At long last we may be seeing some honesty creeping into public health policy governing smoking and related areas:

State pulls smoking quitline funding

In the USA, Washington State is ceasing the free supply of NRTs to residents, as State and CDC support for free smoking cessation drugs there is ending. Together with France removing varenicline (Chantix) from the market, it looks as if the previously-solid official support for virtually useless and arguably dangerous pharmacotherapies is now beginning to show signs of realism creeping in.

There is no reason why taxpayers should support treatments with a 95% failure rate such as NRTs, especially when there are far more effective solutions available. In addition, by promoting treatments with a 95% failure rate, the state is exposing patients to significant danger: if virtually all patients relapse to smoking, (as is the case), and if half of smokers die from smoking-related diseases (as we are continually told), then the state is deliberately exposing almost all patients to a near 50-50 chance of death - when there are better alternatives.

This is not normally considered good clinical practice, but apparently smokers are a special case: it's OK to kill them.