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UK Ecig Statistics

An updated list of EV-relevant statistics and quantitative-based information for the UK.

The UK has the most accurate and the most current smoking statistics and ecig user statistics in the world, and these stats - at this time - appear immune to commercial and ideological 'adjustment' (unlike those for other countries [1]), thanks to Prof R West's Smoking Toolkit project and the ASH UK YouGov surveys.

@ 2014-09-18
Smoking Cessation: Key Findings from England
- use of ecigs to quit smoking has overtaken use of NRT
- ecigs are more effective for this than OTC NRT
- as ecig use has grown, quit attempts have gone up, quitting rates have gone up, and smoking rates have gone down
[ASH presentation, ASH Conf 14 Wales]
[Twitter, ASH Wales ‏@ASHWalesCymru, 2014-09-18 12:15]

@ 2014-09-17
There are nearly 600 vape shops in the UK.
There has been an increase of about 50% in these high street stores in the last year.
[BBC R4 2014-09-17]

@ 2014-09-17
UK ecig trade worth about £90m a year.

@ 2014-09-17
ASH UK - PHE study:
No evidence that electronic cigarettes encourage children to take up smoking.
There were no children recorded in the study (n=4,000) who were regular users of ecigs but had never smoked.
“Smoking prevalence among our young people continues to decline - it’s at about 3-4% right now.”

@ 2014-06-15
There are 2.1 million UK ecig users.
700,000 smokers have quit using ecigs and are now non-smokers (33% of ecig users or recent users are now ex-smokers).
[ASH UK / R West, Smoking Toolkit / YouGov survey stats, June 2014]





[1] The US stats in particular are extremely poor by comparison: the CDC, who are the only organisation to collect and publish US stats in this area, deliberately mismanage the collection and publication, for unknown reasons that are presumably commercial, ideological or political. For example:
a) Tobacco usage stats are deliberately obfuscated:
- the published stats are not current
- there are numerous missing information points that are obvious by their deliberate omission
- ST data in particular (smokeless / oral tobacco) is deliberately obfuscated in order to prevent wider knowledge of its relatively harmless outcomes

b) More recently, all ecig data is deliberately and obviously managed in order to prevent data being known
- ecig-related data appears to comprise a mixture of obvious missing data, obfuscated data, and deliberately maladjusted data, for unknown reasons
- Prof Rodu has pointed out that the CDC ecig data contains material that can only be described as outright lies: survey answers such as "Probably not" are changed to "Yes".

In total, the CDC tobacco data and ecig data appears to be minimalist, missing vital data points, and contain disinformation (or to be completely accurate: lies). This is an extraordinary situation for a national data source especially when it is the only source. The sooner an accurate source is available (read: honest), such as an equivalent to Prof West's UK surveys, the better.

Until such a time, it is impossible to use US stats because of their obvious disinformation. The CDC even hide how many US ecig users there are: an outrageous situation considering the public health impact (our estimate is about 7 million at 2014-09).



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