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References - Health, Public Health

A page of references and resources in the health, public health and tobacco control areas.


Morbidity, assorted

1. Popcorn lung:
Bronchiolitis obliterans, or 'popcorn lung', is of interest as it is one of the extremely rare disease factors possible for ecigs, if the butter-popcorn flavouring diacetyl (or possibly one of its analogues) is used in refills - although we don't know if disease can be caused by inhalation of the tiny quantities likely to be present in vapour.


NHS - UK National Health Service

1. UK prescription costs 2012:
This is not a complete list of NHS drug costs or smoking cessation drug costs.


NHS - smoking cessation

1. NHS SSS (stop smoking services)

2. a. NHS SSS begins switchover to ecigs, following the 20% drop in demand for their services.
Leicester SSS:

2.b. VTTV show featuring Leicester SSS:

3. NHS SSS 2013 results:
394,354 attempted to quit during 2013.
144,757 had been validated as successfully quitting at the 4-week point.
This is 36% of those attempting to quit, and tallies well with the normal ~34% successful quit rate @4 weeks.
This normally falls to 12 - 15% by 12 months and 6 - 7% by 20 months.
63 per cent received NRT only; 26 per cent received Champix only; 1 per cent received Zyban only; 5 per cent did not receive any pharmacotherapy. This appears to indicate 3% received multiple therapies.

4. Bracknell NHS - To vape or not to vape?
An example of high-quality smoking cessation and health advice.


Public Health

1. Prof R Polosa: Health policy is made for financial not health reasons:

2. Government-funded charities "subvert the democratic process and squander taxpayers' money":
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3. The Sock Doctrine: state-funded political activism:

4. Zealots:

5. Why public health has gone wrong

6. M Siegel - the harm caused by 'public health'


Public Health - UK

1. NICE public health guidance 45
Tobacco: harm reduction approaches to smoking
[see commentary on this site]

2. Hansard: NHS asserts that ecigs are 1,000 times less toxic than cigarettes, and reasserts it in Parliament
[search: Smoking]
[the NHS citation is Cahn, Siegel 2010]


Public Health - vaping

1. Public Health England
Electronic cigarettes
May 2014

2. NICE - Smoking: harm reduction
NICE quality standard [QS92] Published date: July 2015
Smoking tobacco harm reduction approaches
This document is the official UK government position and medical guidance on THR. It is a position statement and guide, following on from PH45 (2013), and is designed to complement both PH45 and the TPD.


Public Health - fraud

1. The Dark Market
Chris Snowdon
How the public health industry colludes with others to manufacture evidence.


Public health - ideology

1. How ideological beliefs make it impossible for people to recognise facts and evidence:
Motivated Numeracy and Enlightened Self-Government
Kahan, Peters, Dawson, Cantrell, Slovic
September 3, 2013. Available at SSRN:


Public health - junk science

1. Junk science = garbage policy


Public health - a waste of money

1. How UK Public Health is an appalling waste of money


Tobacco Control Industry

1. A wiki on the industry:

2. Not all in tobacco control are inveterate liars - other TCI members criticise the latest bogus science by Glantz:

3. ALA/ACS lies collection:

4. Nathanson (BMA) and Arnott (ASH UK) caught out in lies:

5. Nathanson lies: the infamous 23 times claim:

6. Pharma owns tobacco control:

7. The Truth Is A Lie
M McFadden et al

8. Dangers to life and the public health lobby

9. P Hajek - The current state of tobacco control


Tobacco Control Industry - fraud

The black lung lie
Tobacco control is based on propaganda and disinformation to the extent that much of it can be referred to as lies. One example of this is the fraudulent portrayal of smokers' lungs in images as black, when this is impossible. The lungs pictured as black have been specially stained black, or are coal-miner's lungs, or are even pig's lungs specially prepared and dyed.

"Smoking does not discolor the lung."
- Dr. Duane Carr
Professor of Surgery, University of Tennessee College of Medicine

"I have examined thousands of lungs both grossly and microscopically. I cannot tell you from examining a lung whether or not its former host had smoked."
- Dr. Victor Buhler
Pathologist, St. Joseph Hospital, Kansas City

"It is not possible grossly or microscopically, or in any other way known to me, to distinguish between the lung of a smoker or a nonsmoker. Blackening of lungs is from carbon particles, and smoking tobacco does not introduce carbon particles into the lung."
- Dr. Sheldon Sommers
Pathologist and Director of Laboratories, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York

"I could never see on a pair of lungs if they belonged to a smoker or non-smoker. I can see clearly the difference between sick and healthy lungs. The only black lungs I’ve seen are from peat-workers and coal miners, never from smokers."
Dr. Jan Zeldenrust
Pathologist for the Government of Holland from 1951 - 1984
TV interview

"In the UK, donors with a positive smoking history provide nearly 40% of the lungs available for transplantation."
Prof Robert Bonser
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham; University of Birmingham