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A European Citizens' Initiative is a mechanism provided by the EU that allows its concerned citizens to express their common opinion on how the European Parliament should approach certain subjects, in this case vaping. The requirements are: to reach one million signatures before the 25th of November 2014, and to reach the minimum quota in seven member states. When this is completed, the motion can be presented to the European Commission.

The EFVI or European Citizens' Free Vaping Initaitive is an ECI addressing the lethal removal of citizens' rights caused by preventing free access to safer tobacco alternatives in the new TPD (see below). The EU intends to force citizens to smoke, and this is a direct assault on human rights.

- please go there and sign. You must enter genuine, traceable personal details, or the signature will be discounted and the effort is wasted.

Legal challenge

Of course, everyone recognises that in a corruptocracy such as the EU, such things are irrelevant: the EU is not run for the benefit of its citizens, and public health is of no consequence in the enormously profitable free-fire commercial zone surrounding anything relating to smoking. The EU already deliberately kills at least 70,000 smokers a year by preventing access to Snus, for the financial benefits. It is inevitable that the EFVI motion will immediately be dismissed out of hand - they cannot do anything else, as everyone involved depends on the smoking money machine.

However, this is an important step in providing a legal basis to challenge the provisions of the TPD, which otherwise will lead to millions of preventable deaths for the economic benefit of the governments and major industries who control policy for their own purposes. Sufficient, properly-constituted objection to the TPD will provide ammunition in the upcoming legal battle.

Everyone should sign the EFVI declaration online, or by use of the form available at ecig stores. These are supplied in the 'Dodo boxes' - so named because unless something is done about this, then vaping (and vapers) will die out in the EU.


The latest rewrite of the Tobacco Products Directive includes electronic vapourisers (EVs), which are not a tobacco product, in order to gradually remove them from the market; apart from the small and inefficient models sold by the cigarette industry. Eventually, the only sales will be of models that don't work properly, sold by tobacco companies, with the designed objective of removing all effective cigarette substitutes and all vendors except the giant cigarette corporations.

This is, in effect, murder by decree. It will force existing vapers to return to smoking, and prevent current smokers from switching. It is principally designed to protect tobacco tax revenues and pharmaceutical industry incomes, although the mechanism required in order to do this is of course the protection of cigarette sales. Cigarette sales provide a foundation for government budgets, industry revenues, pseudo 'public health' front groups funded by industry, and politician's benefits. EU politicians who 'do the right thing' become wealthy; EU Commissioners become fabulously wealthy - all based on your illness and death.

An EU Health Commissioner can accumulate a personal fortune so vast it is beyond the bounds of comprehension and beyond dreams. Perhaps you should ask why.