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Linda McAvan Caught Out Defrauding UK Citizens

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Deceitful, lying pharma pimp Linda McAvan has now been exposed as a fraudster:

McAvan was exposed running a fraudulent web chat show that purported to answer questions from concerned citizens asking about the EU TPD. Instead, she fixed the questions and answered meaningless drivel fed to her by staff. Instead of answering important questions about why she was trying to protect smoking and cause huge numbers of unnecessary deaths, she chose to rig the Q&A session.

Endemic corruption
There seems no limit to the corruption in the UK's health service and government. Soubry, McAvan, Mean - how many more pharmaceutical industry puppets are we expected to put up with running our health services and health policy?

Why not just call it the Dept of Pfizer and have done with it. At least we'll know who is supposed to benefit from it, instead of the torrent of lies fed to the public in the name of 'public health'. When the government backs policies that will inevitably result in widescale disease and death, it's time to forget the niceties and just tell it like it is: the UK health system is entirely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, and they will protect smoking at all costs - hardly surprising when they probably earn more from smoking, in the UK, than the tobacco industry does.

When will we be rid of these murderous, lying pharma whores?

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