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Godshall Comment And Evidence For FDA Ecig Workshop

-FDA 2015 Call For Ecigarette Scientific Evidence-


PDF: 158 pages of comment and evidence from Bill Godshall

July 2 at 11:59PM ET was the deadline for public comments regarding FDA's third so-called scientific workshop on e-cigarettes on June 1 & 2.

To submit your comment to the FDA, go to:!documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-1936-0003

Smokefree Pennsylvania submitted 158 pages of comments (see link above) analyzing the vast majority of published scientific studies (and other evidence) on e-cigarettes, and exposing hundreds of false and misleading claims about e-cigarettes by Obama's DHHS, by many DHHS funding recipients and by other tobacco harm reduction opponents since 2009.

Everyone is invited to copy all or excerpts of Smokefree Pennsylvania's comments, and submit them to FDA as your / their own comments. Please remember to cite the following docket number at the top of your comments: Docket No.: FDA-2014-N-1936-0003

- Bill Godshall

FDA evidence call update 2015-07-02