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Examining the pressures to restrict e-cigarettes
in order to protect the smoking economy

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Mein Kampf (version 2) A new play by the Incompetent Twins, Dave and Nick C [with technical assistance by Phil A of UKV] The Cast Hitler: Anna Soubry Goebbels: Jeremy 'Adolf' Mean Himmler: Tony Blair Eva Braun: Linda McAvan An excellent new play set in the MHRA's secret bunker below war-torn London in 2013, where the failing government is losing its grip on a subservient population who no longer believe the complete rubbish they are spoon-fed. From London to Berlin, the mindless sheep are rising up against the iron grip of the military-pharma complex. Behind the Iron Curtain...
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Not really. In fact the MHRA are doing nothing. They have issued a press release that indicates their support for the EU ban process, and I suspect that this is the main reason for the announcement. What they have said they will do is regulate e-cigarettes at a later date, which might be any time from 2014 to 2016, and it depends on the EU decision to some extent. This part is not clear at present. The exact wording in the PR is: "The UK Government will press for EU law to create a Europe-wide legal position on NCPs as medicines...
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