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Welcome to E-Cigarette Politics

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Hello and welcome to the new website about ecig politics.

I can't pretend this is a subject that is universally loved and adored - probably more the opposite, if anything - but it is important: politics decides what you can't buy, what you can buy, and what it costs. Most of us feel this is of interest, especially where it concerns our life and health.

Initially, most of the material on this site will be re-published from the ECCA UK website, where I originally wrote and published it. ECCA is moving toward principally operating as a consumer affairs organisation now, and this is probably a good thing - the community don't want politics rammed down their throat. Nevertheless, some of us need to address the issues, since this topic area concerns the mechanisms that ultimately determine what you can or can't buy and use in order to avoid smoking. In other words it's a matter of life or death, to put it bluntly.

It is true, of course, that experienced e-cigarette owners will always be able to get what they need, because bans never stop anything, they just put the price up; but all smokers have the right of access to safer products, and they won't have that ability if we allow rival industries to control what can or cannot be purchased.

The world of e-cigarette politics is about the financial pressures and motives that determine health policy. Ah, you thought health issues determined health policy?

Oh to be young and naive again.  So, so naive...

Money determines policy, and you have no say in the matter unless you stand up for your rights. More people need to speak out on the injustice of having their rights removed for commercial gain.

- Chris


What's New

We start with a bang today, the first new article on the site is a first-look analysis of the NICE tobacco harm reduction Guidance - see menu item at right.



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