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It's The Smoke, Stupid

#ITSS is a nice encapsulation of THR - it tells you all you need to know: It's The Smoke, Stupid. Smoke harms, tobacco doesn't have to, and nicotine is all but harmless. What more do you need? (Oh yeah - vapour is as good as it gets.)

The KISS principle is as good as any: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Occam's Razor in a soundbite.

As you are probably very well aware, we don't do short articles or quick blog posts here: it's all about the facts, the evidence, the resources, and the corruption, and it takes as long as it takes. This is an exception. If you smoke tobacco, or tea for that matter, you'll have to live with the consequences*. That's OK, it's your choice**; but if you want an alternative then there are plenty of options. We like vaping here but genuine Swedish Snus has a lot going for it too.

* Smoking tobacco or tea have pretty much the same consequences. It's the smoke. Tea Harm Reduction is drinking it, and luckily that's how we started in the first place. (Tea contains five alkaloids and nicotine is one of them - so you can smoke tea to get the nicotine. We don't recommend it.)
** Unless you live in the EU, of course. This isn't a democracy and only a fool thinks it is.

So if you want a hashtag then #ITSS does the job.




created 2015-08-04