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Calls To Action

A listing of current Calls To Action to the e-cigarette user community, on UK, EU and US federal critical issues.

16th December 2013 - Welsh Assembly (UK)

Wales is debating an ecig ban, and Welsh vapers need to contact their Representatives to make sure they have the correct information. Public Health Wales has been distributing the usual lies to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry is protected, and people need to take action or see ecigs severely restricted in Wales.

Here is a good info resource to help you when speaking to your Rep:
A Call To The Welsh Government


15th December 2013 - Daily Mail (UK)

The Daily Mail has published the most blatant lies yet in its series of attempts to please pharmaceutical industry advertisers. There is no effective redress against injury by the Press in the UK, and lies on a health-related topic such as this which will inevitably result in loss of life (by causing less smokers to switch to low-risk products) should be answerable by huge fines. All we can do currently is complain to the PCC, Press Complaints Commission, and hope for a tiny apology printed on page 93 (the PCC has agreed with us before).

Nevertheless we should pursue this course of action in order to establish that the Mail has a history of egregious lies on this topic. This time they claim that, "Researchers state that e-cigarette users inhale more toxins than smokers" when the research has not yet even begun. Even the NHS admits that e-cigarettes are 1,000 times less toxic than tobacco cigarettes and this position was confirmed in Parliament (see References page). (The word 'even' is used because the NHS is part of one of the most incompetent and corrupt Ministries, the Dept of Health, which is working hard to protect cigarette sales in order to protect pharmaceutical industry income; at least there seem to be some independent thinkers in the NHS.)

The Daily Mail article:
[We won't link to dangerous lies of this kind, so please repair the link to make it work: just remove the spaces after 'dailymail'. Thank you.]

A good blog post on the response needed and full instructions:




15th December 2013 - Twitterbomb

Twitterbomb: Sunday evening at 8pm - 10pm (UK)

UK: 8-10pm
Germany: 21-23 Uhr
US East Coast: 3-5pm
US West Coast: 11am-1pm
Philippines: 4am-6am 16th

See instructions at:

Pre-built tweets:


Published on: 2013-12-15
Date of last update: 2013-12-16