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Vaping and THR Briefings

A selection of briefings for advocates and politicians

Please note carefully that these briefings are each, individually, aimed at community activists or political researchers or policy-makers. The information is specifically tailored for the target audience, and is unlikely to be of any more than passing interest to anyone not in the target audience. Each briefing below is headed with who it is for.

Clive Bates' Regulatory Policy Briefing
Who this is for: policy-makers, legislators, regulators.

A comprehensive briefing on e-cigarettes for policy makers: an examination of the regulatory options for ecigs, and analysis of each topic area.

Some background to the briefing:


All the briefings listed below are free for redistribution and republishing in any form.

The Vaping Advocate's Rules For Campaigning
Who this is for: community activists with responsibility for organising.

current PDF version: 1.5
A blueprint for organising and managing community resistance to oppression, originally written for vaping advocates new to grassroots organising who asked me for a guide. Their country was in the process of enforcing the 21st century version of oppression where government and industry pervert the law in order to force ex-smokers back to smoking, and they needed an action plan. The guide outlines all the salient points for a community action policy, and then examines the detail.

The briefing has an introduction followed by a numbered summary of the points. The expanded detail that follows after is unlikely to be of any interest to anyone outside the target audience: community activists responsible for organising public resistance to oppression.

Politician's Q&A Briefing
Who this is for: political researchers, middle-rank politicians.

This is an information resource for political researchers. It derives from a series of forum posts that ended up as a Q&A session with a politician who understood there was a need for facts as opposed to propaganda.


US E-cigarette Regulation Issues Q&A
Who this is for: US community advocates and commentators.
The US situation in light of UK experience - a Q&A discussion of the issues, started by a US community member who asked the views of a UK community advocate.

This is not a policy briefing - it is a Q&A format examination of the issues: a response to questions from a US blogger to an EU community advocate on how others' experience might inform the US regulatory situation. It illustrates how consumer advocates outside the USA might judge the various issues, with regard to a country without a strategic consumer protection system or ecig advertising rules or significant public health support for THR (indeed, massive opposition from the Public Health industry) while about to implement ecig regulation.

An introduction to the briefings

The Bates briefings
Clive Bates provides what are recognised as the best briefings in the world on these topics: he is an ex policy-maker and advisor of note, and writes exceptionally crisp policy analyses and advisories. Aimed at legislators and public health decision makers, his work (viewed in the light of his status) has had a considerable influence on the UK public health climate. Perhaps partly as a result, logic predominates in public health discussion here, and the British public health sphere is notably free of the lunatic fringe who seem to control the smoking and ex-smoking area in other countries (and globally). Bates, Britton, West, Hajek and several others have had a significant and positive influence on UK public health.

EU law
The law, of course, is beyond reach: it comes from Brussels, since the UK is simply a member state in a federation that sets the laws. Snus is seen here as a pawn in the THR game to be sacrificed to preserve the queen: vaping. Vaping itself is under threat unless the TPD can be successfully challenged.

My guides
My stuff is of an entirely different nature: it's all about the fight, since that is what I know about. Specifically, the mechanics of a battle and its environmental influences; and especially, how to work out what the opponent's aim really is, and how to avoid being fooled by the inevitable misdirection they will employ - even more relevant in a regulated market as it's all about the sucker game.

These briefings concern the community campaign for rights. My expertise is in the area of combat, fringe politics and engineering. I was the national secretary of an Olympic sport in the early 1970s while in my twenties, and the fringe politics involved was entirely adversarial from the very start: an excellent introduction. As an international class combat sports coach, winning fights was my game for many decades. I taught many soldiers and unorthodox combatants during this time (and was taught by them). As any honest teacher will tell you, it's a two-way thing: a lot of what you know rubs off on them, and some of what they know rubs off on you. It makes no difference if the combat involves tanks, guns, knives, fists, files or votes: all combat has some universal rules.

As an engineer my job often involved separating fact from myth, as people came to me to solve problems they couldn't, and the reason was often that the facts were hard to determine. The crux of the matter is what counts, and surprisingly often it looks like something else at first. I was a good teacher of international-class fighters, an administrator and an engineer who fixed intractable problems; basically, after nearly five decades of working with strife and fixing things in one way or another I know all about winning fights, the politics involved, separating truth from fiction, and the nuts and bolts of all of it.

I'm an ex-smoker as a result of the unfettered availability of all ecig products, ran ECF, and co-founded the UK ecig consumer association. This site was set up as a resource for materials that did not feature anywhere else.

I have tremendous respect for the Soviets and their clever use of maskirovka (misdirection), and partly built a successful fight coaching career on it; and I intensely dislike their political system, the EU being the latest incarnation of it. Anything within reason should be done to resist this poisonous and corrosive neo-communism. It certainly suits governments and transnational industries very well indeed, and therefore may often be good for the public. It clearly isn't good for the 10,000 or more UK citizens the EU deliberately kills for profit every year.

Read my briefings with all these points in mind - it always helps to know where someone is coming from. Naturally, all advice has a profession bias: electricians see all problems as an electrical one, politicians see every problem as a political one, and doctors see everything as in need of a prescription. Perhaps, then, I see too many things as a fight, and one where the opponent's intentions are concealed - as they should be in any proper fight, otherwise it's just too fair.

All I can say is, if you do find yourself in a battle, then maybe my advice could work out better than a scrip.



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