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Deceitful, lying pharma pimp Linda McAvan has now been exposed as a fraudster: McAvan was exposed running a fraudulent web chat show that purported to answer questions from concerned citizens asking about the EU TPD. Instead, she fixed the questions and answered meaningless drivel fed to her by staff. Instead of answering important questions about why she was trying to protect smoking and cause huge numbers of unnecessary deaths, she chose to rig the Q&A session. Endemic corruption There seems no limit to the corruption in the UK's health service and government. Soubry, McAvan, Mean - how many...
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Tuesday saw the biggest win for public health in Europe in living memory, when e-cigarette community activism defeated those trying to protect the smoking economy in an EU Plenary vote. A huge debt of thanks is owed to LibDem, Independent and Conservative MEPs for voting against the proposal to medicalise e-cigarettes and thus an outright ban [1]. They won the day and temporarily showed that there is much support for preventing PVs (personal vapourisers that replicate cigarettes) being medicalised and therefore banned [3]. Socialists, Greens, pro-pharma seats and others voted to ban e-cigarettes by medicalising them, but were defeated by...
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Prof. Polosa is a pulmonologist with specialisms in airway provocation, immunology, smoking cessation and e-cigarette research. Among pulmonologists, he may be uniquely qualified to examine e-cigarette pulmonary issues. With his colleague P Caponnetto, also experienced in ecig research, he has published an opinion on e-cigarette regulation in The Lancet. Regulation of e-cigarettes: the users' perspective Riccardo Polosa, Pasquale Caponnetto Overview The opinion piece is balanced though favourable to e-cigarettes. It advocates what might be termed an uprated form of consumer regulation as opposed to medical regulation. In particular, it mentions (probably for the first time) the possibility of utilising...
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John P asked here, how ECF and other internet forums would fare if e-cigarette bans became more prevalent. In response, this post is is about the new citizens' movement and how it will sweep away the old machine: the old technology, the old industries, the old smoking and disease based section of the economy, and the government backing for the old-established industries. In a way it is like the Luddites reversed: citizens with new technology sweeping away the old machinery. The old technology and the part of the old economy based on it are about to be consigned to history....
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Not really. In fact the MHRA are doing nothing. They have issued a press release that indicates their support for the EU ban process, and I suspect that this is the main reason for the announcement. What they have said they will do is regulate e-cigarettes at a later date, which might be any time from 2014 to 2016, and it depends on the EU decision to some extent. This part is not clear at present. The exact wording in the PR is: "The UK Government will press for EU law to create a Europe-wide legal position on NCPs as medicines...
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This post is a response to an article in NHS Choices / News that discusses the MHRA's imminent decision on e-cigarette regulation. This response is too comprehensive to post to the original article comments, here: Decision over e-cigarettes and 'vaping' imminent   _________________________________________________________________ Thank you for presenting a balanced article on e-cigarettes. I agree with you that the cigarette equivalency of an ecig carto is usually overstated by vendors - most expert users put the figure at around 6 cigarettes; it is well-demonstrated that a 20-a-day smoker requires 3 to 4 cartos per day for normal equivalent consumption. The community...
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