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Bill Godshall Update 2017-01-26

Tobacco Harm Reduction Update, January 26th, 2017

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THR Research / Education / Advocacy

“Clearing the Air”: Univ. of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research review of 170 vaping studies concludes:
1. Overall, there is encouraging evidence that vapour devices can be at least as effective as other nicotine replacements as aids to help tobacco smokers quit.
2. There is no evidence of any gateway effect whereby youth who experiment with vapour devices are, as a result, more likely to take up tobacco use. The available evidence is that tobacco use by youth has been declining while use of vapour devices has been increasing.
3. Second hand exposure to vapour is more transient than exposure to tobacco smoke. However, it has been shown to create measurable but small exposure to nicotine and no significant exposure to carcinogens such as found in tobacco smoke.
4. Vapour from e-cigarettes contains substantially fewer toxicants than does smoke from regular tobacco cigarettes, however there has been insufficient research regarding some significant carcinogens that may still be present.

Vaping less harmful than smoking says UVic study
“Fears of a gateway effect are unjustified and overblown,” said Marjorie MacDonald, the report’s lead investigator. “>From a public-health perspective, it’s positive to see youth moving towards a less-harmful substitute to tobacco smoking.”

Vaping no gateway to smoking, Uvic report says
“The public has been misled about the risks of e-cigarettes” said Stockwell. “Many people think they are as dangerous as smoking tobacco, but the evidence shows this is completely false.”

Andre Picard: The health hazards of vaping are overblown

Study finds experience vapers absorb far more nicotine when vaping than do smokers who are inexperienced vapers, authors call for research differentiating study participants

Holiday/Preshaw/Bauld – Smoking cessation: The role of e-cigarettes

Dr. Ed Anselm advocates Harm Reduction with e-cigarettes for addicted smokers, and with needle exchange, methadone and suboxone for opioid addicts.

Guy Bentley: Vaping in not a gateway to smoking, new study says

Big study linking youth vaping to smoking actually contains evidence to the contrary

Nerudia V-TOX database of 550+ constituents (they call ingredients) in e-cig emissions

Rodent study finds nicotine normalizes brain activity linked to schizophrenia

Does this explain why schizophrenics smoke? Nicotine helps to reduce the effects of the mental illness, groundbreaking research shows

Global Forum on Nicotine 2017, June 15-17, Warsaw, Poland (abstracts due January 31)

Public Health Surveillance

2015 CDC survey found just 11% of US adults correctly knew that vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoking during pregnancy, 51% of US adults inaccurately believed vaping is just as harmful, 12% believed it was even more harmful, and 26% didn’t know; but CDC authors falsely conflate vaping with cigarette smoking, praise their War on Vaping

CDC reveals 2015 YRBS data found most “past 30 day” vaping by teens occurred on just 1 or 2 days; but CDC authors demonize vaping again, conflate it with cigarette smoking

Rodu: CDC omitted important findings in report in 2015 National Youth Tobacco Survey

CDC implements new sample design for 2016 NHIS
resulting in unexplainable changes in US adult cigarette smoking data in first ½ of 2016 (and likely for all 2016) compared to 2015; found
- 25.7% of males were former smokers in first ½ of 2016, compared to 25.0% in 2015,
- 19.2% of females were former smokers in first ½ of 2016, compared to 18.9% in 2015,
- 55.8% of males were never smokers in first ½ of 2016, compared to 58.3% in 2015,
- 16.0% adult cigarette smoking rate in first ½ of 2016, compared to 15.1% in 2015,
- 18.5% adult male smoking rate in first ½ of 2016, compared to 16.7% in 2015,
- 21.2% smoking rate among males 45-64 in first ½ of 2016, compared to 17.8% in 2015,
- 8.7% smoking rate among males 65+ in first ½ of 2016, compared to 8.4% in 2015. (½ of 2016) (2015)

2016 NHIS also found a significant increase in heavy drinking by US adults from 2015 to the first ½ of 2016 (which also may be due to sample design changes in the 2016 NHIS) (½ of 2016) (2015)

WHO chart lists 20 mostly low-and middle-income nations where cigarette smoking has increased since 2000, and whose governments WHO has inhumanely urged to ban the sale of lifesaving vapor products (by repeating false fear mongering claims about vaping)

THR Business

Philip Morris International announces new goal to “Design a Smoke-Free Future”, redesigns website to promote smokefree alternatives to “one day replace cigarettes”

Big Pharma financed abstinence-only prohibitionist CTFK’s Matt Myers criticizes PMI’s “Smoke-Free Future” goal (since CTFK wants smokers to die before/instead of switching to low risk smokefree alternatives), absurdly claims PMI should stop marketing cigarettes (i.e. give their business to competitors) even though doing so wouldn’t reduce smoking

British American Tobacco (BAT) buys Reynolds America to become world’s largest tobacco and reduced risk products company

Lost Arts Liquids launches new brand with Next Generation Labs tobacco free nicotine

UK’s Imperial Brands forms joint venture with China National Tobacco

US Congress Moves to Repeal Recently Issued Obama Regulations

US House passes bill to let US Congress and Trump to repeal recently issued regulations

Trump Administration

Trump orders spending and communications freeze at several agencies including DHHS

Federal agencies ordered to restrict their communications

Trump withdraws US from Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

FDA In Overdrive As Term Ends

Obama’s FDA Issues Many More Unwarranted Regulations / Guidances as Term Ends

FDA proposes regulation to ban sale of >90% of smokeless tobacco products in US (i.e. everything but snus) by limiting NNN to 1.0 microgram per gram (ug/g) of tobacco; fails to acknowledge rule harms public health if any of the 6 million smokeless tobacco users (many of whom are exsmokers) switch/back to cigarettes; 75 day public comment period.
FDA inaccurately estimates smokeless tobacco causes 276 mouth/throat cancer deaths annually in US by improperly applying relative risk data for women who used dry snuff to men who use moist snuff [i.e. RR=2.16] instead of using male moist snuff data. (See Table 5 in FDA’s proposed rule)

But even with that error, FDA has now estimated that Cigarette Smoking in the US:
- causes 1,739 times more deaths than smokeless tobacco use (480,000/276=1,739),
- causes 17.6 times more mouth/throat cancer deaths than smokeless tobacco use (4,868/276=17.6),
- is 286 times deadlier than smokeless tobacco use, as annual death rate from cigarette smoking is 13.151 per 100,000 smokers (480,000/36,500,000=.0131506) compared to .046 per 100,000 smokeless users (276/6,000,000=.000046) (.0131506/.00046=286)

Brad Rodu – Federal studies: ZERO mouth cancer deaths among men who dip or chew tobacco (exposes and debunks FDA’s assertion that smokeless tobacco use doubles mouth/throat cancer mortality risk for men).

The Hill touts FDA’s proposed smokeless tobacco regulation, but fails to acknowledge it would ban >90% of smokeless tobacco products on the US market, fails to acknowledge it would harm public health if any smokeless tobacco users switch to deadly cigarettes.

FDA issues “Is it really ‘FDA Approved?’” that falsely claims “FDA doesn’t approve tobacco products” by claiming that approval of a marketing order is NOT approval of a product (unless it’s an FDA marketing order for a drug or biologic).
FDA has already issued 599 SE orders for cigarettes, RYO and smokeless tobacco

FDA issues Final Rule: When is a product made or derived from tobacco regulated as a drug and/or device? (FDA bullies vapor companies to stop making truthful claims by allowing FDA to ban products that make a truthful claim by reclassifying them as drugs)
FDA falsely claims purpose of unconstitutional rule is to prevent consumer confusion:
“given the broad range of intended uses for products made or derived from tobacco and the increasing variety of such products on the market, FDA believes that the potential for consumer confusion is increasing. This is especially true when tobacco-derived products that may otherwise appear to be products intended for recreational use make claims related to quitting smoking and treatment of nicotine addiction.”

Sullum: FDA says explaining the main advantages of vaping would confuse consumers

Mike Siegel: New FDA rule is wrong on the law: smoking cessation claims are not inherently therapeutic claims because smoking is not a disease

Bloomberg touts FDA rule to let FDA ban truthful speech by vapor manufacturers

Note that FDA sent letters to five vapor companies in 2010 bullying them to remove truthful claims (by alleging they were therapeutic claims that violated the FDCA)
FDA Sept 9, 2010 press release
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to Johnson Creek
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to Ruyan America
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to Gamucci
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to E-cigaretteDirect
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to E-Cig Technology
FDA Sept 8, 2010 letter to the ECA (which had ceased operations earlier that year)

FDA funded National Academies (formerly IOM) names committee members that will write report on health effects of ENDS; includes DHHS funded THR opponents, but nobody who is a vaping expert or who has exposed the truth about vaping

FDA issues Draft Guidance for Vape Shops that says FDA “does not intend to enforce” Deeming Regulation provisions banning vape shops from some manufacturing activities, 30 day public comment period (perhaps FDA now realizes its Deeming Regulation’s ban on manufacturing of new products by vape shops has prompted many more vapers to manufacturer their own vapor products DIY, which has increased health and safety risks).

FDA issues Draft Guidance for Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples of Tobacco Products (and all vapor products, including those not derived from tobacco) to all adults (to purportedly reduce youth access to tobacco); vast majority of new prohibitions are intended to prevent adult smokers and vapers from sampling new vapor alternatives.

FDA issues Draft Guidance for Cigar Manufacturers that delineates the false and misleading fear mongering warning labels that must be placed on cigar packages

Obama’s DHHS (in its last week) claims FDA’s “The Real Cost” program prevented 350,000 youth from smoking cigarettes from 2014 to 2016 (as Obama’s DHHS falsely claimed from 2009-2017 that there’s “no evidence” vaping helps people quit smoking).

AJMC touts DHHS’ claims about “The Real Cost” as facts, repeats lies about vaping

Carl Phillips – Dealing with tobacco control liars: under Trump, everyone will see what it’s like (critiques DHHS’ claim that “The Real Cost” prevented teens from smoking)

FDA’s “The Real Cost” advertisements lie about and demonize smokeless tobacco products, whose daily use is 99% less harmful than daily cigarette smoking, and whose daily use poses <1% of the cancer risks compared with daily cigarette smoking.

FDA schedules TPSAC meeting for April 5-6, 2017

National Park Service abruptly rescinds recently proposed vaping ban at national parks before Obama left office, but won’t say why

CDC’s Frieden Leaves Office (Good Riddance)

Vapor prohibitionist CDC director Tom Frieden congratulates himself for reducing US smokers by 10 million (that was mostly due to vaping) before resigning on January 20.

FDA Deeming Regulation / Ban

Keller and Hackman E-Vapor Law Symposium sponsored by VapeMatters February 2nd and 3rd at KH lawfirm office in DC

How to destroy an industry: Federal e-cig regulation could cost one Wisconsin company $200 million

Sklaroff/Godshall/Gambescia: FDA shouldn’t ban e-cigarettes

Michelle Minton: Overturning FDA’s vape ban could save millions of lives

FDA Regulations impact Myrtle Beach area vape retailers

Tech Freedom and dozen more free market organizations urge Congress to amend TCA to stop FDA from banning lifesaving vapor products on the market in August 2016.

Vape companies try galvonizing Trump administration to ease FDA rules

Tobacco Is a Hot Button Issue (discusses FDA Deeming Regulation’s vapor ban)

Charlie Minato: Matt Booth & Room101 leave cigar industry (cites FDA Deeming Rule)

US Rep Bill Posey (R-FL) introduces bill that would exempt premium cigars from FDA’s Deeming Regulation (that bans all vapor products and many/most premium cigars)

Congressmen Posey, Lou Barletta and Duncan Hunter send letter to Pence urging reversal of FDA Deeming Regulation for premium cigars

Minato: Trump issues regulatory freeze, likely doesn’t affect FDA cigar regulations


New Nicotine Alliance goes to UK High Court to challenge/repeal EU snus ban

Colin Mendelsohn: Banning e-cigarettes could increase cancer (Australia)

Australian Taxation Office seizes illegal tobacco plants from property owner, claims plants are worth $1.5 million

NY Times reporter Rogene Jacquette deceptively touts cigarette prohibition as novel and civil way to reduce smoking, fails to acknowledge that cigarette prohibition laws (like alcohol and marijuana prohibition laws) have created far more problems than they solved.

Big Pharma Financed Lobbying

Big Pharma financed vapor prohibitionist American Lung Association attacks states yet again in “State of Tobacco Control 2017” if they did NOT:
- waste tens of millions of dollars subsidizing/promoting Big Pharma cessation drugs,
- waste tens of millions of dollars lying about and demonizing lifesaving vapor products, - increase the minimum age for sale of all vapor and tobacco products to 21 years,
- impose huge taxes on all tobacco products, including lifesaving vapor low risk OTP,

Big Pharma financed ALA gives F to Obama’s FDA after it banned the sale of all vapor products on August 8, 2018 (because ALA wanted far more bans); gives F to Congress for not taxing lifesaving vapor and low risk OTP at same rate as deadly cigarettes.

VTA criticizes Big Pharma financed ALA’s State of Tobacco Control

Big Pharma financed CTFK and NY Times urge NYC’s deBlasio to impose more unwarranted TC laws (that won’t reduce cigarette smoking), fail to admit that Mayor Bloomberg’s vaping ban protected cigarettes and discouraged smokers from quitting

Big Pharma financed vaping prohibitionist American Cancer Society touts Johnson and Johnson (manufacturer/marketer of Nicorette and Nicoderm) and Purdue Pharma (manufacturer of oxycontin) as its “Corporate Heroes” in 2015

Why some Doctor’s groups blocked opioid reform (re American Cancer Society)


PA Vape Association organizes rally in PA capitol opposing 40% vape tax

PA State tax vaporizing e-cig businesses (anti-vape-tax rally at PA Capitol)

Vape shop owners rally at capital, ask for change to tax

Locals protest vape tax amid store closures (PA)

Vaping activists descend on state capitol to blast 40% tax

NY Governor Cuomo proposes $.10/ml tax on e-liquid, reducing cigar tax in budget

Oregon bill (HB 2037) would impose 81.25% tax on wholesale price of vapor products, increase cigarette and OTP tax

Oregon bill (HB 2024) would impose 90% tax on nicotine vapor products, increase minimum age for tobacco/vapor sales to 21 years

Kansas Gov. Brownback proposes raising cigarette tax $1.29/pack, raising OTP tax from 10% to 20% of manufacturer price

Bloomberg encourages more states to tax vapor products


Indiana Smoke Free Alliance endorse bill (SB 1) to eliminate IN e-liquid monopoly

State’s dubious vaping law to get big overhaul (if SB 1 is enacted in Indiana)

Vaping law may get major overhaul (Indiana)

New vape law sends customers underground (Indiana)

Former lawmaker lands job with vapor monopoly that he helped create (Indiana)

Smoking Ban

Czech Senate approves bill to ban smoking in workplaces

Vaping Bans

Community College of Allegheny County’s board voted to ban vaping (and all tobacco use) at all CCAC campuses (outdoors and indoors).

Allegheny County (PA) executive Rich Fitzgerald falsely claims “Secondhand vaping can be just as dangerous as secondhand smoke,” lobbies Council to ban workplace vaping

Can Allegheny County enact its vaping ban?

Big Pharma shills and Louisville (KY) Health Dept. lobby City Council to ban vaping in workplaces, fail to ethically disclose funding from Big Pharma

Univ of Texas president cites 2nd hand smoke risk to propose banning smokefree vaping, claims nicotine is bigger problem than cigarette smoking

Hospital vaping ban sends mixed messages about dangers, says public health expert

Public Health England’s Martin Dockrell on stupidity of banning vaping outdoors

Smokeless Tobacco Ban

St. Petersburg (FL) bans adults from using smokeless tobacco at all sporting events due to lies and lobbying by Big Pharma shills to purportedly “protect the children”

Minimum Age

Nebraska bill (LB 73) would increase minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21, criminalize minors for possession and usage.

Connecticut bill would increase minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21

Iowa bill would increase minimum age for tobacco and vapor sales to 21, criminalize minor for possession

Washington AG Bob Ferguson seeks minimum tobacco (and vapor) purchasing age increase to 21 (for third consecutive legislative session)

Texas bills (HB 628 & SB 181) would ban sales, purchase, possession and use of deadly cigarettes, low risk OTP and lifesaving vapor products for anyone under 21 years of age

State Funding

ND agency that pushed vaping ban & vapor tax may be snuffed out over budget concerns

Cigarette Economics

NCI/WHO estimate cigarette smoking costs world economy $1 trillion per year (nearly a decade after Obama’s NCI and the WHO created and fueled the War on Vaping)

First sentence of Executive Summary in NCI/WHO report “The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control” falsely claims “Tobacco use remains one of the world’s leading causes of preventable premature death.” (its cigarette smoking, NOT tobacco use)

Lancet editorial cites NCI/WHO cigarette smoking data to call for banning all tobacco products (including low risk smokefree alternatives), fails to mention vaping as a way to reduce smoking (after vaping has helped about 10 million people quit smoking)

Nicotine Safety

Six year old unharmed after consuming an estimated 700 milligrams of nicotine, blood nicotine level reaches 348 nanograms/ml, refutes false claim repeated by anti vaping activists that consuming 100mg of nicotine is lethal. But anti vaping authors of report greatly exaggerate nicotine risks, and blame the vapor industry for parental carelessness.

Battery Safety

The Vapor Battery interview with Mooch! What you need to know, especially for mechs

Phil Bustardo: A visit to the Yondeli battery factory in Shenzhen

AP headline/article claim e-cig battery explosions have increased (in contrast to FDA’s report), demonizes products and industry, fails to admit that FDA banned all vapor product manufacturers from improving battery/charger safety since August 8, 2016.


Putin proposes absurd policy to ban cigarette sales (in 2033) to anyone born after 2015


Jeffrey Baxley: A Fatwa on e-cigarettes? Not so fast

Malaysian doctor outrageously claims banning vapor products, but not deadly cigarettes, will improve public health

Taxpayer Financed THR Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

NCI financed UCSF vaping prohibitionists Dutra/Glantz grossly manipulate NYTS data (that found record declines in youth cigarette smoking as vaping increased) to falsely claim the NYTS found no evidence that e-cigs helped reduce youth cigarette smoking; Big Pharma financed vaping prohibitionist Pediatrics publishes nth junk study on vaping

News outlets repeat fake news by Dutra/Glantz about teen vaping as factual

Mike Siegel: New study in Pediatrics shows how anti-vaping researchers are trying to fool the public (debunks false claims by NCI funded UCSF vapor prohibitionists above)

Peter Hajek exposes and debunks false claims by Dutra/Glantz that vaping has increased tobacco use by teens, and that vaping hasn’t reduced cigarette smoking among youth

Snowden: Are e-cigarettes creating a brand new generation of cigarette smokers?

Carl Phillips: NYT calls Trump a liar; critics fail to make it so clear about Glantz

DHHS funded junk study falsely classifies all “past 30 day” vapers as tobacco users (including many who never vaped nicotine) to exaggerate number of tobacco users and to conflate lifesaving vapor products and low risk smokeless tobacco with deadly cigarettes.

Univ of California protects cigarettes by claiming many lies about vaping are factual

DHHS funded vaping prohibitionists recycle unethical study (i.e. no knowledge or consent by management or participants) measuring particles in room at vape convention where hundreds of people vaped (that unsurprisingly found elevated levels of particles); falsely claim vape convention is “natural setting”, lobby to ban vaping in allworkplaces;
DHHS funded vaping prohibitionist Glantz misrepresents study to confuse and scare.

DHHS funded vaping prohibitionist Andrea King now absurdly claims that seeing an e-cigarette may make people want to smoke a cigarette

DHHS funded vapor prohibitionists at OSU (who falsely claim vaping doesn’t help smokers quit) misrepresent facts and evidence on vaping yet again to confuse and scare

DHHS funded vapor prohibitionist Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin demonizes vaping again

Tennesee Health Dept issues Advisory that repeats even more false and misleading fear mongering claims about lifesaving vapor products (than its previous Advisory), fails to provide any objective information, and basically encourages smokers to keep smoking

Mike Siegel – Tennessee Dept of Health: E-cigarettes create the threat of date rape, cause popcorn lung, and are as addictive as heroin

Minnesota taxpayer funded anti-tobacco group announces new ads that falsely accuse tobacco companies of target marketing to youth (20 years after settlement was signed)

Montana Health Dept upset that youth have switched from cigarettes to vaping, launches ad campaign that repeats lies about vaping to deceive, scare and lobby to ban vaping

Idaho funded anti-vaping propagandists falsely claim to be experts, to scare public

More THR Junk Science, Propaganda and Lies

Mike Siegel: Nurses get into the act: Smoking is no worse than vaping! Don’t commend patients for quitting smoking using e-cigarettes

Huff Post publishes Fake News by Dr. Sudip Rose that falsely claims vaping leads to drug addiction and crime, repeats many fear mongering LIES about vaping and nicotine

Mike Siegel: E-cigarettes may cause kids to break into homes and turn to a life of street crime, physician warns

Bloomberg funding recipients falsely claim tobacco control protects billions of people, praise Bloomberg $$$, conflate all tobacco use with deadly cigarette smoking

- Bill Godshall

Godshall THR update 2017-01-26