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FDA Ecig Workshop, March 2015

FDA Ecig Workshops

FDA to host 2nd scientific public workshop on e-cigarettes March 9-10, 2015, deadline for requests to speak during the public comment period and to register to attend February 20, 2015 (TODAY).

At FDA's December 10-11 e-cig workshop, the agency invited many deeming reg proponents (federal employees, other e-cig opponents, tobacco companies and other profiteers) but no deeming reg opponents to present.
(audio of entire December 10/11 workshop is available at this weblink) (agenda)
(ECF discussion on FDA workshop)
(FDA webpage)

The most objective and informative comments at FDA's Dec. 10-11 workshop were presented by nearly a dozen speakers during the public comment period, which can be heard on FDA6 recording at

- Bill Godshall