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References - Pharmaceutical Industry Crime

A page of references for pharmaceutical industry criminal fraud, criminal corruption, and fines.

Because of the very large number of criminal convictions, across such a wide swathe of the industry, and the enormous size of the criminal fines imposed, from a legal perspective the pharmaceutical industry is the world's largest criminal organisation.

Pharma crime

1. Pharma & crime:

2. Pharma crime analysis:

3. Pharmacia & Upjohn criminal fraud:
(FBI: largest criminal fine ever paid, to date)

4. Pharmacia criminal fraud:

5. Pfizer criminal fraud:

6. Merck criminal fraud:

7. Abbott criminal fraud:

8. GSK criminal fraud, criminal corruption:

9. a. GSK corruption in China:
b. GSK bribery affair timeline:

10. Supreme Court rules that all generic drugs are exempt from civil actions (80% of US drug sales):

11. Is big pharma addicted to fraud? (article)

12. Wikipedia list of 20 largest US fines for criminal fraud and criminal corruption by pharmaceutical companies:

13. list of notable fraud cases:

14. Johnson & Johnson criminal fraud:

15. Janssen criminal fraud:

16. Pfizer: Chantix - evidence for >500 suicides; good list of links to sources:

17. Takeda / Lilly fined $9bn for hiding cancer risks:
(The fines are likely to be reduced on appeal.)

18. Nicotine patches were invented by a fraudster (and are still promoted by fraudsters):

19. GSK to be investigated by SFO:

20. GSK pays settlements to 40-plus US states

21. Pfizer Admits Bribery in Eight Countries
August 8th, 2012

22. GSK $3bn fine

23. Big Pharma and Organized Crime - More Similar Than You Think

24. Prescriptions exposed as a scam

25. A commentary on the 'psychopathic greed' of pharma
Pharmaceutical corporation CEO: "We’re in the business of shareholder profit, not helping the sick".

26. Pharma fraud

Dr G Ross examines the corruption in the Public Health industry that protects smoking in order to benefit pharma.

28. The CDC lies about its corrupt relationship with the pharmaceutical industry
CDC Lying About Financial Conflicts of Interest and Failing to Disclose Big Pharma Funding When It Releases Statements About E-Cigarettes.
M Siegel, June 11 2015.

29. Government-pharmaceutical industry corruption
Forces org PDF on pharma-gov corruption.