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Examining the pressures to restrict e-cigarettes
in order to protect the smoking economy

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- a Guest Post by Steve K - Following e-cigarette news at Steve K's Vaping World, I see a lot of e-cigarette related news articles. By far, the most prevalent of those articles are ones that seem biased against the great potential of electronic cigarettes. Millions of people have stopped using deadly cigarettes already on their own. In many cases these are people who have attempted to quit using the "approved" methods multiple times with little success. Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death worldwide. Scores of smokers spontaneously quitting should be greeted as the best thing since the...
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Tuesday saw the biggest win for public health in Europe in living memory, when e-cigarette community activism defeated those trying to protect the smoking economy in an EU Plenary vote. A huge debt of thanks is owed to LibDem, Independent and Conservative MEPs for voting against the proposal to medicalise e-cigarettes and thus an outright ban [1]. They won the day and temporarily showed that there is much support for preventing PVs (personal vapourisers that replicate cigarettes) being medicalised and therefore banned [3]. Socialists, Greens, pro-pharma seats and others voted to ban e-cigarettes by medicalising them, but were defeated by...
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A recent article here discussed how smoking is being radically affected by a technology change, and how this factor is far more important than any other such as regulations or resistance from established players (which is essentially the same thing). Why e-cigarettes can't be stopped It could be argued that a technology change from inhalation of burning vegetable matter to electronic nebulising is so unimportant that it has little effect on anything else, or that it affects such a small market that the impact will not be significant. This might be true if the market is small enough; but since...
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Mein Kampf (version 2) A new play by the Incompetent Twins, Dave and Nick C [with technical assistance by Phil A of UKV] The Cast Hitler: Anna Soubry Goebbels: Jeremy 'Adolf' Mean Himmler: Tony Blair Eva Braun: Linda McAvan An excellent new play set in the MHRA's secret bunker below war-torn London in 2013, where the failing government is losing its grip on a subservient population who no longer believe the complete rubbish they are spoon-fed. From London to Berlin, the mindless sheep are rising up against the iron grip of the military-pharma complex. Behind the Iron Curtain...
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John P asked here, how ECF and other internet forums would fare if e-cigarette bans became more prevalent. In response, this post is is about the new citizens' movement and how it will sweep away the old machine: the old technology, the old industries, the old smoking and disease based section of the economy, and the government backing for the old-established industries. In a way it is like the Luddites reversed: citizens with new technology sweeping away the old machinery. The old technology and the part of the old economy based on it are about to be consigned to history....
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