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Privacy Policy

We will not sell your information to any third party.

We will do our best to protect your assets whether they comprise your privacy or other information. We cannot guarantee that such protection will be either complete or permanent. You agree that our ability to exercise control over such assets is limited.

We will not take any action that deliberately releases your information to a third party except where such action comprises the normal operation of a website.

- We will not sell email lists.
- We cannot prevent web hosting staff from accessing our website backend, which potentially exposes some personal details to them.


Our web server will normally lodge a standard text file on your computer in order to try to ensure the best quality of service when visiting the Website. This file is called a Cookie. If you accept the Cookie then you accept any liability for its use and release us from any such liability.

You may refuse the Cookie but doing so may impact the Website functionality for you. Members who refuse the Cookie may find that they will not be able to login as a Member.

We will not use tracking Cookies or any other type used for retrieving information away from the Website.

We have an ordinary CMS website that is not modified in any way to get more information than the webserver needs.

The webapp or server may need you to accept a cookie in order to work correctly. If you don't accept the cookie then the website may not work correctly, or at all.