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Bill Godshall Update 2016-12-13

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update, December 13th, 2016

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THR Surveillance

2016 NIDA funded Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey exposes, refutes many of SG Murthy’s lies about teen vaping and smoking; finds (since 2015):
- New record lows for lifetime, past month, daily and ½ pack+/day cigarette smoking
- Cigarette smoking among 8th graders declined 28% (from 3.6% to 2.6%)
- Cigarette smoking among 10th graders declined 22% (from 6.3% to 4.9%)
- Cigarette smoking among 12th graders declined 9% (from 11.4% to 10.5%)
- Past month e-cig use among 8th graders declined 35% (from 9.5% to 6.2%)
- Past month e-cig use among 10th graders declined 21% (from 14.0% to 11.0%)
- Past month e-cig use among 12th graders declined 23% (from 16.2% to 12.5%)
- E-cig use by teens has declined for the past two years (as smoking rates kept falling)
- 24.9% of 12th grade e-cig users reported vaping nicotine, 62.8% vaped flavored e-cigs
(documents for 2nd year in a row that most teen vapers don’t vape nicotine or tobacco)

Note that 2014 and 2015 MTF cigarette smoking and e-cig use data is available at

CDC 2015 NHIS finds:
- 3.5% of US adults (i.e. 8.35 million) were current e-cig users (i.e. on “some days” or “everyday”),
- 29.8% of current e-cig users (i.e. 2.5 million adults) were former cigarette smokers,
- 58.8% of current e-cig users (i.e. 4.9 million adults) were current cigarette smokers,
- 11.4% of current e-cig users were never cigarette smokers,
- Among current e-cig users aged ≥45 years, 98.7% were either current or former cigarette smokers, and 1.3% had never been cigarette smokers.

Brad Rodu: FDA Tobacco Director Ignores 2.5 Million “Anecdotal Reports” About E-cigarettes

CDC reports 48.1% per capita decline in US cigarette consumption from 2000 to 2015, and 4.2% increase in per capita smokeless tobacco consumption; but CDC fails to ethically differentiate the huge difference in disease risks between highly addictive and lethal cigarettes, very low risk smokeless tobacco products, and low risk cigars and pipes

Florida Health Dept criticizes vaping after teen smoking rate plummets

THR Education and Advocacy

Iowa Attorney General (and chairman of e-cig prohibitionist Legacy’s board) Tom Miller presents at E-cigarette Summit “America Needs England”

Legacy’s Ray Niaura: Re-thinking nicotine and its effects
(Highly Recommended Reading; a rare accurate and objective report by Legacy)

After lying about vaping and lobbying FDA to ban all vapor products sales to US adults since 2009, Legacy’s review of 687 articles concludes vapor products: “are increasing in use, particularly among current smokers, pose substantially less harm to smokers than cigarettes, are being used to reduce/quit smoking, and are widely available.”
Overview of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: A Systematic Review

Barton Hinckle: Anti-smoking paternalism infantalizes adults
The smoke and mirrors of the anti-tobacco/vaping crusade

Brad Rodu: Motorcycles aren’t cars and cigarettes aren’t smoke-free tobacco

Smokefree Action provides objective and useful information about vaping and pregnancy
Use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy

Brad Rodu: Exploding E-cigarette? Maybe Not

Attorney for two injured by exploding batteries (likely due to consumer negligence) blames manufacturers, urges banning e-cigs (but not batteries) on public transit

UK smoking cessation services urges smokers to switch to vaping for Christmas

Medicalisation, smoking and e-cigarettes: evidence and implications

THR Research

Study finds 50% of smoker patients at community mental health centers are interested in using vapor products to quit smoking, 22% reported current vaping, and 82% reported wanting to quit or reduce smoking. But study also finds 91% of psychiatrists and 84% of case workers inaccurately reported that patients were not interested in quitting smoking.

Brad Rodu – Smokers: It’s never to late to quit or switch to smoke-free

Sally Satel – Big Tobacco is giving away money: Researchers should take it

Application of dosimetry tools for the assessment of e-cigarette aerosol and cigarette smoke generated on two different in vitro exposure systems

BAT presentation: Dosimetry tools, approaches and applications for tobacco and next generation product testing$FILE/EAC%202016_BAT%20JA.pdf

BAT study finds vaping delivers nicotine efficiently, especially in experienced vapers

Jewish General Hospital’s Mark Eisenberg to study vaping impact on smokers (Canada)

Cigarette Research

FDA/NCI funded UCSF anti vaping activists find huge decline in cigarette smoking and in pro smoking views among California teens from 2000-2015; so UCSF activists demonize lifesaving vapor products and nicotine, unethically conflate risks of vapor and low risk OTP use with far more harmful cigarettes.

FDA/NCI funded UNC study finds US adults and teens inaccurately believe cigarette additives (not cigarette combustion) cause most harmful cigarette smoke constituents, authors blame cigarette companies, but fail to admit that for decades US DHHS and Big Pharma shills have downplayed the lethal risks of cigarette smoke inhalation while grossly exaggerating negligible risks of nicotine and unknown risks of cigarette additives

NCI study confirms many smokers under-report their daily cigarette consumption on government surveys, but NCI researchers (who failed to verify any self-reported cigarette consumption claims by participants) claim their new study found that smoking less than one cigarette per day poses 64% higher risk of earlier death than never smoking.

Washington Post, NY Times, Reuters and Daily Mail articles repeat unverified NCI claim about smoking one cigarette per day, fail to do any fact checking, fail to interview experts

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Lies about Vaping

US SG Murthy lies about vapor research, teens and public health to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA’s vapor sales ban to adults, vaping bans, and other anti-vaping policies that protect cigarette and Big Pharma markets, but threaten lives of vapers and smokers.

Mike Siegel: Surgeon General’s report on e-cigarettes is scientifically dishonest

Clive Bates: The critics guide to bad vaping science (on SG report day before its release)

Clive Bates: Five questions to put to the Surgeon General on e-cigarette science (on SG report day before its release)

Clive Bates: Bad science, poor insights and likely to do harm – rapid reaction to the Surgeon General’s terrible e-cigarette report (excellent analysis of SG anti-vaping report)

Konstantinos Farsalinos: US Surgeon General declares e-cigarettes are a public health concern. But where is the evidence of harm?

Dr. Joel Nitzkin: Surgeon General gets it wrong on e-cigarettes; Lots of smoke, No fire

Bogus e-cigarette warning by surgeon general?
"He should be fired – simply on the basis of today's report" Stier asserted.

Dr. Ed Anselm calls SG Murthy anti vaping report a ‘disservice’ for ignoring THR and the benefits vaping has provided for millions of adult smokers

Americans for Tax Reform: Tell Trump to fire US Surgeon General

Jacob Sullum: Surgeon General launches e-cigarette scare campaign that will harm public health

ASH UK refutes anti vaping claims by US SG

Dr. Peter Hajek criticizes SG anti-vaping claims in article in New Scientist, whose fear mongering headline repeated SG Murthy’s intentionally misleading fear mongering claim

Cancer Research UK criticizes US SG propaganda demonizing vaping

E-cigarette alert from US angers experts in Britain

SG Vivek Murthy lies about vaping to BBC too, falsely claims only clinical trials can determine if vaping helps smokers quit smoking, fails to cite any harms of vaping, but moralizes against vaping; Public Health England’s Martin Dockrell reveals the actual scientific and empirical evidence, refutes Murthy’s claims (from 13:20 to 22:09)

ACSH’s Alex Berezow: Surgeon General declares War on E-cigarettes

Surgeon general’s e-cigarette report panned as ‘truly terrible’

CASAA criticizes SG Murthy for ignoring data and misleading the public about vaping

Vapor Technology Association (VTA) responds to SG report

Nicopure Labs responds to SG report

SG report draws mixed reactions

Are e-cigarettes more dangerous than previously thought?

NY Times’s Matt Richtel hypes false fear mongering anti vaping claims by SG Murthy, quotes Big Pharma funded CTFK’s Matt Myers but fails to ethically disclose CTFK’s irreconcilable financial conflicts of interest, fails to do any fact checking on SG’s lies

Washinton Post article touts lies about vaping by SG Murthy, CDC’s Tom Frieden and CTFK’s Matt Myers, fails to disclose CTFK’s irreconcilable financial conflict of interests, but includes truthful statements by SFATA and Mike Siegel

AP article touts SG Murthy’s lies about vaping as factual, fails to do any fact checking or interview any vaping experts

CNN hypes SG’s lies about vaping and nicotine, fails to disclose that ALA and AAP (quoted in article denouncing vaping) have received tens of millions of dollars from Big Pharma to lie about and to lobby FDA to ban e-cig sales to adult smokers since 2009, includes truthful quotes by vaping industry representatives.

Atlantic article on SG report fails to disclose that ALA has received tens of millions of dollars from Big Pharma since 2009 to lie about and lobby to ban lifesaving e-cigs

Big Pharma financed CTFK’s Matt Myers praises SG Murthy’s lies on vaping, fails to ethically disclose CTFK’s receipt of hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma to lie about and lobby to ban the sale of lifesaving smokefree alternatives to smokers

Legacy lies initiative’s Robin Koval moralizes against vaping and industry, praises SG’s lies about vaping and FDA’s Deeming Regulation (while failing to ethically disclose that FDA’s rule bans sales of all vapor products to adults), repeats call for vapor flavoring ban

Big Pharma and FDA funded vapor prohibitionist AHA praises SG lies about vaping, fails to ethically disclose AHA’s irreconcilable financial conflicts of interests

Big Pharma funded ACS and ALA tout SG Murthy’s lies on vaping to lobby for more anti-vaping laws in Connecticut, fail to ethically disclose Big Pharma funding

More news media stories on SG anti-vaping propaganda report

Mike Siegel: Tobacco industry unveils new ad campaign: “Any form of tobacco use is harmful, so you might as well smoke” (parody)

Mike Siegel: Youth vaping plummets in wake of Surgeon General’s report (parody)

FDA Deeming Regulation/Ban

Steven Greenhut & David Behr: Republicans should snuff out deadly tobacco rules

DHHS Secretary Nominee Tom Price (R-GA) cosponsored HR 2058 to keep many lifesaving vapor products legal (i.e. by moving the grandfather date from 2007 to 2016), wrote: "Fortunately, there are several alternatives out on the market to help those seeking a reprieve from cigarette smoking. It is vital that we continue to research and promote useful alternatives to help preserve the health of our nation."

FDA extends deadline for registration of vapor and other newly deemed products from December 31, 2017 to June 30, 2017.

FDA extends product listing deadline, vape industry given more time to comply

Charlie Minato: FDA extends listing deadline for domestic manufacturers

VTA’s December 5 webinar on company restrictions and product listing with FDA

VTA issues guidance for FDA registration and product listing (before FDA delayed date)

FDA issues guidance Health Document Submission Requirements for Tobacco Products

Patrick Lagreid: Cigar industry lawsuit against FDA regulation slated for July 2017

Charlie Minato: Cigar exemption not included in final Congressional funding bill

Philip Morris International submits 2-3 million page MRTP application to FDA for iQOS

More FDA

FDA issues warning letters to 4 manufacturers (Swisher, Southern Cross, Prime Time, Cheyenne) claiming their products labelled as flavored cigars are flavored cigarettes, claims products are banned by TCA (i.e. adultered), Mitch Zeller demonizes flavorings.

Charlie Minato: FDA alleges Swisher & others mislabeled cigarettes as little cigars

FDA issues special CTP webinar for Native American retailers; agency falsely claims the cigarette and Big Pharma protecting 2009 Tobacco Control Act “is designed to protect public health and to reduce tobacco use by children and adolescents”, fails to ethically disclose that vapor and smokeless tobacco products are far less harmful than cigarettes.

FDA celebrates ineffective GASO with misleading, biased and similarly ineffective infograph “How the Cigarette is Engineered”

More CDC

After Arizona Health Dept survey found teen cigarette smoking rate plunged 40% (from 17% in 2011 to just 10% in 2015) as vaping has increased, Health Dept targets teens with anti-vaping propaganda called “Vape is a Lie” that lies about vaping, nicotine, flavorings and tobacco companies, unethically conflates lifesaving vapor products with highly addictive and deadly cigarettes (while daring all teens to try vaping).

American Vaping Association: Vapers respond to being called ‘stupid sheep’ by CDC funded Pasadena Health Department

Lambs to the slaughter: California health campaign raises the baa


Jeff Stier: HUD gets it right on smoking, FDA doesn’t criticizes HUD’s smoking ban (Godshall comments)


FTC issues 2014 reports for Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco

Anti-THR Lobbying

Michael Bloomberg to give $360 million more to anti-THR extremists who have lobbied to ban sales and advertising of lifesaving vapor products and low risk smokeless tobacco, lobbied to ban vaping, lobbied to tax smokeless tobacco the same rate as deadly cigarettes, lobbied to impose unconstitutional plain packaging laws, and have lied about tobacco companies.

Big Pharma and Bloomberg funded CTFK praise Michael Bloomberg for funding


Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) vapor tax map 2016

NIDA funded 2016 MTF survey data to be released December 13

CDC congratulates itself (in Winnable Battles report) for huge declines in cigarette smoking that were largely due to vaping (despite CDC’s War on Vaping since 2009 and CDC’s false claims that vaping is highly addictive, is a gateway to cigarettes, renormalizes smoking, may be as harmful as cigarettes, and doesn’t help smokers quit)

Smoking Ban

Czech Republic ban smoking in restaurants and bars

Smoking / Vaping Ban

Casino owners file suit over Brook County (WV) workplace smoking and vaping ban

Limiting Tobacco Retailers

Wawa threatens to stop opening stores in Philly (if City restricts tobacco retailer licenses)

Tobacco Industry

BAT: E-cigarettes and other next generation products

International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer’s Association (IPCPR) hires Daniel Trope as new director of federal government affairs

Minimum Age

Naperville (IL) increases minimum age for vapor and tobacco product sales to 21


Vaping products under new classification in Belgium

Plain Packaging

WTO won’t rule on Australia’s plain packaging dispute before May 2017

Tobacco Prohibition

Reporter beaten, arrested in Turkmenistan, faces 7 years in jail for possessing smokeless tobacco


Drew Johnson: United Nations works against freedom when it comes to health arm

Julian Morris: Harm reduction should be included in the FCTC

WHO plans to keep lying about tobacco harm reduction and the tobacco industry on 2017 World No Tobacco Day

Junk Science Propaganda and Lies

DHHS funded OSU smoking cessation researcher Peter Shields keeps lying about the massive and consistent scientific evidence on vapor products

Peter Hajek refutes false fear mongering claim by USC anti-vaping activists that study found teen vaping increased bronchitis rate (as most of the teen vapers were smokers)

Daily Mail touts false fear mongering claim about inapplicable cell study by an anti-vaping activist at Karolinska (which has lied about the very low risks of snus for decades)

NIH funded anti vaping activists at UNC advocate increasing minimum age for vapor sales to 21, which makes it more difficult for teen smokers to quit smoking and deceives the public to believe vaping is as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

FDA funded Stan Glantz misrepresents vaping study findings to lobby for prohibition

DRI’s Andrey Khylstov claims his study found extremely high levels of formaldehydes were emitted by various flavored e-cig brands (that previously had been found to emit far fewer formaldehydes), issues multiple press releases, news media touts dubious findings and fear mongering claims

Konstantinos Farsalinos objectively critiques Khylstov study (with outlier data) at:

DRI’s Andrey Khylstov responds with personal attack against Farsalinos
"Dr. Farsalinos revealed that (a) he is not up-to-date with the current literature, and (b) has not read our paper carefully, because we explicitly compare our results to other studies."

Mike Siegel: Paper concludes that Sao Paulo smoking ban reduced heart attack deaths despite striking increase in heart attack deaths following ban

Christopher Snowdon: Brazilian smoking ban miracle

AP article claims Tony Gwynn’s death prompted more smokeless tobacco usage bans, but fails to admit there is no evidence Gwynn’s death was caused by smokeless tobacco use, and fails to admit smokeless tobacco is exponentially less harmful than cigarettes.

- Bill Godshall
Godshall THR update 2016-12-13