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Examining the pressures to restrict e-cigarettes
in order to protect the smoking economy

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- a Guest Post by Steve K - Following e-cigarette news at Steve K's Vaping World, I see a lot of e-cigarette related news articles. By far, the most prevalent of those articles are ones that seem biased against the great potential of electronic cigarettes. Millions of people have stopped using deadly cigarettes already on their own. In many cases these are people who have attempted to quit using the "approved" methods multiple times with little success. Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable death worldwide. Scores of smokers spontaneously quitting should be greeted as the best thing since the...
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Prof. Polosa is a pulmonologist with specialisms in airway provocation, immunology, smoking cessation and e-cigarette research. Among pulmonologists, he may be uniquely qualified to examine e-cigarette pulmonary issues. With his colleague P Caponnetto, also experienced in ecig research, he has published an opinion on e-cigarette regulation in The Lancet. Regulation of e-cigarettes: the users' perspective Riccardo Polosa, Pasquale Caponnetto Overview The opinion piece is balanced though favourable to e-cigarettes. It advocates what might be termed an uprated form of consumer regulation as opposed to medical regulation. In particular, it mentions (probably for the first time) the possibility of utilising...
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At long last we may be seeing some honesty creeping into public health policy governing smoking and related areas: State pulls smoking quitline funding In the USA, Washington State is ceasing the free supply of NRTs to residents, as State and CDC support for free smoking cessation drugs there is ending. Together with France removing varenicline (Chantix) from the market, it looks as if the previously-solid official support for virtually useless and arguably dangerous pharmacotherapies is now beginning to show signs of realism creeping in. There is no reason why taxpayers should support treatments with a 95% failure rate such...
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It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Department of Health is afflicted by endemic incompetence and corruption. Here are just some of the articles (just on the BBC) from just the last few days.   @July 16th Failings probed at 'worst' hospitals: NHS failings 'being suppressed': Neuberger: 'Panel were hugely shocked at some stories': Liverpool Care Pathway 'should be phased out': Family anger over man's Liverpool Care Pathway death: Newbury widow's anger over husband's hospital death:   @June 21st The rotten side of the NHS: NHS cover-up revealed: MPs to quiz CQC...
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This post is a response to an article in NHS Choices / News that discusses the MHRA's imminent decision on e-cigarette regulation. This response is too comprehensive to post to the original article comments, here: Decision over e-cigarettes and 'vaping' imminent   _________________________________________________________________ Thank you for presenting a balanced article on e-cigarettes. I agree with you that the cigarette equivalency of an ecig carto is usually overstated by vendors - most expert users put the figure at around 6 cigarettes; it is well-demonstrated that a 20-a-day smoker requires 3 to 4 cartos per day for normal equivalent consumption. The community...
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Hello and welcome to the new website about ecig politics. I can't pretend this is a subject that is universally loved and adored - probably more the opposite, if anything - but it is important: politics decides what you can't buy, what you can buy, and what it costs. Most of us feel this is of interest, especially where it concerns our life and health. Initially, most of the material on this site will be re-published from the ECCA UK website, where I originally wrote and published it. ECCA is moving toward principally operating as a consumer affairs organisation now,...
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