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THR Website Of The Year

An award from the Ecigarette Politics website to the online resource that has provided the most useful information or support to the THR community or one section of it.

Starting in 2015, it may or may not continue in subsequent years, but the 2015 winner needs the recognition it deserves, and is all the reason needed to initiate this event.

By the nature of it, a good THR resource helps stop preventable deaths - or saves lives, if you prefer. The best of such sites must either directly achieve that aim or provide support and resources for those in the front line who need ammunition to work with.

2015 Winner

Brad Rodu's Tobacco Truth

Rodu's site is a goldmine of concise, accurate, precisely-targeted science-based Tobacco Harm Reduction information. He presents the reality behind the obfuscated statistics, the real meaning of the trends and projections, and the truth instead of the propaganda and twisted PR releases.

You can return again and again to this site and find something of interest every time. The way he cuts straight to the bare bones of figures and what they mean is unequalled. He is a world authority on the oral pathology of tobacco consumption, and clearly just as good at cutting through layers of propaganda and deliberate obfuscation to show us what the data actually mean.

If you want the facts, this is where to go. There are too many good examples to list - but here is a crystal clear examination of the health risks of cigar smoking from 2012, set against those of other forms of tobacco consumption. Read the comments, for more resources. Bookmark this site if you are at all interested THR science and need facts rather than speculation or distortion.