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CA DoPH Protects Cigarette Sales

CA Dept of Public Health Lies about E-cigs - US SG Confused?


Public Health Malpractice

California State Health Officer Ron Chapman protects cigarettes and commits public health malpractice by issuing report demonizing e-cigs "A Community Health Threat" that repeats dozens of false and misleading claims to confuse and scare people, discourage smokers from switching to vaping, encourage vapers to go back to cigarettes, and to lobby for FDA's deeming reg/ban and other cigarette-protecting regulation / bans on e-cigs.

Comments by Bill Godshall, Executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania (in response to the CA DPH report on e-cigs)
"The CA Dept of Public Health is now protecting cigarettes and threatening the lives of vapers and smokers"
"Nearly every sentence in the CA DPH e-cig report is false or misleading fear-mongering propaganda."
"By issuing this report, Ron Chapman has committee public health malpractice of the worst kind."

Surgeon General
Newly confirmed Surgeon General Murthy and AP reporter Michael Felberbaum reveal their knowledge of Obama DHHS' talking points demonizing e-cigs, as well as their ignorance and/or dishonesty of the facts that vaping is far less hazardous than smoking, has helped several million people quit smoking, and has NEVER been found to cause any disease, create daily dependence in any nonsmoker, nor serve as a gateway to smoking).

- Bill Godshall