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References - Assorted THR Resources and Lists

A page for various assorted THR-related references, and other lists of references.



Atroturfing is synthetic grassroots activism paid for by industry. The pharmaceutical industry has the world's largest propaganda and astroturfing programme and is typified by the front group listed below at #1. The tobacco industry also participates although dwarfed by pharma.

1. Tobacco-Free Kids
A typical pharma front group, and part of its multi-million dollar astroturfing programme. Appears to act as a pipeline for toxic funds that can be applied to junk science creation.

2. VaperRights
The first of big tobacco's ventures into vape-related astroturfing, this Altria product appears to be more of a ploy to discredit vapers by association with the entity they are in the process of destroying: Altria and big tobacco. Presumably the start of some kind of smear campaign, because Altria would like nothing better than to destroy vaping and this smear attempt looks as if it may be their best shot.


Clinical research

1. Demonstration that nothing exists unless it has a published clinical study supporting it (parachutes cannot work since there has never been a therapy vs placebo clinical trial):

2. Concealment of clinical trial results:

3. Clinical trial results routinely withheld:

4. Half of all press releases about medical research contain spin:



[caveat: see Caution at foot]



1. A well-researched article:

2. Nicotine, the Wonder Drug?
Discussion of nicotine's clinical use; no citations given, so searches are required to find the source material. Interesting article, but this sort of approach requires references otherwise it might be regarded as hearsay.


THR Videos

1. J Britton - 5 million preventable deaths at stake just in the UK:

2. A high-quality video on ecigs from France:

3. US doctor explains the advantages of ecigs:
(S Satel, Yale USM lecturer)

4. ASH Scotland's CEO gets hot under the collar:


Research and Publishing Bias

1. PN Lee 2013
Re: Journal policy on research funded by the tobacco industry
(Letter to BMJ from tobacco funded researcher pointing out that his research often has conclusions that are highly damaging to the cigarette industry)

2. Low quality research - para 1 page 2 appears to decribe pharma-funded e-cigarette research perfectly:

3. Should pharma-funded research be rejected for publication:

4. Identifying bad science:
'Research' that is critical of ecigs always contains at least one of these factors, and in some cases, most of them.

5. Horton complains about a problem created by Horton:


Lists of THR-Related References

1. THR org list

2. Ecig research list:

3. CASAA lists:

4. List of ecig studies (FR):

5. Ecig studies:

6. Ecig studies:
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7. 295 ecig-related documents in this search of PubMed @Q1 2014:
"e cigarette"[Title/Abstract] OR "electronic cigarette"[Title/Abstract] OR "electronic cigarettes"[Title/Abstract] OR "e cigarettes"[Title/Abstract] OR "electronic nicotine delivery systems"[Title/Abstract] OR "e cig"[Title/Abstract]OR "e cigs"[Title/Abstract]


9. List of ecig-related studies: