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Examining the pressures to restrict e-cigarettes
in order to protect the smoking economy

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In honour of World Cancer Day and the EU's desperate fight to protect and promote cancer, we present 10 little-known facts about cancer that the EU doesn't want you to know. The original EU official page is here: It mainly consists of bare-faced lies, disinformation and corrupt propaganda, and if you are stupid enough to believe such a pile of **** then you probably think the EU is a good idea. We took the EU's puff piece and edited it to reflect what we thought the author really meant. Here are the real facts about the EU and cancer....
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Deceitful, lying pharma pimp Linda McAvan has now been exposed as a fraudster: McAvan was exposed running a fraudulent web chat show that purported to answer questions from concerned citizens asking about the EU TPD. Instead, she fixed the questions and answered meaningless drivel fed to her by staff. Instead of answering important questions about why she was trying to protect smoking and cause huge numbers of unnecessary deaths, she chose to rig the Q&A session. Endemic corruption There seems no limit to the corruption in the UK's health service and government. Soubry, McAvan, Mean - how many...
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The 10th July vote to ban e-cigarettes, yesterday, by approximately 44-25 (depending on the amendment voted on), was carried by a voting bloc agreement between the Socialists (Labour, in the UK), the Greens, the government seats and the commercial seats that achieved 44 votes; Conservatives, LibDems and public health supporters voted against the ban (and probably the single UKIP ENVI member), gaining 25 votes. Both sides will also have gained votes from non-aligned committee members. The vote was on the Tobacco Products Directive, and the main financial implications were for the tobacco industry due to the scale; e-cigarettes are seen...
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