may have caused Kristi’s lung cancer.

CDC’s new webpage for Lung Cancer Awareness month fails to mention that vapor and smokeless tobacco products are far less harmful alternatives to cigarettes that have helped millions of smokers quit and/or sharply reduce cigarette consumption to reduce lung cancer risk, touts ineffective and less than safe Big Pharma smoking cessation products.

Cancer Moonshot

VP Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot report to President Obama fails to recommend anything to reduce cigarette smoking (which caused most preventable cancer deaths in the US during the past 5 decades, and is still the leading cause of cancer deaths); fails to mention vaping could reduce cancer deaths more than all Cancer Moonshot initiatives.

Cancer Research

ACS study estimates 28.6% of all 2014 cancer deaths in the US (i.e. 167,133) were caused by cigarette smoking, estimates cigarette attributable cancer deaths for all states (from 16.6% in Utah to 34% in Kentucky) and sexes (33.7% for men, 22.9% for women); but authors blame tobacco industry and lack of tobacco control laws, and fail to disclose Big Pharma has funded ACS for 25 years to promote anti-THR policies and propaganda to prevent and discourage smokers from switching to low risk smokefree alternatives.
Note that ACS has lobbied FDA to ban vapor products since 2009, lobbied to ban vaping in workplaces since 2010, and lobbied to tax vapor the same rate as cigarettes since 2014.


Engle jury awards $29 million in damages against Reynolds


PA House ends regular session of 2015/16 without taking action on bill (HB 2342) to change 40% vapor tax to $.05/ml tax on e-liquid.

BNA: State ballot initiatives aimed at increasing tobacco taxes

Vaping vendors fear 67% e-cigarette tax will crush their businesses (CA)

Vapers beware: E-cigarettes in line for a big tax increase if Proposition 56 passes (CA)

Vaping on the verge: Prop 56 would tax it like tobacco

Poll finds support for CA tobacco/vapor taxes and marijuana legalization ballot measures

FDA/NIH funded vaping prohibitionist Stan Glantz keeps lying to push huge vapor tax in Prop 56, falsely claims “Electronic cigarettes are extending and expanding the tobacco epidemic” (as vaping has helped millions quit smoking and has reduced the cigarette epidemic, while no tobacco epidemic exists), “They are bringing a whole new group of kids into the tobacco market who would never start cigarettes.” (as teen smoking has declined by half since teen smokers began switching to vaping, and the 2015 MTF found <20% of teen vapers vaped nicotine), “If voters pass 56, I think we will wipe out tobacco as a health issue in the next few years,” (as millions of New Yorkers still smoke despite no vapor tax, a $4.35/pack cigarette tax, and an additional $1.50/pack tax in NYC).

Bloomberg editorial falsely claims a $.60/pack cigarette tax hike measure in Missouri is
“a mockery of the very idea of sin taxes”, repeats false claims by CTFK/ACS/AHA/ALA
In fact, a $.60/pack cigarette tax in MO (from $.17 to $.77/pack) would reduce cigarette sales in MO by >10%, and would significantly reduce cigarette smuggling to other states.

Kansas City Chamber of Commerce opposes $.60/pack cigarette tax hike ballot measure by falsely claiming it “is insufficient to effectively cut the rate of smoking”

Dueling Missouri tobacco tax initiatives causing confusion

Poll shows Missouri voters not fired up about raising nation’s lowest cigarette tax

Flavoring Sales Bans

Yolo County (CA) Supervisors ban sales of flavored vapor and OTP (but not far more harmful menthol cigarettes) due to fear mongering lies by THR opponents

Raucous hearing on restrictions on flavored tobacco products ends abruptly in Leominster (MA)

Tobacco / Vapor Retailer Ban

Philadelphia Board of Health to vote on toacco/vapor retailer ban/restrictions on Nov 10th

Vaping Bans

Allegheny County (PA) Board of Health is scheduled to consider and vote on its proposed vaping ban at its meeting on Wednesday, November 2 at 12:30PM

Malta Health Minister Chris Fearne conflates lifesaving vapor products with deadly cigarettes, says vaping will also be banned (along with smoking) in cars with a minor

Minimum age

Medford (MA) increases minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21 (article includes map of MA municipalities where Boards of Health increased the minimum age to 21)

DC Council debating raising age to buy tobacco (and vapor) products to 21

Haldon (NJ) increases minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21


The Fifth Estate – E-cigarettes: Welcome Back Big Tobacco; 40 minute Canadian TV documentary reveals lifesaving benefits of vaping for smokers, interviews Canadian heart surgeon and vape shop owner Gopal Bhatnagar, Canadian researcher David Hammond, BAT’s David O’Reilly, Public Health Ontario’s Peter Donnelly, UK researcher Ann McNeill and Imperial Tobacco Canada’s Eric Gagnon

Regulator Watch – Access & Choice: Canada’s Upcoming Federal Vaping Regs
(interviews Canadian Vaping Association’s Sam Tan)

Public Health Ontario’s Peter Donnelly falsely claims vapor products that are sold by tobacco companies will addict many nonsmoking teens and will be gateways to cigarettes (in sharp contrast to evidence from dozens of different countries during the past decade)

Hong Kong

Nicoventures’ Stephen Jenkins urges Hong Kong to regulate, instead of ban, e-cigarettes

Big Pharma Drugs

Big Pharma funded ALA and MD Anderson to lobby 7 states to promote more taxpayer subsidization of ineffective NRT and counseling, less than safe Chantix to smokers.

Pfizer to receive an estimated $900 million of revenue in 2016 from Chantix sales (with the vast majority of money paid by taxpayers and healthcare insurance policy holders)

End Gamer Embraces THR
Anti-THR activist Ruth Malone (editor of Tobacco Control) now endorses low risk vaping and smokeless tobacco for reducing cigarette smoking in End Game editorial
“Yet, e-cigarettes and the burgeoning list of other non-combustible tobacco and nicotine products could represent potential leverage for accomplishing what once seemed unthinkable: phasing out combustible cigarettes, the single most deadly consumer product ever marketed. Yes, these other products may cause harm. Yes, there may be unintended and unanticipated negative consequences. But we do not require a single additional study to know with absolute certainty that the continued sale and use of cigarettes will reliably deliver more disease, death and suffering than any other product. And we do know that for at least some people who smoke, the use of these alternative tobacco and nicotine products is acceptable as a substitute or a transition to quitting. Let's keep our eyes on the prize.”

Cigarette Prohibition

 - mandating low-nicotine cigarettes

Lynn Kozlowski: Why requiring low-nicotine cigarettes is still ill-advised

22nd Century Group falsely claims low nicotine cigarettes “reduce harm from smoking”

THR Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Peter Hajek debunks claims by authors of junk snus prostate cancer study (of ever users)

NIH funded study (published by Big Pharma funded AAP Pediatrics) touts and complains about a 2014 finding that 3/4th of teens knew vaping was less harmful than cigarette smoking, coauthor Stephen Amrock falsely claims vaping is a gateway to cigarettes, and that vaping is renormalizing smoking (after smoking rates are at record lows)

Big Pharma financed AAP’s Robert McMillen (who FDA appointed to its TPSAC after he demonized vaping and urged FDA to ban vapor products) urges vaping bans in vapers’ homes, deceitfully claims vapor and trace levels of nicotine are toxic, cites irrelevant attitudes of nonvapers (who were deceived about vaping by Obama’s DHHS, Big Pharma shills and left wing Democrats) as reasons to ban vaping in vapers’ homes.
"E-cigarettes primarily emit a toxic aerosol, not harmless water vapor," Dr. McMillen said.

Peter Hajek debunks DHHS conducted and funded junk study claiming e-cigs don’t help smokers quit smoking

Yet another FDA/NIH funded study falsely insinuates that trace nontoxic levels of constituents in vapor products are toxic

Snus and Vapor prohibitionist Simon Chapman criticizes public health advocates who support smokers switching to far lower risk snus and vapor products

Australian researchers to study vaping, but reporter claims there’s “no evidence” vaping helps smokers quit (note that nicotine vapor products were banned in Australia in 2008)

Opioid Harm Reduction / Marijuana Legalization

Gallup poll finds 58% of American adults support legalizing marijuana use, with age strongly correlated (i.e. the younger the age group, the more support for legalization)

Pew survey finds 57% of American adults support legalizing marijuana use, including 66% of Democrats, 41% of Republicans and 63% of Independents (with younger age groups supporting legalization more than older age groups)

Marijuana legalization is leading in the polls in every state where it is on the ballot this November (CA, MA, AZ, NV, ME)

The mostly false argument that could derail legal weed in California (children)

The Real Reason Pot is Still Illegal (highlights opioid drug company funding of anti-marijuana groups, and financial conflicts among SAM directors)

SAM (founded by Patrick Kennedy) opposes marijuana legalization in 5 states

One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana

Leading anti-marijuana academics are paid by painkiller drug companies

Marijuana Legalization: Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol Industry Among Biggest Opponents of Legal Weed

Money, not morals, drives the marijuana prohibition movement

FDA Commissioner Robert Califf touts FDA’s Opioids Action Plan, but fails to acknowledge that the FDA created and promoted America’s Opioid addiction and overdose epidemic during the past two decades.

FDA/NIH funded vaping prohibitionist Glantz and Big Pharma funded AHA cite NIDA funded rat study to claim 2nd hand marijuana smoke impairs vascular endothelial function (which is what Glantz and other anti-vapers have claimed is also caused by vaping)


- Bill Godshall
Godshall THR update 2016-11-01